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iMechanica needs a logo

Robert Paynter's picture

I agree with Michelle, we need to get beyond the default Drupal water drop.

How about my little offering, that came to mind:


It's overall shape approximates that of the letter i

At a glance it can look like a Mass on a Spring - major components of mechanics.

It has a globe because this is international

and it says iMechanica at the bottom.

Sure, it need some polishing, but perhaps offers a start.


Oxford, UK

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aerolee's picture

Excellent Ideal,

Henry Tan's picture

the mass and spring describe the fundamental of mechanics which is on the deformation and force

Ying Li's picture

I like it very much. good job!


MichelleLOyen's picture

I love the logo for a few reasons, including that a simplified line drawing version of the same thing would be easy to make quite small and easy to use it everywhere. My only suggestion is to make the background of the words blue instead of black!

Temesgen Markos's picture

Good job.

A comment is to make the stacks of rings look some how like a real spring. 

just a comment: the foundation for spring with "imechanica" should be made 3D and with "sigma" and "epslon" tensor sign flying around

YongAn Huang's picture

 Good job. It looks like the Hercules Cup.

just a comment: the logo is a bit high.

Robert Paynter's picture

Thank you for your praise.

I note the comments, I'll have a go at refining my idea in the near future. 

  • Its size: this could represent somewhere near the large end of the range of sizes needed for posters down to the tiny web icons (16 pixel square) in your browser address box .
  • I'll have a go at improving the spring, I know it needs to be simple - at a distance, or when reduced - a few circles often look better than attempting an accurate helix
  • And I'll pay some attention to the foundation

But please don't wait for me.  It would be good to see others then the site could have a  poll on which to adopt.


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