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Journal Club Theme of September 2015: Kinematics of Crystal Elasto-Plasticity: F=FeFp

This month’s blog focuses on one of the most common kinematic assumptions in the continuum mechanics of finite elasto-plasticity: the multiplicative decomposition .

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Matlab code for intermetalic layer thickness

I need a matlab code for measuring intermetallic layer thickness of Cu-Sn binary alloy during soldering.

I will use the result for Characterization of intermetallic layer and also time based analysis of mechanical failure.

I would be really grateful to the person who can help me over this issue.


Thanks a lot in advance.

How to define RHS in UEL for a static analysis?

Hi every one!

I'm working on developing a shell element to be implemented in ABAQUS through UEL.

It's going through a static analysis. and as you may know for static analysis, ABAQUS just needs AMATRX and RHS to be defined via UEL. It must be mentioned that the stiffness matrix is changing at each time increment. The force that has been applied, is a concentrated force and a function of time.

I've defined the RHS as:


where [K] is the stiffness (AMATRX) matrix and {u} is the displacement vector at each time increment.

Modelling and Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes (EUROMECH Colloquium 587)


Modelling and Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes (EUROMECH Colloquium 587)

9-11 May, 2016, University of Aveiro, Portugal (pre-announcement)

Aims and Scope

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Postdoctoral Research Position in Computational Inverse Problems and Optimization at Duke University

Postdoctoral Research Position in Computational Inverse Problems and Optimization Candidate sought for working on PDE-constrained optimization techniques for inverse problems. The candidate is expected to have a strong background in computation, solid mechanics, and optimization. In addition, the position requires prior experience with inverse problems, numerical optimization, and an object-oriented programming language either through coursework or research. This is a valuable opportunity to work with an active, multidisciplinary research group on important biomedical inverse problems.

Faculty Positions at Duke University

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University invite applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in one or more of the areas of: (1) optimization, design, control, and decision making under uncertainty; (2) coupled-field problems in geo-mechanics with application to energy production, energy storage, hazardous waste storage/disposal, and environmental protection; (3) new or emerging materials with application to renewable energy; and (4) computational science and engineering with impact on societally-relevant problems and the

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Predicting fracture energies and crack-tip fields of soft tough materials

Soft materials including elastomers and gels are pervasive in biological systems and technological applications. Whereas it is known that intrinsic fracture energies of soft materials are relatively low, how the intrinsic fracture energy cooperates with mechanical dissipation in process zone to give high fracture toughness of soft materials is not well understood. In addition, it is still challenging to predict fracture energies and crack-tip strain fields of soft tough materials.

ABAQUS 6.14 FSI Engine Mapping Search Failure

I am doing a Co-Simulation in ABAQUS 6.14, where a fluid (water) flows through a Solid Steel. In my first trials, I used a Solid with one consistent hole, and a fluid. Everything worked perfect.
In my second trial the solid is wider and with two holes, so the fluid flows in one hole in and comes out at the other hole.

Step : Dynamic, implicit

Ph.D. Position in Computational Mechanics

A fully-funded Ph.D. position is available with a start date of Spring 2016 or Fall 2016 at the Computational Biomechanics and Solid Mechanics Laboratory ( at Villanova University which is located in the greater Philadelphia area (

SHPB testing: speed of plastic waves in short cylinders

Dear iMechanica community,

I came across a problem in plasticity for which I am unable to find a reference in the literature and kindly ask your advice.

Temperature as a solution dependent variable ???


i am simulating a heat transfer in soil using umatht subroutine.need to specify the variation of the temp as a solution dependent variable??

Anyone have any idea how can i do that in abaqus/cae or is there anyway to do that by editing keyword(indirectly)?

eny help is realy appreciated,

Geostatic problem in Abaqus

Dear collegues,I am doing  consolidation problem for saturated 1 m clay layer with 6 m sand layer above.ABAQUS is used. The model of soil - Cam-Clay. Initial stresses in the soil are given. The initial pore pressure as well set. Material data is fully specified. I just keep getting the following error message:The sum of initial pressue and elastic tensile strength for the porous elastic material in element 1 instance part-1 must be positive.Would you advise what can I do to solve this issue.

A postdoc position in crystal resonator modelling and experiment

A postdoc position is available in the Department of Engineering Technology, University of North Texas-Denton in the fields of crystal resonator modeling and experiment. Candidates should have a PHD degree in engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering and should have some experiences in the following:

(1) In-depth understanding of piezoelectric theory and crystal resonators,

(2) Proven publication record on crystal resonator modelling or experiment,

(3) Fundamental knowledge on tensor analysis and transformation,

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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) lab at TU Delft

After several years of research in the area of additive manufacturing, biofabrication, and additively manufactured biomaterials and implants, I finally put up the first version of the website of my lab. I will gradually improve the website, but there is already links to all publications coming out of my lab in the general area of AM.


How to contact between solid elements after cohesive elements failed?

      Hi, I have used langrangian framwork proposed by Needleman in 1994 to model materials' failure under compression. In this model cohesive elements were inserted along solid elements boundary.

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problem related to umat subroutine.

hi all,

i am working on abaqus and using umat subroutine.

after i wrote a simple example code(isotropic) on fortran language and make a model on abaqus, i tried to run it together. it is worked.

after, i changed the simple code to my own code(anisotropic code) and run it with abaqus. i 

the result  is following:

too many increment made for this increment.

for step 1 converge but not step2 step 3 step4.

I tried to reduce the time increment but not way even the mesh i changed.

the time step i used is dynamic implcit

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postdoc position in computational mechanics

A postdoc position is available in the Computational Mechanics Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas. The research will focus on high-performance computing application in the general field of computational mechanics. The potential candidate shall have a Ph.D. degree in mechanics, mechanical engineering and related areas with emphasis on computation and simulation and integration with experiments. The project will involve extensive programming on HPC platforms.


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