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Journal Club for September 2016: Developments and challenges in miniaturized in situ experiments – Towards small-scale fracture mechanics

Small-scale mechanics, especially in situ in electron microscopes, is what I enjoy spending my time with. Within this monthly journal club topic on iMechanica, I would like to give a quick recapitulation of what happened in micromechanics, of course with special emphasis to in situ techniques, over the last years to set the stage. Subsequently, we should revisit some longstanding issues before turning towards recent developments in the field of fracture testing.

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SES2016 goes mobile!

Dear colleages,

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PhD Position at McGill University in Smart Advanced Materials

One PhD position is available for Winter 2017 in the Bioresource Engineering Department of McGill University. The research is on the Multiscale Modelling of Smart Advanced Materials. Theoretical, computational, and experimental studies will be conducted for design and analysis of smart advanced materials for energy scavenging. The candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Hamid Akbarzadeh at McGill University.

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Free-standing graphene slit membrane for enhanced desalination This study considers two novel ideas to further explore and enhance the graphene membrane for desalination. Firstly, while earlier molecular dynamics (MD) simulations studies have used frozen membranes, free-standing membrane is considered here. Since 2D membranes are usually embedded on porous support in the experimental reverse osmosis (RO) process, the free-standing membrane can more accurately model the behavior expected during operation.

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Hi all,

I am pleased to post the references of my recent paper entitled :



Volume 704 (2015) pp 435-441

DOI: 10.4028/


N.B: The equation (7) has been reviewed with:

[P2](nxg)=[[I](nxn)| [0](nxf)]

and is available at:

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Fourth Joint International Conference organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors at Rome, Italy.


Dear Colleagues,

I am Dr. Emin Taner ELMAS from İzmir, Turkey; and I am also a member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors  The IRED has sent me a request to announce  this below conference "Fourth Joint International Conference organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors at Rome, Italy. ". 

Therefore , I am sending you this Conference Announcement since there is also a mechanical engineering conference listed below, so you may interested in.

Best Regards,

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Call for Papers: International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

I am Dr. Emin Taner ELMAS from İzmir, Turkey; and I am also a member of International Association of Engineers and also a member of its Society for Mechanical Engineering with member number 164672. The IAENG has sent me a request to circulate this calls for papers to my colleagues, related to "International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 2017)". 

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Faculty Positions in Mechanical Engineering @ Boston University

The Boston University Department of Mechanical Engineering anticipates openings for multiple tenure-track junior faculty positions.

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One Ph.D opening in Mechanics of Materials starting from 2017 Fall at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA USA

One Ph.D. position will be available in the Applied Mechanics of Materials Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The position will start in the coming Fall 2017.

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PhD positions available in computational solid mechanics, materials modeling area in Michigan Technological University

2 PhD positions are available from Spring 2017, in Michigan Technological University, in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department. The candidates are to work in the computational modeling of multiphysics behavior of polymer materials, high rate fracture response of gel like tissue mimicking materials. Interested candidates can email their CV with relevant information at -tsain[AT]

Candidates with background in continuum mechanics, finite elements and materials modeling are preferred.


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Lecturer / Associate Professor in Additive Manufacturing

The University of Southampton has an opening for an early to mid career faculty in additive manufacturing. The dealine for online applications is October 7th 2016. Do not hesitate to contact me for informal enquiries at

2 PhD positions in structural engg. at NDSU

Two fully funded PhD positions for Spring 2017 are available in the area of experimental and computational damage mechanics at North Dakota State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Area 1: microstructure and micromechanics based modeling of fatigue in structural steels; Area 2: multiscale computational tools for damage analysis of pavement materials.

Does internal heat transfer attribute work with VUMAT subroutine?

I am running J-C plasticity VUMAT subroutine and trying to club inbuilt heat transfer attributes for temperature update, but it's not working. I would appreciate if someone can advise me if there any way to club inbuilt heat transfer with VUMAT or I have to write separate subroutine? 

Thanks & Regards,


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Faculty Opening in Solid Mechanics at Brown University

The School of Engineering at Brown University is seeking to fill a faculty position in Mechanics of Solids and Structures at any academic level.  Candidates should have expertise and research interests in the mechanics of soft, biological, structural, energy materials or systems that are complementary and synergistic with existing research areas in the School as described below.

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Ph.D positions open


Positions of two Ph.D students are now open for Spring and Fall 2017 in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

We are looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated candidates who are experienced in mechanics of materials, bio-inspired engineering and 3D printing.

Dynamic Crack Branching

Hi all, 

     I came across the problem of dynamic crack branching in few papers like ["Phase field approximation of dynamic brittle fracture", Schlüter et al (2014), "Phase-field modeling of ductile fracture",Ambati et al (2015)].  I am not able to understand the reason for the crack to branch out at an angle ~27 when a tensile uniformly distributed load is applied in a dynamic way at top and bottom side. If you take isotropic homogenous elastic medium why the crack should branch out like that ? I would be grateful if you could please share your thoughts on this. 

Time integration scheme for Dynamic Crack Propagation in XFEM?



I am trying to implement the time integration scheme proposed by Combescure et. al [1] to simulate a dynamic crack propagation problem in XFEM (2D edge crack under impact loading). But I have an interesting question to ask.


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Postdoctoral Position on Mesoscale Modeling Materials at the University of Connecticut

The Computational Materials & Mechanics Group (CMMG) at the University of Connecticut has an immediate opening for a  postdoctoral researcher in the area of modeling of impact behavior of materials at the mesoscales. The work is based on the newly developed quasi-coarse-grained dynamics method that extends the time and length scale capabilities of molecular dynamics simulations to the mesoscales.  The postdoctoral researcher will work on the extension of this method to model shock/impact response of complex materials systems. 

6th Biot Conference on Poromechanics - Deadline for Abstract Submission Extended to September 30, 2016

Dear colleagues,

Please note that the deadline for abstract submission to the 6th Biot Conference on Poromechanics has been extended to: September 30, 2016. This extension is final.

lapack in abaqus subrouine

Hi all,

I'm an abaqus subroutine UEL user.

I recently got an existed UEL fortrain file from advisor professor, but had an following error message when I ran the code.

WCFA2016-VFA – Workshop on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

Dear iMechanicians,

I would like to inform you about the workshop WCFA2016-VFA, which is this year organized with the focus set on Vibration Fatigue Analysis. The workshop will be held at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic from November 8 to November 10, 2016. The introductory lessons in the first day will be presented by Prof Darrell Socie, Prof Milan Ruzicka and Dr Jan Papuga, while the main topic - Vibration Fatigue Analysis - will follow in next two days and will be covered by Dr Neil Bishop.

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PhD position in Structural Integrity for Nuclear Applications *UK citizens only*

One fully-funded PhD position in Structural Integrity for Nuclear Applications is avalable at the University of Bristol with a tax-free stipend of £18,000 per annum. Please see the full advert here for details:

Harry Coules's picture

PhD position in Structural Integrity for Nuclear Applications *UK citizens only*

One fully-funded PhD position in Structural Integrity for Nuclear Applications is avalable at the University of Bristol with a tax-free stipend of £18,000 per annum.


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