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ABAQUS XFEM error message: std_findcutoneedge3d8_xfem

Hi everyone,

After switching from a working 2D model to 3D, I'm facing the following error message after about 20 iteration steps:

The system error in std_findcutoneedge3d8_xfem -- nodal level set values might not be correct for element 12345 instance FEM_MODEL_V1

I'm trying to simulate a 3-point bend test using XFEM. The model works and converges fine when I suppress the cracks in the assembly. I also played with various material settings (although the current ones work in the 2D model). From a Chinese forum I found that the issue might be cracks that connect/merge after some propagation, which seems to be a scenario XFEM can't handle. However, I haven't found a solution for this, and it doesn't seem to be such a rare scenario? I'd highly appreciate any input and help!

Thanks a lot!

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