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Journal Club for November 2018: Beyond piezoelectricity: Flexoelectricity in solids


Beyond piezoelectricity: Flexoelectricity in solids

Jiawang Hong

School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology


1. Introduction

Announcing the 2019 Award Winners from the Society of Engineering Science (SES)

The Society of Engineering Science (SES) oversees several awards and honors to members and eminent scholars of the field. Below are the 2019 distinguished award winners!


Cemal Eringen Medal

Prof. Evelyn Hu, Harvard University

Citation: "For seminal contributions at the intersection of semiconductor electronics and photonics, and leadership in nanoscale science and engineering."


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Faculty Opening at GA Tech: Space Habitat Systems

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology are seeking applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the area of space habitat systems. The position is expected to be a joint appointment between both schools. Multidisciplinary collaboration with related research groups and colleges at Georgia Tech is highly encouraged.

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A modeling and resolution framework for wrinkling in hyperelastic sheets at finite membrane strain

Wrinkles commonly occur in uniaxially stretched rectangular hyperelastic membranes with clamped-clamped boundaries, and can vanish upon excess stretching. Here we develop a modeling and resolution framework to solve this complex instability problem with highly geometric and material nonlinearities. We extend the nonlinear Foppl-von Karman thin plate model to finite membrane strain regime for various compressible and incompressible hyperelastic materials.

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Dislocation pattern formation in finite deformation crystal plasticity

Rajat Arora        Amit Acharya

Stressed dislocation pattern formation in crystal plasticity at finite deformation is demonstrated for the first time. Size effects are also demonstrated within the same mathematical model. The model involves two extra material parameters beyond the requirements of standard classical crystal plasticity theory. The dislocation microstructures shown are decoupled from deformation microstructures, and emerge without any consideration of latent hardening or constitutive assumptions related to cross-slip. Crystal orientation effects on the pattern formation and mechanical response are also demonstrated. The manifest irrelevance of the necessity of a multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient, a plastic distortion tensor, and the choice of a reference configuration in our model to describe the micromechanics of plasticity as it arises from the existence and motion of dislocations is worthy of note.

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On the Structure of Linear Dislocation Field Theory

Amit Acharya          Robin J. Knops         Jeyabal Sivaloganathan

Uniqueness of solutions in the linear theory of non-singular dislocations, studied as a special case of plasticity theory, is examined. The status of the classical, singular Volterra dislocation problem as a limit of plasticity problems is illustrated by a specific example that clarifies the use of the plasticity formulation in the study of classical dislocation theory. Stationary, quasi-static, and dynamical problems for continuous dislocation distributions are investigated subject not only to standard boundary and initial conditions, but also to prescribed dislocation density. In particular, the dislocation density field can represent a single dislocation line.

It is only in the static and quasi-static traction boundary value problems that such data are sufficient for the unique determination of stress. In other quasi-static boundary value problems and problems involving moving dislocations, the plastic and elastic distortion tensors, total displacement, and stress are in general non-unique for specified dislocation density. The conclusions are confirmed by the example of a single screw dislocation.

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Will Nemo's balloon burst or not?

Nemo lives in the ocean near the Great Barrier Reef. One day, he bought a hydrogel balloon which is inflated by an inner pressure p. Will the balloon burst eventually or stay safe?

Society of Engineering Science Seeks Nomination for Board Members

Dear members of the Society of Engineering Science (SES):

SES Board of Directors aims to fill two vacancies on the board. We are seeking nominations for these two positions. Any SES member can self-nominate or nominate another SES member. At this point, just the name and affiliation of the nominee are needed. Please submit the nominations to by Nov 27.


Best regards


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Faculty Position Materials Engineering San Jose State University

We are intersted in candidates with expertise in mechanics of materials, polymers, additive manufacturing, etc.  Details can be found at:

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Department Chair Opening, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Dear Colleagues:  Our Department of Mechanical Engineering at CU-Boulder is seeking a dynamic and innovative leader to serve as the new Chair. We are undergoing a period of unprecedented faculty growth and expansion to match an ambitious vision of research and teaching excellence.

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Untethered soft machines and robots enabled by hard-magnetic soft materials

We introduce our recent works on advanced fabrication and mechanics of hard-magnetic soft materials towards the development of untethered soft machines and robots actuated and controlled by magnetic fields. 

- Abstract

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Call for Abstract Submission to FEF-2019: MS 403 Multiscale Modeling in Bio-Mechanical Systems

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit your one-page abstract to our Mini-Symposium (MS403) "Multiscale Modeling in Bio-Mechanical Systems" for Finite Elements in Fluids 2019 (FEF-2019)

Date & Location:

March 31-April 3, 2019, Chicago, IL


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Two PhD Positions in Multiscale Modeling of Materials Under Extreme Conditions

Two PhD positions are open for Spring 2019 in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Labat Louisiana Tech Universityon multiscale modeling of materials under extreme conditions. The candidates must have earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering or related fields (applicants with a MSc will be given priority) and have a solid background in theoretical and computational mechanics. Having knowledge of continuum mechanics, finite element modeling, and a programming language (preferably C++) is a plus. 

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Intern Opening in Schlumberger-Doll Research, Cambridge Massachusetts

Please also see attached. Thanks.


Job Title                                   Internship in Materials for O&G

Duration                                   2019, 4-6+ months

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Active superelasticity of epithelial tissues

Sharing our recent article in Nature that uncovers a surprising aspect of the mechanics of epithelial tissues, termed ‘active superelasticity’, which allows them to undergo extreme reversible deformations under constant tension - (read-only link:

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Open PhD positions at the Computational Nanomaterials Lab at the University of Miami

Several fully funded Ph.D. positions are available at the CompNano Lab in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Miami ( Our group uses tools from engineering mechanics, statistical physics, and computational chemistry to investigate the fundamental mechanisms governing the remarkable anomalous behavior of nanostructured materials.

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Opening of assistant professor in computation mechanics, UCSD

RECRUITMENT PERIODOpen date: October 22nd, 2018Next review date: January 4th, 2019
Apply by this date to ensure full consideration by the committee.Final date: June 28th, 2019
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.DESCRIPTION

University of Notre Dame - Postdoctoral Associate

Postdoctoral Associate


The University of Notre Dame, Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive

Materials (C-SWARM), is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the postdoctoral associate

position in the area of computational mechanics/physics with emphasis on chemically reactive

solids. C-SWARM is center of excellence established by National Nuclear Security

Administration (NNSA) whose primary focus is on the emerging field of predictive science. The

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PhD positions on mechanics of morphing solids and shells at the University of Missouri, Columbia

The positions: I am looking to support two PhD students to work with me towards a mechanical understanding of morphing structures such as origami tessellations and lattice materials and metamaterials. By "understanding" I mean anything relevant to the theoretical and numerical modeling of these structures, in static and dynamic regimes, within the context of elasticity whether linearized or not as well as the fabrication and testing of toy models necessary to assess that "understanding".

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PhD position:Fluid-Structure Interactions in Hydraulic Turbine - Montreal Canada

A fully funded PhD thesis project is available at Polytechnique Montreal on Fluid-Structure Interactions in hydraulic turbines. 

This project is to be done in collaboration with Université Laval in Québec city where a fully instrumented test turbine is available. The thesis is part of a large research consortium involving two universities and the major industrial players in the design and operation of large hydraulic turbines in the province of Quebec (Andritz Hydro, EDF, General Electric, Hydro Québec, Voith Hydro).

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Graduate Student Openings in Mechanobiology and Biomechanics at UPenn

Several postdoctoral and graduate student openings with primary focus on biomechanics is available immediately in the Shenoy Research Group at the University of Pennsylvania. We are looking for strongly motivated candidates to work on NIH supported projects on a) cell-matrix interactions in fibrosis and cancer and 2) mechanical mechanisms of traumatic brain injury.  


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