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Symposium on Microstructure - Property Relationship in 3D Printed Metals

The highly non-equilibrium and complex (thermal, mechanical, fluidics) processes in additive manufacturing lead to different microstructure and defect mechanics that is a major barrier for adaptation of this attractive manufacturing technique.

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A very simple estimate of adhesion of hard solids with rough surfaces based on a bearing area model

"A very simple estimate of adhesion of hard solids with rough surfaces based on a bearing area model" is in press in Meccanica, can be viewed at Abstract In the present note, we suggest a single-line equation estimate for adhesion between elastic(hard) rough solids with Gaussian multiple scales of roughness.

Input variables used in Abaqus UMAT: STRAN, STRESS and DSTRAN

I wonder the mathematical expressions for the variables: STRAN, STRESS, and DSTRAN which are used in UMAT.

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Funded PhD Position, Automation of Forming of Wing Skins, Montreal, Canada

A fully funded PhD Position in mechanical engineering is available at Polytechnique Montreal in Canada to automate the peen forming of aircraft wing skins.

Peen forming automation through in-process 3D shape measurement

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A theoretical study on the piezoresistive response of carbon nanotubes embedded in polymer nanocomposites in an elastic region

Herein, we report a theoretical study of polymeric nanocomposites to provide physical insight into complex material systems in elastic regions. A self-consistent scheme is adopted to predict piezoresistive characteristics, and the effects of the interface and of tunneling on the effective piezoresistive and electrical properties of the nanocomposites are simulated. The overall piezoresistive sensitivity is predicted to be reduced when the lower interfacial resistivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and the higher effective stiffness of nanocomposites are considered.

Measuring the relative density of open cell metal foams


I would like to know how to measure the density of open cell porous iron foam. I am studying the mechanical behavior of pure iron foams for which I need to compare the relative densities of different foam samples. Could the density of the foams be simply calculated by the mass over the bulk volume (volume of the struts + volume of the pores) of the foam? Can I use Archimedes principle to calculate the foam density given that I have open cells? What is the best method to calculate the foam density? 

Best Regards,


PhD positions in the area of materials modelling and characterization: Western University, Canada

PhD positions are available:

I am looking for talented, self-motivated, and enthusiastic students with MSc degree in mechanical or materials engineering. Students with a background in any of the following areas are recommended to apply:

gaurp's picture

Characterization of Human Diaphragm at high strain rate loading.

In this paper, we studied the strain rate dependent failure properties of human diaphragm tissue using uniaxial tensile testing at four strain rates, i.e. 0.0015/s, 65/s, 130/s and 190/s. The custom made quasi-satatic and drop tower based dynamic test setups was used to conduct the tests uptill 200/s strain rate.

Hamed Hatami's picture

Postdoc position in soft tissue mechanics

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of characterizing the mechanical properties of biological materials. The primary objective is to use experimental methods to investigate the mechanical response of soft tissues. The candidate is responsible to develop and carry out the experiments, analyze the results, and develop computational models to understand the measured properties. Please note that applicants must have previous experience with conducting experiments on soft tissues or soft materials and they are required to have a Ph.D.

2017 Melosh Medal Winners and Finalists

The 2017 (tied) winners of the Robert J. Melosh Medal are Matthias Mayr
 (Sandia National Laboratories, previously at TUM, Munich Germany) and Heng Chi (GATech).

Matthias Mayr presented the paper "A Finite-Element-Based Monolithic Solver for Fluid-Structure Interaction with a Novel Hybrid Schwarz Preconditioner," and Heng Chi presented the paper "Nonlinear elements without explicit shape functions: A mimetic-inspired method." Congratulations to both!

Convert pressure (Surface load) to nodal force

Dear all,

Currently, I have a FE mesh and want to apply pressure load on part of the surface.  Anybody has suggestions on how to convert the pressure load to nodal force theoretically and numerically?

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you very much.

ADT's picture

Hydrodynamic Design of Pump Diffuser Using Inverse Design Method and CFD

A new approach to optimizing a hydrodynamic design of pump diffuser is presented, based on a three-dimensional inverse design method and a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique. The blade shape of the diffuser was designed for a specified distribution of circulation and a given meridional geometry at a low specific speed of 0.109 (non-dimensional) or 280 (m3 /min, m, rpm).

Ali Ramazani's picture

Modeling the Hydrophobicity of Nanoparticles and Their Interaction with Lipids and Proteins

We present a method of modeling nanoparticle (NP) hydrophobicity using coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CG MD) simulations, and apply this to the interaction of lipids with nanoparticles. To model at a coarse-grained level the wettability or hydrophobicity of a given material, we choose the MARTINI coarse-grained force field, and determine through simulation the contact angles of MARTINI water droplets residing on flat regular surfaces composed of various MARTINI bead types (C1, C2, etc.).

Simpleware workshops, Lancashire, June 6-9 2017

We're running free workshops on using Simpleware software for 3D image visualisation, analysis and model generation from June 6-9 in Lancashire, UK. 

Join us for these introductory sessions to learn the basics of the software and how to apply it to applications in the Life Sciences, Materials Science, Industrial Reverse Engineering and Non-Destructive Engineering, and many more.


June 6 - Lancaster









地点:Kresage G2 ,Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health,655 Huntington Avenue, 02115 Boston



2. 伊利诺伊香槟分校站


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PhD positions in multi-scale computational mechanics

We are looking for one or two highly motivated PhD candidates for a project related to the development of multi-scale methods in composite materials.


In the frame of several collaborative projects between universities and industrial partners, the main objective of the offered PhD positions will be to develop numerical multi-scale framework to study failure, uncertainties, and multi-physic behaviors of composite materials.

PhD opportunities

ludovicnoels's picture

PhD position in development of cracking computational models in high entropy alloys

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate for a project related to the development of cracking computational models in high entropy alloys.


In the frame of a collaborative project between three universities (Ulg, UCL and ULB), the main objective of the offered PhD position will be to develop a numerical modeling framework for cracking in high entropy alloys, known for their high toughness properties.

PhD opportunity


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