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Senior Editors Wanted: New Cell Press Journal In Materials Science

Hello iMechanica community!

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of a new journal from Cell Press in the general field of materials science. So new in fact, that the title of the journal is yet to be finalized!

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PhD and Postdoc Positions in computational poromechanics at Columbia University

I am seeking a Ph.D. student and/or postdoc associate for a number of projects related to high-strain-rate plasticity and phase-transition of porous media. 

Candidates with demonstrated experience in computational mechanics, poromechanics, and implementation of codes in C++ and python are strongly preferred. Basic understanding of tensor calculus and continuum mechanics is required for the Ph.D. position. Students with track-records of academic achievements are encouraged to apply. 

PhD position in multiscale simulation of clay-polymer composite at UW-Madison

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking a PhD student to work on multiscale simulations of clay-polymer composite.

The student will conduct atomistic and mesoscale simulations to support multidisciplinary collaborations. Candidates with experiences in molecular simulations techniques such as molecular dynamics are strongly preferred, although self-motivated students with track-records of academic achievements are encouraged to apply regardless. 

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Post-Doctoral Position in Computational Modeling of Topological Insulators

I am looking to recruit a highly motivated and independent postdoctoral researcher to study, via the development of new computational techniques, various scientific issues surrounding phononic topological insulators.  The position is available for a 1-year duration, with possible extension to future years depending on the availability of funding.  

Requirements for the position include:

1.  A strong background in computational solid mechanics, and in particular topology optimization techniques (i.e. level set-based)

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PhD position in Multiscale mechanical modeling of metals , IMDEA-Materials Institute

IMDEA Materials Institute is non-profit research organization located in Madrid, Spain, to carry out research activities in Materials Science and Engineering. More information can be found 

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Tenure track position at University of Rochester

The department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Rochester is hiring a tenure track faculty at the assistant or associate professor level to start in July 2019. We are looking for candidates with expertise in experimental materials science such as synthesis, processing, characterization, and mechanical testing and design. 

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Effects of CNT size on the desalination performance of an outer-wall CNT slit membrane We investigate the effect of varying carbon nanotube (CNT) size on the desalination performance through slit confinements formed by horizontally aligned CNTs stacked on top of one another. By increasing the CNT size, the results obtained from this study indicate a corresponding increase in the water flow rate, accompanied by a slight reduction in salt rejection performance.

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Faculty Opening in Aerospace Structures and Advanced Materials at U. Minnesota



 Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

 University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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A design principle for actuation of nematic glass sheets

A continuum mechanical framework is developed for determining a) the class of stress-free deformed shapes and corresponding director distributions on the undeformed configuration of a nematic glass membrane that has a prescribed spontaneous stretch field and b) the class of undeformed configurations and corresponding director distributions on it resulting in a stress-free given deformed shape of a nematic glass sheet with a prescribed spontaneous stretch field.

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Stress of a spatially uniform dislocation density field

It can be shown that the stress produced by a spatially uniform dislocation density field in a body comprising a linear elastic material under no loads vanishes. We prove that the same result does not hold in general in the geometrically nonlinear case. This problem of mechanics establishes the purely geometrical result that the curl of a sufficiently smooth two-dimensional rotation field cannot be a non-vanishing constant on a domain.

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Funded PhD position in polymer composites

One PhD position is available in the Multifunctional Polymers and Composites Laboratory at Colorado State University on advanced manufacturing of fiber-reinforced polymer composites. A strong background in material characterization, design, and processing is required. Interested candidates should send their CV, transcripts, and samples of recent work to


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Strain Localization in Dry Sheared Fault Gouge: A Compactivity based approach

Abstract: Shear banding is widely observed in natural fault zones as well as in laboratory experiments on granular materials. Understanding the dynamics of strain localization under different loading conditions is essential for quantifying strength evolution of fault gouge and energy partitioning during earthquakes and characterizing rheological transitions and fault zone structure changes. To that end, we develop a physics-based continuum model for strain localization in sheared granular materials.

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Mechanics and Mussel adhesion: How bulk porosity may help things stick better

On the Role of the Plaque Porous Structure in Mussel Adhesion: Implications for Adhesion Control Using Bulk Patterning

Ahmed Ghareeb and Ahmed Elbanna -- Journal of Applied Mechanics (2018)


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Geometric role in designing pneumatically actuated pattern-transforming metamaterials

Geometric role in designing pneumatically actuated pattern-transforming metamaterials

Yuzhen Chen, Lihua Jin

Extreme Mechanics Letters

30th Edition of the Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition at Duke University

Duke University will host on April 26, 2019 the 30th Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition for best papers by graduate (or recently graduated) students. The deadline for extended abstract submission is January 21, 2019. 

Students interested in participating can find more details about the format of the competition and submission requirements at


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[Deadline: September 30, 2018] Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position @ TU Delft - Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

Dear colleagues,

New Assistant Professor position with experimental focus on polymers or polymer matrix composites at TU Delft.

Examples of areas of interest (not in any particular order):

- polymers or polymer composites under extreme events (high strain-rates, extreme temperatures, fire, radiation, etc.)

- recycling and contributions to circular economy

Job opportunity: Simpleware Applications Engineer, Exeter, UK

Simpleware software is currently looking for a motivated applicant to join the technical support team. You should be passionate about working with image processing and 3D modelling software, and with providing technical knowledge and sales support. You will also be responsible for generating papers and promotional material which will require you to work very closely with customers and partners.

We offer a competitive salary for this position.

The closing date for this job posting is the 10th of September, 2018

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PhD and Postdoc Open Positions in Polymer Modeling at University of Connecticut

PhD Open Positions

PhD positions with financial support in the form of research assistant/teaching assistant are available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut (UConn).

Faculty positions & job hunting

As a platform dedicated to the optimization of academic job searching is still missing in our community we could get inspired by collegues from the academic field of operations:

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Active Topographic Surface Renewal

Check out our new work on topography driven surface renewal published in Nature Physics:

We are building a new dynamic group at University of Chicago bringing together physicists, surgeons, and engineers to tackle some of the most

challenging problems in tissue/material interfaces with the goal of improving on many current medical devices. 

Faculty position at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

A faculty position in experimental mechanics / materials is available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  The closing date is December 1, 2018.  Please see the attached advertisement for details.




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