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Two open Postdoc positions at UC Irvine

The Nanoscale Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (NMML) at the University of California, Irvine is currently accepting applications for two postdoctoral scholar positions.  One opening has a focus on experimental research, while the other is seeking a computational scientist.


Experimental Postdoc in Nanoscale Metallurgy:

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[Deadlines updated] ICTAM2020 & WCCM2020

Dear colleagues,

Deadline to submit your abstract to ICTAM2020 and WCCM2020 is fast approacing (January 20 & 15, respectively). If you are working with machine learning, uncertainty quantification, optimization or a related topic, consider the following symposia:

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IUTAM Milano: Impact Mechanics and Wave Propagation - deadline approaching

Please don't forget to submit your abstract until Jan. 10th. The deadline is approaching!

Micromechanical testing and modelling of blast furnace slag cement pastes

Dear all,

Our group at Delft University of Technology has recently published an article on micromechanical testing and modelling of blast furnace slag cement pastes. We present the use of innovative micromechanical models and experimental techniques on the case of a quasi-brittle, cement paste material. Interested readers can read the full text at:


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Full-Time Position in Schlumberger – FEA


You will closely collaborate with Schlumberger design engineers in US, Europe, and Asia. You will be performing FEA studies in technically challenging areas such as non-linear solid mechanics, metal plasticity, viscoelastic materials, shock, vibration, heat transfer, composites, and fluid/structure interactions. You will also need to present FEA results to various internal or external clients.


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Materials Seoul 2020 - International Conference and Exhibition on Materials and Engineering

About the conference:

Warm welcome to all the Professors, Researchers, Scholars, Exhibitors, Academics, and Intellectuals for the International Conference and Exhibition on Materials and Engineering.

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Call for Abstract Submission to the EMI-PMC: Advances in the Mechanics of Superconducting Materials and Structures, and Related Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures

Dear Colleagues:

Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference(EMI2020) and Probalistic Mechanics and Reliability Conference(PMC2020) will be held at Columbia University in the upper west side of New York City, May 26-29, 2020 (

As a part of this meeting, we are organizing a mini-symposium to address recent advances in the Mechanics of Superconducting Materials and Structures and Related Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures.

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A fully funded PhD Position Available at Stony Brook University

One PhD position is available for Fall 2020 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University, New York Long Island. The research program focuses on the mechanics and design of novel advanced materials and metamaterials to achieve high mechanical performance, new wave propagation features, and multifunctional characteristics. The candidates with background in solid mechanics and finite element analysis are highly encouraged to apply. 

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25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - ICTAM2020

25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics – 23 - 28 August 2020, Milano. Italy.  


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Mechanics of Soft Materials - second edition

This is a corrected, revised and expanded edition. I added new Chapter 11 on modeling fracture in soft materials. Arguably, fracture is the central and unsolved problem in solid mechanics. I describe a new perspective on this problem based on the material sink approach, in which momenta and mass balance are coupled.

3-year postdoc position on (coarse-grained) molecular dynamics

The Onck-group at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands has an opening for a post-doctoral position in the field of (coarse-grained) molecular dynamics of proteins. The candidate should have a background in molecular dynamics of hard or soft matter and is not afraid to enter a new research direction. The post-doc position is part of the oLife Fellowship Programme, a joint initiative by seven research institutes in The Netherlands for interdisciplinary research on fundamental questions concerning the origin and evolution

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Zheng Jia will be the next Editor of iMechanica Journal Club

Zheng Jia, of Zhejiang University, will be the next Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club. The Journal Club was initiated in January 2007, soon after the launch of iMechanica. It has quickly grown into a flagship feature of iMechanica, epitomizing the vibrant topics and dynamic researchers at the frontier of mechanics.

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EPSRC-funded PhD positions in 4D printing and computational modelling of Metamaterials

There are multiple EPSRC-funded PhD studentships in my research group and especially the following topics at the University of Kent, UK. 

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2019 Timoshenko Medal Acceptance Lecture: J.N. Reddy

The 2019 Timoshenko Medal Acceptance Lecture by Prof. J.N. Reddy of Texas A&M Univerisity has been published as a Guest Editorial in the Journal of Applied Mechanics, as attached.




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4-year funded PhD studentship | Minimising vibrations of 3D woven composites through the use of locally resonant yarns

A four-year fully-funded PhD studentship in the optimisation of 3D woven composites at Durham University, with applications due by 1 February 2020. If you are interested in simulations and the creation of non-vibrating components, check the links below for more details: 

NIH-supported PhD position in biomechanics, Worcester Polytechnic Instituite (WPI)

An NIH-supported PhD position is available in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Instituite (WPI). Our lab focuses on the health of the central nervous system, with projects on traumatic brain injury and surgical image guidance of spinal surgical procedures. The student will have freedome to focus either on computational biomechanics, experimetnal biomechanics, or medical imaging, or a combination of these elements. Our lab works closely with other engineers and clinicians. Students with a minimum of GPA of 3.5 are encouraged to apply.

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Funded PhD position in the computational modelling of composite materials at Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

The Advanced Composites Research Group, within the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast has a PhD opening in the computational modelling of fibre-reinforced composite materials. Detailed project description, eligibility criteria and how to apply are given at the following links: 

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ICTAM 2020 - Thematic Session - Impact Mechanics and Wave Propagation

Dear Colleagues:

As many of you may know, the International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) will be held in Milano next year (

Professor Kikuo Kishimoto and I are co-organizing a thematic session on:

SM07 Impact Mechanics and Wave Propagation

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Global Congress on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering - Aero 2020


Global Congress on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering


Miami, USA | May 18-19, 2020


Exploring and Enlightening the Future Technology in Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering




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Two Ph.D. positions available in low dimensional materials

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas ( has two Ph.D. positions open in low dimensional materials. The Graduate Research Assistant positions are available with a starting date of 

May 2020 in Dr. Arun Nair’s lab(


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Nonlocal Micromechanics of Composites of both Random and Periodic Structures (Background, Opportunities and Prospects)

An extended abstract dedicated to nonlocal (in the sense of either Eringen or Silling) micromechanics is attached. It can’t be considered as a review in any sense. It is just a personal vision on a new area of micromechanics, in particularly based on the author’s publications (references on hundreds related papers can be found in the referred publications). The style of the abstract is plausible rather than rigorous that willfully used by the author just for initiation of discussions in the new prospective area of micromechanics.

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Basic algorithm of thermodynamics (BAT)

I have just taught an undergraduate course on thermodyanmics and written up my lectures as a book. The book is posted as a google doc. If you cannot access the google doc, here is a PDF file of the book. The following paragraphs describe my approach. I hope to hear about your experience with thermodynamics. Please leave your comments below. Please help me hear from more people by forwarding this post.


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