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Adiabatic temperature in Abaqus VUMAT

Hi All ,
I found  simple VUMAT from Abaqus manual.It is based on
Von Mises plasticity and gives stress components, vonmises stress
and plastic equivalent strain.

I want to include the adaibatic temperature that rises/falls along the deformation in adiabatic
analysis.From a general book, i found that temperature-rise during deformation comprising

plastic strain1 to plastic strain 2 is given by:

Integral of stress between the strain limits,multiplied by a constant.

Sample postdoc research proposals, please !!!

Hi all,

It is very good to see postdoc jobs posted in imechanica .I want to apply for postdoc position in solid mechanics ,however, i have never written a postdoc research proposal.I dont know how it is different from statement of purpose that is required for a graduate research. 

I tried but could not find any sample postdoc research proposal on internet.

I would greatly help if anyone can send me his/her actual or sample postdoc research proposal 

Thanks and Regards,

Sonia Chopra 

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