CNC Mill

Great performance for homework quickly and easily. Could you give me some dimensions of the tubular frame and plexiglass plates
I built his board three years ago and just bought a table from ebay. The damn thing works pretty good. Just a tip if you build this, dont get fustrated right away if the motors dont move. You have to adjust the rates and may need to put a higher wattage bulb in to get more torque.
Dude did you even watch the video?? See the stepper motors?? Did you hear him say hook up the electronics? Do you even know the first thing about machining? Stop making an ass out of yourself. Im building a CNC mill, and I spent some time thinking about cost and time Vs. quality. This machine is very unaccurate, wont be good for PCB, I see it nice, but if you are going to spend time and money, do it better. in Ebay, are kits of all mechannical parts needed, at low cost, with real ball screws. I see this very interesting to see, but a lost of time, if you want a really functional milling machine.So you're trying to say that this is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine??? Do you control the cutting by a computer program? ..... does it cut programmed intricate designs?... I don't think so..... I don't think you know what CNC is. When i told the guys from a scrapyard that i wanted a turbo to make a jet engine they called me crazy... now imagine the look on their faces when they saw it worked..!That's pretty cool! I've got plans for a much larger 3 axis CNC though. Built from MDF and uses a standard router. PM me for plans.