Fracture mechanics

can anyone send me tutorials regarding xfem abaqus to model fracture and cracks

A great fracture video

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Graduate Textbook: Nonlinear Solid Mechanics - Roberval Award

Mécanique non linéaire des solides déformables:

formulation théorique et résolution numérique par éléments finis


Adnan Ibrahimbegovic

Notes de lecture


Philippe Pasquet, Directeur Scientifique SAMTECH

fatigue analysis using ABAQUS

I am new ABAQUS user, i want to learn ABAQUS for the analyis of failure of material i.e fracture, creep and fatigue. my aim is get analysis of a fatigue analysis of rotating and bending welded alloy. can you please help me in doing this analysis on ABAQUS.........please send any fatigue tutorial of ABAQUS..

ABAQUS/CAE simulating surface wave

hello, I am an MTech NDT student. I would like to know how to create a node set for transmitting and recieving ultrasonic surface wave through a 2D deformable sheet and through a 3D bar, using ABAQUS/CAE

Not to miss today, April 11, 2012 - Distinguished Lecture on Isogeometric Analysis

Sponsored by Elsevier and the NJIT Granular Science Laboratory

For more information about this lecture, and to access the video, go to

April 11, 2012
2:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (EDT)
Guttenberg Information Technologies Center (GITC) – Room 1400
Presented by Prof. Thomas J. R. Hughes
Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
University of Texas at Austin

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Profilometer by (3D Non-Contact) for Surface Measurement, Metrology, Roughness, Wear and 3D inspection

Novacam Profilometer system, for metrology and surface roughness inspection

Novacam's 3D Non-Contact Coordinate Measuring Machines are designed with versatility and superior performance in mind:

-Precision (better than 1um)
-Speed (1-30 thousand measurements per second)

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Journal Club Theme of April 2012: Phononics: Structural Dynamics of Materials

Engineering structures are made out of materials and as such there is a natural hierarchy in which a material’s intrinsic properties contribute to shaping up the structure’s response. It is possible however to reverse this hierarchy and engineer materials that are made out of structures. In this case, the intrinsic properties of a material are shaped by the structural response. Such a configuration can only be realized with a repeated structure, forming an array of identical unit cells.


sir, i need help to make glass fibre composite dcb specimen by using ansys&which element is suitable for making this.

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PhD Studentship in Advanced Tomographic Microscopy for Damage Modelling in Steels

Imperial College London
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Applications are invited for a research studentship in the field of Advanced Tomographic Microscopy for Damage Modelling in Steels, leading to the award of a PhD degree.  The post is supported by a bursary and fees (at the UK/EU student rate) provided by EPSRC.  The studentship is for 3.5 years from October 2011 (or to start soon after) and is available for UK and EU candidates meeting the Research Council criterion of having been resident in the UK for the previous three years. The student will benefit from collaboration with Tata Steel, a leading global metal processing company. Tata Steel will also provide a bursary top-up; the total bursary will be approximately £19,000 per year tax-free. The student will also benefit from use of the Diamond Light Source, and interactions with scientists at both the Diamond facility and University of Manchester.

Please read attached advert for further details.  

Realistic looking simulations

Spectacular torsional-flexural autovibrations of a Volga bridge

The autovibrations of the bridge over Volga river in the city of Volgograd(Russia) were filmed (not by me) today on 05/21/2010. The amplitude reachedabout 1 m. The bridge opening was just six months ago...

Apparently, either the bridge frame drag was too high or torsional stiffness / damping too low.


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[Webcast] Nuclear Power - from Last Gasp to Second Wind

This lecture reviews the tumultuous changes taking place in the nuclear industry; from its enthusiastic beginnings, through the darker days and on to the current resurgence. It explores the future of nuclear power as a major solution to energy security and climate change issues.

The History of Another Dimension - 50 Years of Bentley's V8 Engine

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn's lecture covers the original design and development of the Bentley V8 engine, from its introduction in 1959, in their S2 model, through to its present day form in the newly launched Bentley Brooklands coupe.

With contributions from several senior figures involved with the engine's creation and evolution over the last 50 years, the talk will describe how a well thought out concept and its careful execution have carried the design through to 2009, while other contemporaries have long since fallen by the wayside.

Free video lecture collection!

Hi ,everyone I find this page very useful ,it has many free mechanical luctures,maybe you well find something useful like me .Please enjoy!

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Science in the youtube age

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How to post a presentation?

Giving presentations at conferences or seminar series is a vital part of a researcher's professional life.  Listening to others' presentations is also one of the best ways to stay current with the frontier of a research field. While the audience in conference/seminar room is often limited, a presentation posted online can be virtually viewed by any interested audience. At iMechanica, users have started to post their presentation slides, quite often as the attachments of a post briefing the presentation.  Such a way is simple and effective, but may not be the best way for everyone for the following reasons:

Video Sharing: A Brand New Way to Express Yourself on the Web

A video hosting service, also known as video sharing service allows
individuals to upload video clips to an Internet website.


frontal solver

Hi i am asha working for PhD using FEM technique ,i am writing my code in c++ and facing problem in frontal solver in backspacing stage.My pointer do not read the data from begining of the last line.Since one year i am struck-up at this stage.Can you suggest what is equivalent commond od back space in c++.Can you give me coding for frontal solver in C++.

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Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 7 November 1940

In today's class of complex analysis, my co-instructor Scott Norris was lecturing on resonance.  He mentioned a YouTube video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Also instructive is the entry of the bridge on Wikipedia

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Moebius transformations

Michael Brenner has just pointed out to me this video of the Moebius transformations.

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Everything is miscellaneous (Video)

While preparing a talk on iMechanica , I came across the following video "Information R/evolution" by Michael Wesch, an assistant professor of anthropology at Kansas State University.  This thought provoking video echoes a recent comment on "The future of knowledge?"



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4 billion years evolution in 8 min.

Recently I saw an animation
named “The inner life of the cell”, which was made by Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Harvard University Biovision. It can be watched online only:

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