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Jacob Israelashvili passed away

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  I was about to write to dr Jacob Israelashvili because I was working on some adhesion problem and was wondering how to possibly send it to PNAS, but I read he passed away for cancer....   I had received some email few months ago about another question on his famous SFA and how to give some results useful for his company, he responded from the hospital evidently... that "nothing worries me"... What an example of strength.

His is well known for his being one of the students of David Tabor in Cambridge and the inventor of the sensitive interfacial force-sensing technique known as the surface forces apparatus (SFA). This technique is similar to atomic force microscope (AFM) but is meant to be surface-surface interaction measurements and not tip-surface as AFM, although SFA remains a very specialized technique. 

Jacob is also the author of the excellent textbook "Intermolecular and Surface Forces".   He had a string of important awards and achievements.

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