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Journal Club Theme of February 2016: Deformation Mechanics of Granular Materials: Local Deformation of Polymer-bonded Sugar at High Strain Rate Loading

Deformation Mechanics of Granular Materials:

Local deformation of Polymer-bonded sugar at high strain rate loading

 Addis Kidane, Suraj Ravindran

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina, 300 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29208



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UMAT and VUMAT Subroutines for GTN Model

Hi Friends,


                I want to implement GTN damage model in abaqus/Explicit and Standard analysis. Is there any example tutorial or avaliable material. Please forward to me. 



Vinod Kumar

Relation between plasticity and damage in studying the frictional behaviour between two composite laminates.

Hi all, 

     I want to model mode II composite delamination incorporating frictional effects. I found papers by Alfano and Sacco (2006) and few others also. My question is that to model such a situation are :

1) should I incorporate plasticity or damage analysis or both? What is the rite approach? 

2) In each of these cases, do I need to have a plastic yield function and damage surface ??  

Damage Failure Model Data for Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel

Can anyone know the data for the following (Johnson Cook Failure Model)

J.C. Damage Constant parameters (d1, d2, d3, d4, d5) , Transition Temperature Melting temperature and strain rate constants

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Gibbs's Paper II: equilibrium, stability, metastability, phases, critical points, and exergy


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Poster Abstracts - accepted until Feb 19th for Nanobrücken 2016

Nanobrücken 2016: A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop & Hysitron User Meeting will take place March 2nd - 4th, 2016 at the INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials in Saarbrücken, Germany. This will be the 6th edition of the now-annual Nanobrücken workshop series. 

As in the past, the workshop is open to all aspects of nanomechanical and nanotribological testing, including biomechanical, in-situ experimentation and theory/simulation.

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PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in Multiscale Modeling and Experiments of Ballistic Fibers and Composites at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral and a PhD studentship position at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (CCM) focused on multiscale modeling and experiments of high performance ballistic fibers and composites

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Postdoctoral Positions in Mechanical Engineering / Otolaryngology

Ph.D. level, staff scientist and/or postdoctoral positions in otolaryngology/mechanical engineering with foci on development of several types of surgical tools and biophysical studies are available in an interdisciplinary team of a NIH-funded project headed by Professor Anil Lalwani, MD, and Professor Jeffrey Kysar, PhD, at Columbia University, in New York, New York, USA. The successful applicants will join a dynamic, interdisciplinary group of researchers including otolaryngologists, mechanical engineers, clinicians, and neuroscientists.

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PhD with 5 Years of R&D and Industrial Experience, Actively Seeking a Job/Research Position in Acoustics and Vibration/Vibro-acoustics/Structural Dynamics/Noise and Vibration

I am an experienced professional in structure borne sound, structural and machinery dynamics, vibro-acoustics, and now actively looking for a career opportunity in R&Ds or in Industries. Ph.D. in acoustics & vibration, around 5 years of work experience in R&Ds and Industries, published articles in reputed international Journals and Conferences with modelling, simulation, testing and analysis experience backed by relevant course-works. In achieving this, I have shown myself to be self-motivated, committed and determined in arriving at my goals.

PhD studentship in Mechanics of Materials - Draping of non-crimp fabrics

The aim of the PhD is to develop a micromechanical model for forming of non-crimp fabrics (NCFs), and use this to optimise the pre-forming process for manufacture of complex shapes. The work will include both experimental work and finite element modelling. The work will benefit from close links with industrial partners Formax (manufacturer of NCFs), Simulia (developers of Abaqus forming simulation tools) and Jaguar Land Rover.

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Mechanical Self-Assembly of a Strain-Engineered Flexible Layer: Wrinkling, Rolling, and Twisting

Self-shaping of curved structures, especially those involving flexible thin layers, is attracting increasing attention because of their broad potential applications in, e.g., nanoelectromechanical andmicroelectromechanical systems, sensors, artificial skins, stretchable electronics, robotics, and drug delivery.

Material Jacobian in UMAT





21st International Conference on Wear of Materials - Call for Papers

The 21st International Conference on Wear of Materials will take place in California, USA from the 26-30 March 2017.

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NUMISHEET 2016 - Bristol -4th to 9th September - Minisymposium Meshless Method in Manufacturing

The NUMISHEET 2016 is due to be held in Bristol, UK from 4th to 9th of September of 2016. Bristol is at the heart of UK’s aerospace, being home of many of the best of UK’s industry such as Rolls Royce defence, GKN Aerospace, BAE Systems and Airbus UK. Bristol also prides itself with a wide variety of cultural activities and a strong heritage. The NUMISHEET conference series is the most popular international conference on the area of the numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes.


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