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Revision of The iMechanica Journal Club (iMech jClub) from Mon, 2013-02-18 12:34

2013 Themes and Discussion Leaders

  • December, Mechanics at Bio-Electronics Interfaces, Nanshu Lu (UT Austin)
  • November,
  • October, Mechanics and Physics of Rods, Pedro Reis (MIT)
  • September, Topic to be announced, Zhigang Suo (Harvard)
  • August, Synthetic Mechanochemistry, Meredith Silberstein (Cornell University)
  • July,
  • June,
  • May, Topic to be announced, Sinan Keten (Northwestern University)
  • April, Topic to be announced, Jongmin Shim (SUNY Baffalo)
  • March, Topic to be announced, Rui Huang (UT Austin)
  • February, Surface energy and mechanical instabilities in soft materials, Shengqiang Cai (UCSD)
  • January, Error in constitutive equations approach for materials characterization, Wilkins Aquino (Duke University)

 2012 Themes and Discussion Leaders

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