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Dynamic crack propagation

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It sounds interesting, can you give some more details on how to propagate the crack ?

Dear All members;

I am derived J_integral for dynamic crack propagation, and i have some things that i not yet understood:

1. Why is the integral path must start on one crack sureface and proceeds counter-clockwise to the oposite crack sureface.

2. Why is the value of J_integral independent the radius of integral path at each time increment.

3. What is the difference if we chose the far path and near (close to) path from the crack tip.  

Would you please explain for me, thank you very much,

Best Regards,


i was just loooking the same type of simulation for my problem which is to propagate the crack in annular disk at the dovetail attachment..

i will be thanks ful to you if u let me know , how u had done that simulation.

thanks & regards


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i wonder how you do such a simulation. 

what about the results?

many thks for your answer.

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