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Problem for transient analysis of two rotating gears in contact

Hi everybody 
I want to investigate how the contact stresses in the teeth of two mating gears are changed by time. One gear is rotating at 6000 rpm and a moment is applied to another one. I have cleared the mesh to reduce the size of the workbench file and then I have uploaded it in Google Drive. I would appreciate if you check the file to find out where I have made a mistake. I have evaluated the rotation angles and the time steps. To apply the boundary condition due to the journal and thrust bearings I have used displacement and cylindrical support. A moment has also been applied to the larger gear. What I am going to find is the contact pressure during one complete rotation of the small gear, however, here I have only considered 10 degrees rotation of the small gear to check if the simulation is OK, and unfortunately, it is failed due to large displacements of some elements. 

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