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Hamilton's principle

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I continue to receive inquiries about the monograph Hamilton's Principle in Continuum Mechanics, published in 1985 as Research Notes in Mathematics No. 139 by Pitman Publishing, Ltd. Now out of print, it is in the public domain and is attached here. My initial objective in writing it was to discuss the theoretical foundations of the applications of Hamilton's principle to mixtures that I had developed with D. S. Drumheller and others during the preceding decade. However, I found that no general treatise on the application of Hamilton's principle to a continuous medium existed at that time. I therefore expanded the scope of the monograph to include classical fluid and solid mechanics and examples of materials with microstructure in addition to mixtures. The last chapter discusses the application of Hamilton's principle to a material containing a surface of discontinuity, such as a shock or acceleration wave.


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Thanks for posting this up.

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