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phd position H2020 Marie Slodowska Curie ITN/ETN program

We are offering a PhD position to start this coming september at technion, Haifa, Israel, as advertised in the attached file.

To qualify, the candidates should hold an M.Sc. with thesis in mechanical/materials engineering and have passed the GRE with a grade of 85% or more.

The research will be experimental and numerical in character.

PhD position in Computational Materials Science at the University of Cincinnati

A PhD position in the area of computational materials science is available on Jan. 1st, 2017 in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Candidates should be strongly self-motivated individuals possessing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering or other closely related disciplines. A background in density functional theory, molecular dynamics and/or phase field modeling with strong c++ programming skills is desirable.

Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF Medical Center

The Cardiac Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery and San Francisco VA Medical Center is seeking a hard working, motivated post-doctoral fellow to participate in biomedical engineering research involving the ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms (aTAA).  The post-doctoral fellow should be motivated to be on a career track to become an academic professor.  Our lab is NIH funded to investigate the biomechanics of aortic aneurysms and currently has 2 postdoctoral fellows, and are seeking a 3rd.  The goals ar

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Nonlinear Elasticity in a Deforming Ambient Space

In this paper we formulate a nonlinear elasticity theory in which the ambient space is evolving. For a continuum moving in an evolving ambient space, we model time dependency of the metric by a time-dependent embedding of the ambient space in a larger manifold with a fixed background metric. We derive both the tangential and the normal governing equations. We then reduce the standard energy balance written in the larger ambient space to that in the evolving ambient space.

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10 academic positions at Loughborough, UK

The Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University, UK  is seeking ten new academic colleagues, from professors who are leaders in their field through to aspiring talented lecturers. These are permanent appointments.

For details see


Closing date for applications: 10 July 2016

phd position H2020 Marie Slodowska Curie ITN/ETN program



we are offering a phd position in Metz, LEM3 laboratory.

The position subject  concerns damage in dynamic conditions.

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Symposium on "Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures" at the Society of Engineering Science Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

We are writing to draw your attention to Symposium D-8, titled "Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures" within the "Mechanics of Solids and Structures" track of the 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES) to be held at the University of Maryland, October 2-5, 2016.  The symposium description may be found below, and we encourage you to submit an abstract.  Fur further details and to submit an abstract, please see the meeting website

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute: Theoretical and computational multiscale modeling of the dynamics of granular solids

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Two postdoctoral scholar positions at the University of California, Irvine

The Nanoscale Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (NMML) at the University of California, Irvine is currently accepting applications for two postdoctoral scholar positions.  One opening has a focus on experimental research, while the other is seeking a computational scientist.


Experimental Postdoc in Small-Scale Mechanical Testing

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Symposium on "Multi-scale Mechanics of Particulate Media" at the Society of Engineering Science Meeting

Dear colleague,

We encourage you to submit an abstract to the symposium "Multi-scale Mechanics of Particulate Media" (Symposium D-1) within the "Mechanics of Solids and Structures" track of the 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES) to be held at the University of Maryland, October 2-5, 2016. The symposium description may be found below. For further details and to submit an abstract, please see the meeting website: The abstract submission deadline is June 15, 2016.

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Transmission and localisation in ordered and randomly-perturbed structured flexural systems

The paper presents a novel analysis of localisation and transmission properties of randomly-perturbed flexural systems. Attention is given to the study of propagation regimes and the connection with localised resonance modes in the context of Anderson's localisation. The analytical study is complemented with numerical simulations relevant to the design of efficient vibration isolation systems.


Eigenvalues, reflected and transmitted energy, localisation factors for the examined bi-coupled random system:

Simpleware at the ANSYS Automotive Simulation World Congress, June 7-8 2016, Munich

ASWC will be attended by over 350 professionals from over a 100 companies and organizations. AT the event 70 presentations will be delivered by experts from major global car, truck and off-highway manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, prominent universities, and research centers. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to meet automotive simulation leaders, see how major global companies are using simulation, learn best practices, see the latest technology advances, and network with peers from around the world. 

Simpleware at ASWC

Assistant Professors / Associate Professors in Mechanical Engineering 825559

Department of Engineering (ENG), Aarhus University (AU) invites applications for a number of positions as tenure track assistant professors or associate professors in the field of Mechanical Engineering (ME). The University has ambitious plans to increase its activities significantly within research and education as well as public and industrial collaboration with the vision of bringing AU into the global engineering elite.

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LES and RANS simulation of wind- and wave-forced oceanic turbulent boundary layers in shallow water with wall modeling

Large-eddy simulation (LES) and Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) simulation of wind and wave forced oceanic turbulence in unstratified shallow water are performed in order to investigate the influence of wall modeling on results. The LES is also used to investigate the dependence of results on downwind and crosswind lengths of the computational domain, representative of a shallow shelf coastal ocean (10-to-30 m deep) unaffected by lateral boundaries.

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These notes are a part of the notes on linear algebra.

Electroelasticity of polymer networks

This work introduces a new microscopically-motivated model for the electromechanical response of elastomers:

The merit of this novel model is demonstrated in the following paper

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Postdoc Openings at CMU on Soft Multifunctional Materials

The Integrated Soft Materials Lab (SML) is accepting applications for postdoctoral appointments in the areas of soft-matter electronics and multifunctional materials. The postdoctoral researchers will lead efforts to develop composites and integrated soft material architectures for sensing and actuation in wearable, deformable, and shape-programmable systems.  Applications will focus on artificial skin and muscle for autonomous soft robots, prostheses, and wearable computing.  

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SES2016: Call for Abstract Submissions

Dear Colleagues,

The 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES2016) will be hosted by the University of Maryland (UMD) during 2-5 October 2016 (note the new conference date) at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  

Ph.D. position at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Houston

There is a Ph.D. opportunity in my lab supported by the Mechanical Engineering Department in the University of Houston on the microstructure-sensitive description of the deformation and failure response of shape memory alloys. Applications are sought from self-motivated students with a strong background on solid mechanics and FEA simulations. Should you be interested in the position, please, email your CV to tbaxevan at central dot uh dot edu.


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