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Forum topicFEM simulation on damage of brittle materials with Abaqus on mesoscale yoyo Li38 years 12 months ago
Blog entryMultiscale method with model reduction Julien Yvonnet39 years 15 hours ago
Blog entryNeed a hand to pull me into the world of XFEM !! priyadd8459 years 2 weeks ago
Forum topicEartquake analysis SivaSrinivasKolukula49 years 4 months ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral position in Computational Mechanics at the University of Sydney giangnguyen29 years 4 months ago
Forum topicfour node quad element with one quadrature point phunguyen09 years 5 months ago
Blog entrydamage mechanics nilesh109 years 5 months ago
Forum topicMeshfree Code. moorekwesi99 years 5 months ago
Blog entryUnit cell model Gouse49 years 6 months ago
Blog entryabout the multiscale aggregating method (MAD) of Prof. Belytschko phunguyen29 years 6 months ago
Forum topicimplementation of nonlinear fem phunguyen169 years 10 months ago
Blog entryTime Integration Schemes hassanali310 years 2 weeks ago
Blog entry2D approximation of heterogeneous 3D media phunguyen110 years 3 weeks ago
Forum topicPhase Field Modelling of Fracture Mechanics PrajwalSabnis310 years 1 month ago
Forum topicXFEM vs Mesh free methods bruno-page210 years 1 month ago
Blog entryGlasgow: 4-year Post-doc XFEM for 3D crack growth with goal-oriented error estimation including industrial applications Stephane Bordas210 years 2 months ago
Blog entryJava for High-Performance Computational Engg. / Sciences? Ajit R. Jadhav710 years 3 months ago
Blog entryNear-incompressible analysis Alejandro Ortiz...210 years 3 months ago
Blog entryExplicit Finite Element Method Neil Das410 years 3 months ago
Blog entrysolver for a very hetereogeneous system of equations phunguyen410 years 3 months ago
Forum topicCohesive Failure Law Ruchika210 years 3 months ago
Blog entryCrack Propagation using XFEM ( What happens to dof's corresponding to enriched nodes) Kapil.Nandwana210 years 4 months ago
Forum topicLinearization procedure in nonlinear FEM phunguyen110 years 6 months ago
Forum topicHow to resolve the element-size dependence problem of strain-softening materials? Zhennan Zhang710 years 8 months ago
Blog entryComputational mechanics is greattttttttt :) phunguyen210 years 8 months ago


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