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Modeling crack propagation with ABAQUS X-FEM

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Hi everyone,

I'm M.Sc. student of mechanical eng. I was modeled crack in a cylinder
with X-FEM method in Abaqus software, but I have some problems:

1- when I want to see crack propagation in results, although some of
elements are failed (according to STATUSXFEM contour), but I can not see
crack propagation in model. What items must be activated for this

2- In step module, when I set minimum time incrementation to 1e-20, I
got this error: machine precision require a time step greater than

I know that default value for minimum time incrementation is 1e-15, but I
want minimum value than that and I do not know how to set that?




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Hi, I am also having the same issue. My statusxfem shows 1 for many elements but crack does not show up. My PHILSM is called. Also, allow crack growth option is given too. Can you please help me on what you had done to see the cracks.

I have another question, can I delete the failed elements ? I have also selected element deletion = YES. But still no element gets deleted.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards!!

You should select the PHILSM in field output-Failure/Fracture, it should work 

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