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Journal Club Theme of November 2015: Rethink Wood

Rethink Wood: Unconventional Applications of Cellulose and its Derivatives

Teng Li, Shuze Zhu, Zheng Jia

1. Introduction

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PhD Position

Hi guies,

Is there any PhD Position available in Fatigue Life Estimation of composite structure/ Numerical Analyis? 

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Postdoc Researcher damage modeling of composite and layered structures

The Institute of Structural Analysis at Leibniz Universität Hannover invites applications for a Scientific coworker / Postdoc Researcher (Salary scale E14 TV-L) (Reference number 65)

Multiple faculty openings in Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah ( invites applications
for five tenure track positions at the assistant or associate rank with a Fall Semester 2016 starting date. Candidates with
exceptional background and experience may be considered at a higher rank. Candidates with interest and expertise in the
areas of i) solid mechanics -- 2 positions, ii) design and/or manufacturing, iii) thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, or

HEX meshes with elastic/plastic property in ABAQUS contact analysis

Dear all,

Recently I have been running a simulation in ABAQUS, which is the compression of two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are identical, and I think the simulation results of the contact sufaces of the two hemispheres should be identical too. However, I found when I apply only elastic material property, the result is alright, when I change the material property to elastic-plastic (bi-linear), the result is very wierd (the contact sufaces are not symmetric). All of the model is with HEX mesh, when TET mesh is applied there is no such issues.

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Multiple faculty openings in Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder invites applications for several tenure-line faculty positions beginning fall 2016. We are particularly interested in candidates with mechanical engineering disciplinary expertise and demonstrated strong research experience including, but not limited to: bioengineering, micro/nanoengineering, air quality/environment, mechanics and materials, thermo/fluids, energy science/engineering, design and manufacturing, and control and robotics.

On the overall yield function of a hollow sphere

  Motivated mostly by analytical (or formal) considerations, a vast majority of the works dedicated to the study of the overall plastic response of a porous metal assumes that the sound material (or matrix) obeys a quadratic yielding criterion (von Mises or Hill'48). However, most metals of technological interest today feature significant deviations from the quadratic form of yielding. Therefore a realistic modeling of their behavior, while sustaining damage,  requires appropriate consideration of their yielding properties.

force reaction

hi dears


i have a problem with contour  reaction force


when i get result in abaqus all contours  is ok but reaction plot is zero 


can help me plz 

my model is helmet motorcycle  and a rigid surface impactor that impact run in 0.2 second and 20 step  with 11.2 mpa pressur on regid surfece impactor.


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Evolutionary crystal structure prediction - Nature

The high-pressure behavior of zinc carbonate ZnCO3 has been investigated using universal structure prediction method together with the density functional theory. In order to explore all possible structures under pressure, separate calculations at high pressure are done here with increasing number of formula units in the unit cell. Two pressures induced phase transitions were considered. The first one occurs at 78 GPa and the second one at 121 GPa.

abouibes's picture

Bonds, bands and elasticity of smithsonite rock

The objective here is to spread out in detail the various fundamental state properties of smithsonite rock (ZnCO3) for which the most intrinsic quantities remain still unknown. First-principles electronic structure calculations based on the density functional theory with the pseudopotential method were performed using diverse functionals. A number of mechanical quantities were evaluated such as bulk modulus, elastic constants, Young's and shear moduli, and transversal and longitudinal sound velocities (VS and VP).

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Post-Doctoral Fellows at BIC-ESAT in Peking University

The Beijing Innovation Center for Engineering Science and Advanced Technology (BIC-ESAT) in Peking University (PKU) was founded in 2015 with a generous support from the Municipal Government of Beijing. The center focuses on the development of advanced manufacturing technology and energy and environmental technologies. Four research departments under the center are:
1) Advanced manufacturing and design;
2) Simulation and application of software;
3) Energy technologies;
4) Environmental technologies.

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The theory of thin shells / Viktor V. Novozhilov

Dear friends

I need "the theory of thin shells" by Novozhilov. As I look for it more and more, I find less and less. Can anyone help me to find that on net?


Thanks in advance

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PhD positions in my ERC project

I was recently awarded an ERC grant for which I will be hiring up to five new PhD students with different types of expertise. Actual hiring will take some time, as new researchers are needed at different stages of the project (not all PhD students will start at the beginning of the project). Interested candidates with the following backgrounds and skill sets are encouraged to contact me directly at

composite fiber angle definition

Dear imechanicas,

When composite plates with cutouts are meshed, the mesh scheme around the hole is somehow not in a mapped shape. This means the edges of (for instance a four-node element) in undeformed shape are not in a rectangular format. Therefore, defining the constitutive equations of orthotropic materials might lead to incorrect results.

Does anybody have opinion/experience about this issue?

Any response is appreciated.



Stress vector plot in ANSYS classic

Hello all,

I am using ANSYS classic for structure analysis.I have two load steps and I need to define the element coordinate systems for selected elements ( in 2nd load step) aligned with principal stress directions obtained from 1st load step.

Earlier I did this in workbench and there I was extracting the principal stress vector data for 'elemental mean' (shown in attached figure) and then in 2nd load step creating the local coordinate system using THXY, THYZ and THZX data. Then assigning this local coordinate systems to appropriate elements.

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Chemical reaction

Attached are the slides for a course on engineering thermodynamics.  Before coming to class, please watch these two videos on fuel cells:  

Faculty Position in Mechanical Engineering


The Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) ( invites qualified applicants to apply for faculty positions at all ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor) in the Mechanical Engineering Program.

R&D Mechanical Engineer - Computational Mechanics and Constitutive Modeling (Senior or Principal)

About Sandia    

Sandia National Laboratories is the nation's premier science and engineering lab for national security and technology innovation. We are a world-class team of scientists, engineers, technologists, post docs, and visiting researchers all focused on cutting-edge technology, ranging from homeland defense, global security, biotechnology, and environmental preservation to energy and combustion research, computer security, and nuclear defense.

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Computational analysis of metallic nanowire-elastomer nanocomposite based strain sensors

Possessing a strong piezoresistivity, nanocomposites of metal nanowires and elastomer have been studied extensively for its use in highly flexible, stretchable, and sensitive sensors. In this work, we analyze the working mechanism and performance of a nanocomposite based stretchable strain sensor by calculating the conductivity of the nanowire percolation network as a function of strain. We reveal that the nonlinear piezoresistivity is attributed to the topological change of percolation network, which leads to a bottleneck in the electric path.

Dario Schiano Moriello's picture

Application of Corotational Formulation

Hello,  I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, and at the moment I am studying the co-rotational formulation from Criesfield's books.

I am looking for applications of the corotational formulation in ABAQUS or MATLAB; my supervisor suggested me it could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine, but being a new user to this software I don't really know from where I should start.

Noel ODowd's picture

Post Doctoral Researcher in Microstructural Modelling of Materials

A post doctoral position is available at the University of Limerick, Ireland. The object of the research, which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), is to obtain an understanding of the mechanical behaviour of ferritic and martensitic steels at the micron and sub-micron scale and to link this behaviour to component behaviour. The work will involve computational and experimental studies of material behaviour using a range of numerical and experimental techniques.

post-buckling of circular FGM plates


I need some help to analyze post-buckling of circular FGM plates on elastic foundation.
contact me if this the field of interest of you.

thanks alot

UC Santa Barbara Mechanical Engineering Part-Time Temporary Lecturers

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara seeks applications for possible part-time Temporary Lecturer positions in all areas of Mechanical Engineering. Main duties may include teaching required lower or upper division ME courses, as well as upper division electives. The ideal candidate should be interested and experienced in teaching in different educational settings - from project-oriented, inquiry-based classes, to larger, more traditional, lecture-oriented classes. An M.S.


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