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PhD position in computational biomechanics at University of Glasgow

I am looking for motivated students to join my research group and work towards their PhD in the area of computational biomechanics.

About us: The research aim of our group is to generate new scientific knowledge and methods using innovative ideas in numerical methods and biomechanics that contribute towards improved cardiovascular healthcare.


Almost 30% of all deaths globally are related to cardiovascular diseases, and most of these are related to changes in the stiffness of tissues making up the system. There is an urgent need for new computational tools that can help detect, understand, and treat these diseases. There are four specific projects available under this broad topic:

Project Summary

A common theme in these projects is to use an interdisciplinary approach to develop computational models and tools, and then use these tools to develop a new understanding of the soft tissue biomechanics.

During these projects, students will have opportunities to:
• Learn about advanced topics, including nonlinear finite element analysis, bio-chemo-mechanical modeling of cells, nonlinear mechanics, image analysis, optimization, and uncertainty quantification
• Interact within the Glasgow Centre for Computational Engineering with other researchers (GCEC) and across departments with biomedical scientists, clinicians, statisticians etc.
• Present research results at workshops and conferences
• Publish papers in high-quality journals
• Develop interdisciplinary skills that allow you to work at the interface of engineering and biomedical science

More information about my research group can be found on my webpage

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to email me at

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