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world first ONLINE webinar of Ferrari Formula 1 Head of Stress unit - Politecnico di BARI

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Monday 15 February 16.30 (Rome time) 

Webinar EXPERIENCES STRUCTURAL CALCULATION IN FERRARI F1 Eng. Matteo Parliament, Head Stress Unit, Ferrari Formula 1 racing team

Program:  from now until 16 on Monday 15 February: registration of participants with self-declaration on the chat teams (name, surname, qualification), that the partecipants will not make PHOTOS or VIDEO of the event, nor will they do interviews with Eng Parlamento during the event .


4.10 pm Greetings from the authorities (Rector Prof. Cupertino, DMMM Director Prof. G.Carbone ).   Introduction by Prof. Ciavarella


6.0  (Rome time) - WEBINAR ing. Parlamento.   THE STRESS CALCULATIONS OF A FORMULA 1 CAR 


Short CV ing. Parliament :

1997-2002: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle specialization, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 110 / L

2002-2003: Master in Vehicle Engineering, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 110 / L

2003-Present: Ferrari F1 Racing Team ( GeS )

2003-2008: Engine Structural Engineer

2008-2012: Structural Engineer, Vehicle Structure Dept.

2012-2014: Senior Stress Engineer - Car Front End, Vehicle Structure Dept.

2014-2019: Head of Stress - Vehicle Structures Manager

2019-Present: Head of Structures and Systems Simulation Area

Abstract of the presentation:

An overview of some applications of Structural Calculation in the F1 Vehicle Structures field shows the importance of a structured application of these techniques in a competitive environment where being able to push the design of components to the limit, while guaranteeing reliability and safety, is primary importance.

The application of Structural Calculation cannot ignore, in order to be able to effectively bear fruit, from being completed by more general technical and soft skills that help the engineer to enhance his contribution to the performance of the car.


Seminar organized with AUP student association


NOTE: It is not possible to record the event or even do interviews, but only technical questions after the event. As per self-declaration to be included in the TEAMS chat of the event.

I renew the utmost caution that HR FERRARI recommends, in particular no photos or recordings of the presentation. It will not be possible to share it on external channels such as youtube , etc. 


How to participate: connect to the TEAMS channel


The Seminar is open to PoliBA students and former students ( Alumni , as well as PoliBA professors, postdocs and PhD students .


Kind regards,


Founder of the group TIS-Apulia 


Stanford ranking "career" of Politecnico di BARI ( Prof. Chiavarella scores first ) 

News: The 33 top researchers of Apulia  

Wherever and however excellence manifests itself, general mediocrity immediately allies itself and conspires to suffocate it. Arthur Schopenhauer 

Prof. Michele Ciavarella

Professor of Mechanical Design. 

MC lab @ Dept "of excellence" of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management. Email: Phone: + 39-080-5963670, mob. +39 3342204656      


Humboldt Fellow, Technical University Hamburg 


RG , imechanica ,  


Linkedin , CV 





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Tomorrow there is large request to access the Ferrari formula 1 seminar, you are invited, but you are requested to declare that you will not take pictures, photos, videos or interviews.

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