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Journal Club Theme of April 2014: Challenges and Opportunities in 3D Printing: A Mini Introduction

3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM), has drawn significant attention from both general public and research community in recent years.  Although the first prototype of 3D printing (called rapid prototyping) emerged about three decades ago and has gone through significant development, the recent explosion in its popularity appears to be mainly due to intensive media reports. However, I personally feel what is truly underneath this increasing popularity is the development of 3D printing has reached a critical point where the revolutionary transition of 3D printing from a prototyping tool (which is cool but few people take it seriously) to a high fidelity manufacturing powerhouse is occurring, which will dramatically change how materials, parts, or devices are made in the future. As will be outlined below, 3D printing is a very broad concept and there are many dramatically different 3D printing technologies. In addition, 3D printing research is part of the large manufacturing research community, which consists of many extremely innovative people. Therefore, I will briefly introduce the different 3D printing technologies then comment on the challenges and potential opportunities, which I am sure will be incomplete. I hope this can lead to more in-depth discussions.

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Please support "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" at Stack Exchange

Hello everyone,

I've proposed a new Stack Exchange site called "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" for people intersted in mechaics related issues.  The current link is

For the proposal to be accepted to go to the next stage the site will need the  following:

- 60 people to follow the site

- 40 questions that are relevant to applied mechanics with a score of 10 or more.

Postdoctoral Position in Arterial Biomechanics - Dublin, Ireland

Arterial Fibre Characterisation using
Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Sensitivity Analysis with Abaqus

Hi, all

I'm working on a structural optimization problem invovled with running numiercal analysis with Abaqus. Therefore, it is impossible for us to use the direct differentiation method to calculate the sensitivity of design variable. But I guess there should a way to get sensitivity analysis done numerically with Abaqus. Anyone know such information or give me a short instruction on that, I would highly appreciate! 

Best Regards,


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Professor of Mechanics

The Department of Mechanical and Process
Engineering ( at the
ETH Zurich invites applications for a full professorship in Mechanics.


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PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Smart lightweigth materials)

We are looking
for one PhD candidate within the field of
smart lightweight materials.
The position is a part of a researcher project "
Development of a Lightweight Smart Assistive Knee

Simpleware and Polygonica collaborate on new software release

We're pleased to announce a collaboration with MachineWorks' Polygonica for our future software releases. The collaboration involves adding Polygonica's mesh processing libraries into our +CAD module, which extends our core 3D image processing platform ScanIP.

With +CAD, you can integrate image data with CAD objects for export to design and simulation packages. The partnership with Polygonica means that +CAD will feature solid mesh healing and fast, robust Boolean operations on STL files. You can learn more about this new functionality at:

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 Hi my friends!

I hope everythin's ok! 

As I previously said I'm doing some researches about fully developed turbulent flow inside an annuli.Now I've faced some problems. Does anyone know how can I calculate Darcy friction factor for a fully developed turbulent regime inside an annuli not using colebrook equations and moody diagram? is there any other way?

I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me .

Measurement of the Bauschinger Behavior of Sheet Metals by Three-point Bending Springback Test with Pre-strained Strips

In numerical simulation of sheet metal
forming process, the cyclic mechanical behavior of metallic sheet is
required to calibrate the material parameters of the combined
isotropic-kinematic hardening model. Therefore the development of
experimental device and method is an important work in order to
measure the cyclic mechanical behavior of metallic sheet. There are
several experimental devices which can measure this cyclic mechanical
behavior of sheet metal mainly to measure the Bauschinger behavior.
Often, these experiments can be classified into three main
categories: (i) in-plane tension-compression test; (ii) in-plane
cyclic simple shear test; (iii) bending-reverse bending test.

In this paper, a novel approach is

PhD Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering Postgraduate Research of the University of Adelaide

One research scholarship is immediately available to support a PhD
student to work on a project in Geotechnical Engineering area.  The project is funded by the Australian
Research Council (ARC) and lasts 3 years. 
The scholarship will provide a stipend of A$ 25,392 per annum (in
2014).  Tuition waiver will be
nominated.  Exceptional candidate is
eligible to be awarded an extra amount of allowance in appreciation of his (or
her) possible high quality research outcomes. 

Global buckling in a 3D beam ABAQUS

Hello everyone, 

I want to reproduce global buckling of a 3D column (simply supported) using shell elements independently of its length. 
I know that each section of the column should behave like a rigid body but I can't do it, so by doing the buckling analysis I get other buckling modes (like local buckling). 

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New view of DNA

Recently, the classical view of DNA as an isotropic elastic rod has been questioned. Here we model DNA as an elastic rod inlaid with fibrils, based on which we have made prediction that is in consistency with experiments. Our analysis suggests that the bending of short DNAs can be facilitated if there exists a specific structural heterogeneity.

Ice failure simulation


  I want to simulate Ice failure simulation in abaqus. In my problem, ice is deposited between 2 components.

  While I am trying to move one compoents, the ice is restricting the movement of the components. Now I want to find out the force at which the ice starts to failure .

  any methods are available n abaqus., Plz let me know if any body knows abt this kind of simulation.


Thanks in advance


Is anyone familiar with deriving shape functions for different beam end conditions?

I am doing my research in nonlinear vibration of beams. In that research, I have to derive the shape function for different end conditions of the beam. Regarding this,I need some ideas. Are there books I can reference?

Thank you for your help.

ABAQUS fatigue and fracture

I am trying to find the rate of crack growth in steel beam under fatigue loading using ABAQUS... i am having trouble with the loading part.... How to provide cyclic loads in ABAQUS...and obtain the increment in crack length with time??? Please help

Nastran SuperElement

I would like to use condensation to calculate the normal modes of
a structure. These grids are connected to the structure through RBE3 (master
grid). Let me know if there's a way to use the master grids of RBE3 elements in
the A-SET?

the error form the f06  


PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano is currently seeking applicants for PhD studentships.

For more information about proposed research topics and scholarship availability please see


Abaqus: Composite delamination with cohesive elements



I have to do a FEA regarding impact damage and delamination propagation in a CFRP specimen.

I have to do this using cohesive element in order to see the propagation of the delamination front in the material.

My problem is that I don't know how to do this in Abaqus.

I'll better explain: I can use this software but is the first time approching composite behavior and I really don't know how to model that.

I've done many attemps (using cohesive element and tie constrains or cohesive interaction as well) but I've always faced problems about the implementation.

Confusion in ls-dyna

Dear, everyone

Recently, I has been analyzing the
WANG_NEFSKE model of airbag.There is a keyword named C23, which is defined as
Vent orifice coefficient in LS-DYNA manual. How can I determine the magnitude
of it? Is there any references I can refer to? I hope you reply!


Viscoelastic & Viscoplastic Behaviour of flex printed circuit boards under bending loads


I am currently working on my M.Sc Thesis project of fatigue lifcycle of Flex printed circuit boards which is composite material of Polymer & Metal.Want some help who has worked on this topic which deals with Viscoelastic & Plastic behaviour of materials under action of pure bending loads.Help & Guidance would be appreciated.Need to come up with an equation which has stress & strain relating to lifecycle of Flex printed circuit boards.

Awaiting your reply,




"How I published in a scientific journal at age 12"

Suganth Kannan writes writes about the inspiration behind his model for earthquake prediction – and what he learned on his (“tedious but worth it”) journey to publication



I heard a sound in my email Inbox. It was from the editor-in-chief of Elsevier's Engineering Failure Analysis journal. I opened the email and read that my paper was accepted to be published under some conditions for revisions per peer reviewer's comments.

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Multiple Postdoctoral Positions: Modeling, Simulation and Assessment of Building Materials, Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague - University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings offers ten post-doctoral positions in the field of modeling, simulation, assessment and optimization of multi-functional materials and structures.

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Symposium on "mechanics and electrochemistry of energy storage materials" at SES 51st Annual Technical Meeting,Purdue University

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider attending the symposium titled “mechanics and
electrochemistry of energy storage materials” at the SES 51st Annual
Technical Meeting, Oct 1-3, 2014, Purdue University, West lefayette, IN 47907.


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