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Looking for a postdoc position in US

Hi, all,

I am Kun Luan, a doctoral graduate from China. I am now looking for a postdoc position in damage tolerance, failure analysis, and fracture mechanics for composite materials, and advanced numerical methods for structural analysis. I already got my PhD degree of engineering in March 26,2014.  

I have published several papers and wrote three book chapters during my doctoral research, and applied two Chinese patents.

Attachments are my CV and two pubilished papers, please review them and help you to know me well.

Here is the partially publications of me (as First Author)

1. Kun Luan, Baozhong Sun, Bohong Gu. Energy absorption of 3-D angle-interlock woven composite under ballistic penetration based on a multi-scale finite element model. International Journal of Damage Mechanics. Online, DOI: 10.1177/1056789514520800.
2. Kun Luan, Baozhong Sun, Bohong Gu. Ballistic impact damages of 3-D angle-interlock woven composites based on high strain rate constitutive equation of fiber tows. International Journal of Impact Engineering. Vol.57 (2013), pp. 145-158.
3. Kun Luan, Baozhong Sun, Bohong Gu. A Multi-scale Geometrical Model for Finite Element Analyses of Three-dimensional Angle-Interlock Woven Composite under Ballistic Penetration. Computer Modeling in Engineering & Materials. Vol.79 (2011), No.1, pp.31-62.

4. Kun Luan, Baozhong Sun, Bohong Gu, Jiajin Zhang. Structural and properties of green composite made from ramie fabric and polypropylene matrix and its application in FEM analysis of eco-power automobile body. Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 287-290 (2011), pp. 405-409.
5. Kun Luan, Fa Zhang, Liwei Wu. Quasi-static tensile properties and damage mechanism of Three-dimensional Angle-interlock Woven Composites. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vols. 182-183 (2012), pp. 148-152.

Book Chapters (as co-author)
1. Kun Luan. Chapter 9: Ballistic Damage of Three Dimensional Angle Interlock Woven Composite. Bohong Gu, Baozhong Sun (eds). Impact Dynamics of Textile Structural Composite. [M] Beijing: Science Press. 2012. (In Chinese)
2. Kun Luan. Chapter 6: Mechanics of Woven Fabrics. Chapter 13: 3D Fiber Assemblies. Bohong Gu, Baozhong Sun (eds). Mechanics of Fiber Assemblies. [M] Shanghai: Press of Donghua University. 2014.(In Chinese)
3. Kun Luan. Chapter 7: Mechanics of Woven Composites. Bohong Gu, Baozhong Sun (eds). Mechanics of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials. [M] Shanghai: Press of Donghua University. 2014. (In Chinese).



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