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Revision of The iMechanica Journal Club (iMech jClub) from Tue, 2012-03-06 17:41

2012 Themes and Discussion Leaders

  • December,
  • November, Mechanics of graphene electronics, Xuanhe Zhao (Duke)
  • October, instabilities of structures, Davide Bigoni (Univ of Trento - Italy)
  • September, Fracture of gels, Wei Hong (Iowa State University)
  • August, Computational modeling of damage and fracture in solids, Julian Rimoli (Georgia Tech)
  • July, Mechanics of Biological and Biomimetic Cellular Structures, Ashkan Vaziri (Northeastern Univ)
  • June, Composites with extreme and tunable properties, Dennis Kochmann (Caltech)
  • May, TBD, Alessandro Spadoni (EPFL)
  • April, TBD, Mahmoud Hussein (University of Colorado)
  • March, Brownian motion and entropic elasticity in filamentous molecules , Prashant Purohit (UPenn)
  • February, Elastic Instabilities for Responsive Structures, Douglas Holmes (Virginia Tech)
  • January, Mechanics of Growth, Ellen Kuhl (Stanford)

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