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Pune unnecessarily has too many private universities, don't you think so?

My own opinion is that even the Savitribai Phule Pune University should from now on be debarred from conferring at least master's and doctoral degrees, let alone all the "private" universities in Pune.

If the Opinions variously in response to my Opinon expressed by Dr. Navin Kabra and Mr. Amit Paranjape is to be taken into account, not to mention their friends in the IT Industry (who are happy to achieve things at the expense of my earning any money), then ONLY Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, ought to have been allowed by the New Delhi Bureaucrats, and that too, with this mandate:

To express its mandate to spread Science vai Education ONLY

To express its mandate to spread More General Acceptance of the ACHIEVEMENTS IN SCIENCE by ITS FACULTY, and by the FUTURE and PROPOSED Friends of IISER (Shaniwarwada, do I keep this?, delete this?) Pune, ONLY.

Jaggi Ayyangaar and others of the friends of Dr. Shrikant Daatar (konkanastha braahmin) ought to express their SUPPORT for FREEDOM OF SPEECH (together with DR. NITIN KULKARNI, DR. LEONARD PEIKOFF, DR. HARRY BINSWANGER, et al.)

I admire the guts of the Saint Mira's student (also of IIT Bombay's): Jaggi Ayyangar.

Jaggi, *I* have always made myself available for, say, *communications*. Ditto, for every one else mentioned here in. (Yeah, I know. The earlier one was an IIT Bombay Nitin Idiot. You are a Gold Medalist B Com of University of Bombay. Also a konkanastha Brahmin. How does it make a difference to me? One way or the other. (And, Dr. Datar, I mean it *both* ways: If you can give your life for me, and fight back with *our* common enemy, you might perhaps see me laying my life down before you do. I don't say such things lightly. And, the only reason I mention is this. That South Indian Indian Raliways Capitalist Bastard Jaggi Ayyangar had you in his nirWANa, Inc. Office once. I was his third employee, back in Mountain View, CA. He had through his IIT Bombay Fucking Influence arranged to have you visit that place. He was from Pune, my birth (but not growth) town. (I did my schooling in Marathi medium). There was a call on your phone. You spoke in Marathi. It was a wonder to my ears....

Rest everything about your fucked up California, and your fucked up Business Administration Programs, and yyour fucked up Harvard is, by definition, Shrikant, Fucked Up. Including Jaggi, Kanwal (Rekhi), and all the mother-fucking IIT Bombay rest of them, except for my friend. (More or less ditto, for the other IITs).


Also, for the private and public universities in Pune, for AICTE Anil, and UGC, Shrikant.

And, yes, I will die speaking Marathi.

The first Employer who hired a "bhaT" happened to be a Jadhav. Dhanaaji Jaadhav. Bad choices, bad judgment, if you ask me, Shrikant. (Or Jaggi, or Leonard. Or, Harry, Or Bill (Clinton or Gates).) Bad choices are bad.

But I believe in individualism. Whether you believe in it or not. I also happen to be a Jaadhav.

And, whether Dhanaaji was in fact my ancestor or not, I don't intend to repeat his mistakes. Certainly not bad judgments. Certainly not towards "bhaT"s, "Rekhi"s, "ayyangaar"s, IIT this or IIT that, or whatever or whoever else.


Got it, Shrikant?


This will be for permanent. (iMech keeps it.)

I hope there will be enough of friends rushing in for me to explain what I could not.

But no, Shrikant, B Com, you have had no right to keep me out of a job. Not when ....

Oh well,

Do I speak that way? Really? To gentlemen?


Do I have to?

No, I don't think the time is here yet.

So, sorry (just for the heck of it), Shrikant.

When your time is up, I will let you know. (I have never been afraid of mere B Com, or mere Gold Medalists --- whether in B Com or in IITs / IISc. Got it?)



I don't expect any one to let me know in advance that Bill Clinton / Bill Gates are attacking me. I stil lived.


A past close friend asked once. "You talk with so much of your own things. You have so much of an ego. Uff" (Later on, he made friends with Mother Fucking fucked up MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, people. He is from Nashik, MH, India.)


Well, take it or leave it. I am like that.


Best, Shrikant, and best, Zhigang, and thanks for everything else (I'm drunk right now, but I want this post to stay --- else, Indian Army Brats and India Brahmins and Indian Intellectuals aren't going to learn anything worth learning out of *my* *failed* (thus far) life),



[No, this is a simple statement. Unlike people routinely making accounts at your Harvard dropout/graduate-founded Facebook etc. companies, I am not about to commit suicide. Why should I, you tell me? Any one among you? Hmmm? ]


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