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Post-Doc position in “Experimental Soft Contact Mechanics”

-- Please email your statement of interest/motivation letter and CV to Prof. Michele Scaraggi,  --

华中科技大学 力学 学科 诚聘优秀青年教师和博士后



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Funded PhD position on Computational/Experimental Materials Discovery in Energy Storage Devices

A fully funded PhD position is open immediately at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (MSFEA) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) for outstanding candidates in computational and experimental materials discovery for application at energy storage devices such engineering novel energy materials into high-energy rechargeable batteries. We are particularly interested in candidates who demonstrate strong numerical skills combined with hands on electrochemical expertise.

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ICDT 2020

All invited to attend a promising conference on defence-related topics, in the broad context of the subject:

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About Mechanics-Materials and Dentistry of dental implants

Dental implants are increasingly being placed for edentulous patients worldwide. While the clinical aspects of the implants are extensively investigated, engineering considerations of the implant as a functional structure subjected to ill-defined boundary conditions are less considered. A recent trend is to consider all ceramic implants as an alternative to the classical titanium-based implants.

Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite (SHCC) for crack width control in reinforced concrete beams

Dear all,

Our group at TU Delft has recently (co-)authored an article on crack control in concrete beams using strain hardening cementitious composite layer. Interested readers can access the article here (open access):


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Two Postdoc Positions: DFT/MD and AFM of Oxide Interfaces

The School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania invites applications for two full-time Postdoctoral Researcher positions in the laboratories of Prof. D.S. Srolovitz ( and Prof. Robert W. Carpick (


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International Conference and Expo on

Urban and Civil Engineering

June 15-16, 2020 | Montreal, Canada



“New and Innovative Solutions for Urban

and Civil Engineering to Defensible Natural Calamities”

A Postdoctoral Position at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore in the area of Data-Driven Computational Mechanics


(1) Machine learning enhanced computational mechanics for modelling and simulation of advanced materials;

(2) Supervision of undergraduate/postgraduate students.

Job requirements

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Postdoctoral Position Available at Khalifa University: Topology Optimization


The ideal candidate will have a PhD in a relevant discipline (Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical

Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics), and an established track record evident by

publication in top quality journals. Expertise in one or more of the following areas is a must:

topology optimization, mechanics of cellular materials, finite element analysis,

theoretical/computational multiscale mechanics of solid, and continuum mechanics.


Application submittal information:

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Uniaxial deformation of tungsten nanopillars/nanowires/nanotubes: Atomistic and coarse-grained atomistic simulations

Dear Colleague,

In the last two years, we published six papers on uniaxial deformation of tungsten nanopillars/nanowires/nanotubes using atomistic and coarse-grained atomistic simulations:

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One last open position in the Computational Nanomaterials Lab at the University of Miami!

A fully funded Ph.D. position is currently available at the CompNano Lab in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Miami ( Our group uses tools from engineering mechanics, statistical physics, and computational chemistry to investigate the fundamental mechanisms governing the remarkable anomalous behavior of nanostructured materials.

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Ph. D and Post-doc positions in Northeastern University, Boston

Ph.D and Post-doc positions are now open in the Department of Mechanial and Industry Engineering (Mechanics, Biomimetics and 3D printing Lab)  at Northeastern University. Students and researchers with background in solid and structure mechanics, materials science and engineering are welcome to apply! 

If interested, please directly email CV to Professor Yaning Li:


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Postdoctoral Research Assistant - University of Oxford

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Impact Engineering Experimentation for Aerospace Applications

We are seeking a highly talented and motivated researcher to contribute to the characterisation of the mechanical response of titanium alloys at high rates of strain, high temperature and cyclic loading at low and high strain rate. This post is based at the Begbroke Science Park and is available for 2 years.

(Computational mechanics and optimization) Postdoc job available in Hanyang University, South Korea

(Computational mechanics, structural optimization) Postdoc position in Hanyang University, South Korea (2019~)



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Postdoc position at Illinois -- metamaterial device design

A postdoctoral research position in the design of materials and structures for tunable and active plasmonic filters is available immediately in the research group of Prof. Harley T. Johnson in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering and the Materials Research Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Postdoctoral Position in Discrete Element Method Simulations


I am currently looking to hire a postdoc to work on DEM modeling of dynamic problems and impact events. The ideal candidate will have strong programming skills (C++/Python) and existing experience with open source software and GUI development. Full details may be found at this link. The announcement lists a start date of September 1, but this is flexible.


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Postdoctoral position in multiscale computational simulations in the J2 Lab for Engineering Living Materials I am happy to announce that the website of the J2 Lab for Engineering Living Materials is now live! We're very excited to get cracking in Jan 2020 at the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Cornell University, and we're hiring one postdoc experienced in multiscale computational simulations to kickstart our lab. Please visit our website for more details!

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Snap-back induced hysteresis in an elastic mechanical metamaterial under tension

We combine experiment and finite element simulation and come up with a design of a mechanical metamaterial which demonstrates snap-back induced hysteresis and energy dissipation. The resultant is an elastic system that can be used reversibly for many times. The underlying mechanism of existence of hysteresis and the physics of snap-back induced elastic instability is unveiled. Our results open an avenue for design and implementation of recoverable energy dissipation devices by harnessing mechanical instability.

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Ph.D. Position is available in Mechanical Engineering at George Mason University

An immediate Ph.D. position is available in Mechanical Engineering Department at George Mason University. Candidates should have strong background in computational solid mechanics and materials engineering and be willing to perform experimental work when needed. Candidates must have a Master degree in engineering. Interested candidate may send CV and interest letter to

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A funded PhD position in computational mechanics and materials

A fully supported Ph.D. position is open in the Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at Louisiana Tech University on multiscale modeling of additively manufactured parts and processes. During this project, the candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with NASA research centers and national labs.

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Scientists positions in Materials for health care at IMDEA Materials Institute

IMDEA Materials Institute is a public research organization founded in 2007 by Madrid’s regional government to carry out research of excellence in Material Science and Engineering by attracting talent from all over world to work in an international and multidisciplinary environment. IMDEA Materials has grown rapidly since its foundation and currently includes more than 120 researchers from 17 nationalities and has become one of the leading research centers in materials in Europe which has received the María de Maeztu seal of excellence from the Spanish government.


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