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Open PhD position in Micromechanics of White Etching Cracks

A 3-year PhD position in Micromechanics of White Etching Cracks is available at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). More details about the project ideally starting during the spring of 2018 can be found at:

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Discussion of fracture paper #19 - Fracture mechanical properties of graphene

Extreme thermal and electrical conductivity, blocks out almost all gases, stiff as diamond and stronger than anything else. The list of extreme properties seems never ending. The paper

Growth speed of single edge pre-crack in graphene sheet under tension, Jun Hua et al., Engineering Fracture Mechanics 182 (2017) 337–355

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Fully funded PhD position in finite element modelling at SUNY Binghamton

One PhD position is available at Mechanical Engineering Department of SUNY Binghamton. The research is in the field of finite element modelling of metals and alloys. The candidate needs to be proficient in ABAQUS software and UEL and UMAT subroutines. The candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Congrui Jin at SUNY Binghamton. If you are interested, please send your CV to

Computational Mechanics Luxembourg 2018. Lab report.

Please find our activity report here


- Highly Cited Clarivate Analytics  

- Free Software Download

- 15 PhD positions open in computational biomechanics

- upcoming ECCOMAS sister association in Luxembourg 

- Short courses and new Master Programme

- Open Access free paper downloads

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Effect of surface elasticity on extensional and torsional stiffnesses of isotropic circular nanorods

We present a continuum formulation to obtain simple expressions demonstrating the effects of surface residual stress and surface elastic constants on extensional and torsional stiffnesses of isotropic circular nanorods. Unlike the case of rectangular nanorods, we show that the stiffnesses of circular nanorods also depend on surface residual stress components. This is attributed to non-zero surface curvature inherent in circular nanorods.

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[Abstract submission deadline: January 15] MS1801 @ WCCM2018 -> Data-driven Methods and Applications: from Physics-informed Learning Machines to Optimization Under Uncertainty

Dear colleagues,

The deadline to submit your abstracts to WCCM 2018 is January 15, 2018. We would like to once again encourage you to submit your abstracts to minisymposium 1801. For more information please go to:

Best regards,

Miguel Bessa, Delft University of Technology

George Karniadakis, Brown University

Julien Yvonnet, Université Paris-Est

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Fully funded PhD position in computational mechanics of composite materials at the University of Ulster, UK

The scholarships will cover tuition fees and a maintenance award of not less than £14,553 per annum for three years (subject to satisfactory academic performance).

UK/EU and International students are eligible to apply.

Further details and how to apply can be found at:


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Journal club for January 2018: Recent advances in liquid crystal elastomer

Recent advances in liquid crystal elastomer

Zhijian Wang, Shengqiang Cai

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering Program


Postdoc position in nonlinear multiscale simulation and optimization @ SUTD Singapore

Job Description:

We are looking for a postdoctoral research fellow who has experience with developing and implementing computational algorithms for simulation and optimization in structural mechanics.

ASME IMECE 2018 "Deformation and Failure of Multifunctional Materials" – Call for abstracts

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to cordially invite you to attend the symposium entitled "Deformation and Failure of Multifunctional Materials" organized under track "Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Fluids" in the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) ASME 2018 conference. The conference will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 11–14, 2018 (

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J2 Plasticity

Good day, everyone.

Traditional Failure Criteria

Hey every one,

I had a look at the book 'Fracture Mechanics, an introduction' by E.E. Gdoutos, in the preface he talks about "Traditional Failure criteria" and how it's not capable of "adequately" explaining many structural failures and this shortcoming led to the emergence of fracture mechanics theory by Griffith.

But he doesn't really give an acount of what he (Gdoutos) means by "traditional failure criteria".

Could someone please explain me what is the "traditional fracture criteria" as oposed to new criteria introduced by fracture mechanics?

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Ph. D position in Mechanics of Materials

Two Ph.D positions are open for Fall 2018 in Mechanical Engineering at the Univesrity of New Hampshire.

The student will work on the NSF/CAREER project on Mechanics of Chiral Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterials.

(theory, finite element simulations, 3D printing, and mechanical experiments)

The candidate will also have opportunity to apply for the CEPS fellowship. 

More information can be found at

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PhD Position at McGill University in Advanced Nonlinear Materials

One PhD position is available for Fall 2018 in the Advanced Multifunctional and Multiphysics Metamaterials Lab (AM3L) in the Bioresource Engineering Department of McGill University. The research is on the field of  multiscale mechanics of Advanced Nonlinear Architected Materials. Theoretical, computational, and experimental (3D printing and characterization) studies will be conducted for multiscale multiphysics analysis of architected cellular materials. The candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Hamid Akbarzadeh at McGill University.

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Call for abstracts, SIAM MS-18: Recent advances in phase-field modeling and analysis of microstructural evolution.


Recent advances in phase-field modeling and analysis of microstructural evolution.

(Flyer attached)

Conference Dates: July 9-13, 2018.

Venue: Portland, Oregon

Submission Deadline: January 18, 2018

Travel Funding for students: January 19, 2018


MS and research positions available at University of Maryland College Park

Research Positions at Soft Matter, Interfaces and Energy Laboratory (SMIEL) at UMD in simulations

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Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

The Mechanics and Computation Group (Department of Mechanical Engineering) at Stanford University is seeking applicants for the “Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship.” This appointment is for a term of two years, beginning in September 2018.

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Regarding to the effective elastic tensor form of a double layered perforation panel

I am studying the effective material property of a double-layered perforation (Fig. 1). The perforation rate is different on the two layers, which are connected via arrays of pillars. Both perforation and pillars are closer packed in y-direction (the beam length direction) than the x-direction (the beam width direction) to render an anisotropic in plane material property. Fig. 1 (b) shows a unit cell of such a periodic perforation.

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Regarding to use the effective Kirshhoff plate property to model a microbeam

I am studying the vibrational behaviour of a microbeam made of a polymer (Fig. 1). The beam consists of a paddle part and a tapered part and is fixed at the tapered end.




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Metastable phase transformation and deformation twinning induced hardening-stiffening mechanism in compression of silicon nanoparticles

The compressive mechanical responses of silicon nanoparticles with respect to crystallographic orientations are investigated by atomistic simulations. Superelastic and abrupt hardening-stiffening behaviors are revealed in [110]-, [111]- and [112]-oriented nanoparticles. The obtained hardness values of these particles are in good agreement with the experimental results. In particular, [111]-oriented particle is extremely hard since its hardness (∼33.7 GPa) is almost three times greater than that of the bulk silicon (∼12 GPa).

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An inspiring seminar by Prof. Huajian Gao -- Mechanics as an Enabling tool in bioinspired materials and biological interactions of nanomaterials

Professor Huajian Gao of Brown University speaks at MIT Distinguished Seminar Series (March 2016).

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the many important recent achievements of Huajian's group.

Mechanics as an Enabling tool in bioinspired materials and biological interactions of nanomaterials


Not to be missed!

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WCCM 2018, New York City. Symp#1216 Microstructure Regulated Mechanics of Materials Under Extreme Dynamic Environments

Dear Colleague,

A mini-symposium on the Microstructure Regulated Mechanics of Materials Under Extreme Dynamic Environments at the 2018 World Congress on Computational Mechanics ( will take place in stunning heart of New York City, New York from July 22--27, 2018. 

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Fracture mechanism in notched metal

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

G'day all

Having a metal element with a notch like crack (assume sharp one, exhibits plasticity),  what are the actual fracture mechanism (the phases the crack goes through) in the total fatigue-life. 

please comment on these scenarios:

1- crack initiation life calculated from the (S-N, e-N), then using LEFM/EPFM to determine the cycles for the crack propagation to failure...

Q/ how to find the crack length between the two phases, I mean from which stresses and at which crack length we start the crack propagation life estimation.


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