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Jobs: Assistant or untenured Associate Professor (Stanford - EE)

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University ( invites applications for a tenure-track faculty appointment at the junior level (Assistant or untenured Associate Professor) in the broadly defined field of electrical and computer engineering. Priority will be given to the overall originality and promise of the candidate’s work over any specific area of specialization.

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Ph.D. position available at University of Parma - Italy

A Ph.D. position is available at the University of Parma (Italy) on the topic:

Thermo-mechanical optimization: application to precast building claddings

The Ph.D. studies last 3 years and the student has to do a 6-months

internship in an Italian company during the first two years.

Students from southern Europe with a background in civil engineering are particularly welcome.


Two Computational Materials Scientist/Engineer positions - Alloy & Polymer

Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc., (AMA) is seeking two Computational Materials Scientists / Engineers to support NASA Ames research center (Mountain View, CA) in developing aerospace materials researches with emphasis on

1. organic materials, polymers, and polymer composites and

2. super-alloys to high-entropy alloy metals, refractory metals and/or refractory ceramics


Details of job descriptions and requirements can be found at

Computational Biomechanics Postdoc Position at NJIT

A postdoc position in computational biomechanics with a focus on trauma and injury is available at the BioDynamics Laboratory directed by Dr. Alex Zhou at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The lab’s research ( is focused on computational biomechanics, human-robot interaction, and personalized medicine. The ideal candidate should have strong background and experience in one of the following areas: computational biomechanics, meshfree or particle methods, numerical computation, and parallel computing.

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AEM U. Minnesota Faculty Search: Experimental Aerospace Structures and Advanced Materials

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) seeks to fill one tenure-track faculty position in modern experimental methods in Aerospace Structures and Advanced Materials (ASAM). Current research in the AEM department includes the development of nanoscale mechanics (molecular dynamics, lattice statics, quasicontinuum method, applied quantum mechanics) and continuum mechanics (phase transformations, phase field models, micromagnetics, stability and bifurcation) for the understanding and discovery of advanced materials and structures.

Post doctoral position available at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

A post doctoral position funded by the industry is likely to open up in our Computational Mechanics Group at IIT Kanpur. We are looking for a motivated young scholar with experience in Molecular Dynamics simulations of polymers, especially with LAMMPS. We expect the position to be available around November 2021. To apply, please send a mail with your CV to Prof Sumit Basu (

Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions at University of Wisconsin - Madison

We are currently in search of U.S. citizen Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral associates to join the Theoretical & Computational Mechanics of Materials Group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Bronkhorst at and visit UWTCMM Group to learn more.

University Lecturer in Mechanics and Materials (Assistant Professor) Cambridge

The Lectureship is a primarily an experimental position for a mechanical engineer who will develop a leading international research profile in the mechanics of materials. Relevant fields include (but are not limited to) additive manufacturing, in-situ testing, mechanical meta-materials and energy materials for a low-carbon future.

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[Polymers] Special Issue: Mechanics of 3D-Printed Polymers and Polymer Composites

A special issue on "Mechanics of 3D-Printed Polymers and Polymer Composites", is recently launched in the journal "Polymers". If your research is related to the topic, I would like to invite you to submit your latest research developments to the special issue. For more details and submitting your manuscript, please see:


EMI announces its 2021 Granular Materials Student Video Competition

EMI, the Engineering Mechanics Institute of ASCE, is pleased to announce the EMI announces the 2021 Student Video Competition organized by its Granular Materials Committee within the broad field of granular materials.

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Open PhD position in computational biofluid dynamics at NJIT

I have an open PhD position in my Computational Biofluid Dynamics group at NJIT. The project is funded by my startup grant and is in the area of computational flow modeling of 3D biological cells through complex vessel networks in both the blood and lymphatic microcirculation. The candidate will be involved with running bio-fluid dynamic simulations on supercomputers, as well as code development and implementing new methods.

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Energy-harvesting availability: An intrinsic "material-level" measure of piezoelectric energy harvesting performance

A new performance measure in piezoelectricity! This paper presents the notion of "energy-harvesting availability" -- an intrinsic material-level measure for piezoelectric energy-harvesting characterization. This contrasts with the prevailing approach of extrinsic characterization done at the structural or device levels.

Article is freely available at:

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Post-doc positions available at Jiangsu University, China

Multiple postdoc positions are available at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of computational mechanics, experimental mechanics and material science are sought.

an Internship job at Apple for display technology development

Dear imechanica friends, Apple Display Technology Investigation team has an internship opportunity now.  The following is the job description and qualification requirements.   Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.  My email is

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PhD openings in soft matter modeling at CU-Boulder

Two PhD openings in the Mechanics of Soft Matter group ( the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The positions are to be filled in fall 2021 or spring 2022. Successful candidates are expected to work on mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of soft materials and cell mechanics.

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Faculty Position at JHU in Area of Mechanics and Materials

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at all levels and in all areas of mechanics and materials. Intellectual areas of great interest include the intersection of mechanics and materials with AI and machine learning, advanced manufacturing, sustainability, and resiliency; mechanics of materials in extreme and uncertain environments; applications of mechanics in soft robotics; biomechanics; and geomechanics.

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Buckling of an elastic layer based on implicit constitution: Incremental theory and numerical framework

A general class of implicit bodies was proposed to describe elastic response of solids, which contains the Cauchy–Green tensor as a function of Cauchy stress. Here, we consider the buckling of solids described by such a subclass of implicit constitutive relation. We present a general linear incremental theory and carry out bifurcation analysis of a uniaxially compressed rectangular layer described by an implicit constitution.

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Discussion of fracture paper #30 - Weight functions, cracks and corners

Weight functions are practical tools in linear elastic systems where several discrete or continuously distributed sources cause something, deformation, stress, or related stuff. In linear fracture mechanics, as also in the object of this blog, weight functions are used to calculate stress intensity factors. If the load is divided into discrete or continuous separate or overlapping parts which each gives a known contribution to the stress intensity factor, i.e. has a known weight, calculation for new loads may be reduced to simple algebra instead of extensive numerical calculations.

Postdoc openings on dislocation dynamics etc. in additive manufacturing at National University of Singapore

Dr. Wentao Yan's group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), focuses on metal additive manufacturing: computational modeling, experimental investigation and data analytics.


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