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Journal Club Theme of December 2014: Neuromechanics

Descartes said: `I think, therefore I am’. Darwin wrote, ‘I think’. Unarguably, the brain is the most complex and mysterious part of our body that has intrigued both scientists and philosophers alike for centuries. It is the seat of our sensory perception, emotions, learning, memory, and consciousness. While the role of electrochemistry in the working of the brain and these processes have been investigated extensively in the last century, the role of mechanics or mechanical stimuli in controlling the structure and function of the brain has remained essentially elusive.

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Read Strain energy density from ODB and change youngs modulus in .inp

Hi guys,

I am quiet a newbie to Python. I need to read strain energy density from ODB file and change young's modulus in the .inp file. 

I first aim to read the SED from .odb and save it in a text file or data file. I tried for a week but no leads.

Can anyone please help me with that. It will be really helpful. 

Thank you



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SABIC Technology Internship Program, Summer 2015

Frequency extraction in coupled Fluid/Structure models

Hi there

Please let me know how I can extract frequency (all or the first) in coupled fluid/structure models


Best Regards

Thanks in advanced


3D Printing of cylindrical shells with varied stiffness

Hi, all,

I'm planning to print a series of cylindrical shells with different material patches on shell surface. The size is about 100 mm in length, 80 mm in diameter and 0.5 mm in shell thickness. The shell was designed with varied stiffness by using two different material properties. The 3D assembly has been created with two groups such that it is easy to select one group for a specific material. I wonder did any of you try some commercial 3D printing companies or providers who can fabricate similar structure with varied stiffness and afforable cost. Let me know. Thanks!

European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubbers

Dear Colleagues,

Let us inform you that the 9th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber (ECCMR IX) will be held in Prague (Czech Republic) between September 1st and 4th 2015.


effective properties of laminates


Is there any SIMPLE (direct) way to obtain effective properties of laminates in Abaqus?

Thanks in advance.


SIF semi-elliptical crack in pipelines

Dear all,

I am working in my under-graduate thesis. Basically, i'm trying to calculate the SIF and J-Integral for semi-elliptical surface crack using CINT command in ANSYS APDL (all of this in a pipeline model). I have seen one paper shows SIF's distribution along the crack front like the following picture (fig. 8):

In my analysis I have obtained the following distribution (I have used a/c=0.5 with a/tc and tc/Rc equal to the fig. 8):

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Microstructurally based cross-slip mechanisms and their effects on dislocation microstructure evolution in fcc crystals

Three newly identified cross-slip mechanisms from atomistic simulations of fcc crystals, namely surface, bulk and intersection cross-slip types, were hierarchically informed into discrete dislocation dynamics simulations. The influence of each cross-slip type on the evolution of the dislocation microstructure in face-centered cubic microcrystals having different crystal sizes and initial dislocation densities was investigated.

Postdoc Positions at Brown University (Solid Mechanics), Providence RI

The solid mechanics program at Brown has two openings for postdoctoral research associates in the areas of computational modeling of battery electrode materials, and computational design of advanced high-strength steels.   One position is available immediately; the other towards the end of August.   Both projects will have opportunities to work closely with experimental and industrial collaborators.

Problem with user routine (USERELEM) of Ansys

Dear imechanica friends,


I am using userelem in Ansys. When I model a curved shaped structure like a shell, and mesh it in the context of the element ET300, I get error below:

‘unable to mesh area 3 because of shape problems. It may help to change element size on edges of area’

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Post-doctorate position in mechanics of materials

Position starting at the beginning of 2015, in LIMATB (France) - - on the subject: Modeling plastic instabilities (PLC type) developing under various strain paths



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Element set creation by position coordinates


I'm simulating weld process in abaqus, in which the welding path is circular.For modeling the process I use model change (Deactive and activation of the element).For this I need to locate the element by location in my script. Is there any command that can do this?


Smeared Crack and Cohesive zone modeling of concrete in ABAQUS

Can anybody help me in using smeared crack and cohesive zone modeling in concrete for different grades. I was actually facing problem in using the same to identify fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS. I will also be helpful if anyone let me know about an alternate method to find fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS apart from using models. Thanks in advance.......

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EML is born

Dear Friends,
Let me assure you that we (the editorial team) are just as anxious as you are to see what kind of papers are published by EML, with similar anticipation as one looks at a new born baby for the first time.  Does the baby girl have big eyes like her mother? Or does the baby boy have little hair on his head like his father? Or the baby is just different, different from all other children, and beautifully so.

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Optical microscope for three-dimensional surface displacement and shape measurements at the microscale

We report a novel optical microscope for full-field, noncontact measurements of three-dimensional (3D) surface deformation and topography at the microscale. The microscope system is based on a seamless integration of the diffraction-assisted image correlation (DAIC) method with fluorescent microscopy. We experimentally demonstrate the microscope’s capability for 3D measurements with submicrometer spatial resolution and subpixel measurement accuracy.

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New Background of Micromechanics

Dear Colleagues,

One proposes a new background of micromechanics defining a new field of micromechanics called computational analytical micromechanics (CAM, see the abstract attached). It offers opportunities for a fundamental jump in multi-scale and multi-physics modeling of random heterogeneous media with drastically improved accuracy of local field estimations.  I would be happy if you pay your attention to CAM.

Valeriy Buryachenko

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Statistics of 2014 publications in Journal of Applied Mechanics

Here is the number of 2014 papers published in JAM from each country and region.

79 -- USA;

45 -- China (including Hong Kong);

9 -- Canada;  

5 -- Singapore;

4 -- Italy; Japan; 

3 -- France; India; Russia; UK;

2 -- Germany; Israel; South Korea;

1 -- Iceland; Iran; Netherlands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan.

Postdoc and PhD positions in computational modeling at TU Delft in the Netherlands

Applications are invited for one PhD and one postdoc positions in the area of computational mechanics of materials, at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. See the attached file for details.

How to install abaqus on different machines which have a same license server?

Hi everyone 

Do you know how to install abaqus software on different machines which have a same license server? 

1. How to install abaqus on the license server computer? 

2. How to install abaqus on the other computers? 

Could you please give me some instructions? 

Thank you in advance! 



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