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Nuclear Energy is safe

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Nuclear energy is safe

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I disagree with your conclusion that nucleat energy is the safest means of electricity generation for two reasons.

Firstly, the graphical illustration does not take into account the individual contributions of the different forms of energy to electricity generation. Year 2008 figures show that nuclear energy only contributed a little above 10% of electricity generation world wide while gas contributed about 21% and coal contributed over 40% ( If we relate deaths per terrawatt hours directly to the contribution to eectricity generation, we will realize that wholisticaly, coal and natural gas are safer methods of harnessing energy to generate eletricity. If these metrics still do not satisfy you, you should also consider the adverse long term effects of harnessing nuclear energy to generate electricity - the dangers (release of harmful radioactive materials into the atmosphere) abound for citizens unlucky to be situated around a nuclear reactor and even worse the headache governments are being faced these days with disposal of nuclear waste because of the dangers nuclear waste poses to humans and the environment(farming, wildlife, acquatic habitats) at large for years to come. I think the sum  of these reasons should knock off the premise that nuclear energy is the safest means of electricity genertion.

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