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Revision of The iMechanica Journal Club (iMech jClub) from Mon, 2010-12-06 20:33

2011 Themes and Discussion Leaders

  • September, See while Measure: In-situ Studies in Mechanics, Aman Haque
  • August, Energy Harvesting, Adrian Koh
  • July, Three Dimensional Biologically Inspired Microvascular Systems, Nicholoas X. Fang
  • June, Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Structural Materials, Qiuming Wei
  • May, Piezoresponse Force Microscopy in Mechanics Applications, Jiangyu Li
  • April, Adhesion of Freestanding Membranes and Shells: Biomedical and Electronics Applications, Kai-tak Wan
  • March, Nano/Biomechanics, Sulin Zhang
  • February, Fluid-solid interactions with focus on incompressible flows, Yin (Julie) Young
  • January, Mechanics of Materials for Solar Energy, Harley Johnson

2010 Themes and Discussion Leaders

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