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Blog entryPostdoc position – In vivo biomechanics of brain ndaphalapurkar01 hour 55 min ago
Blog entryJournal Club Theme of September 2014: Numerical modeling of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling processes in porous media WaiChing Sun02 hours 39 min ago
Blog entryA (Possibly Free) Primer on the Finite Element Method oliver oreilly02 hours 51 min ago
Forum topiccoupled temp-displacement analysis ABAQUS CAE: predefined field problem manolo03 hours 50 min ago
Forum topicSharing ABAQUS UMAT and VUMAT subroutines azadpoor554 hours 35 min ago
Blog entryExtremely Curved Cracks Ettore Barbieri06 hours 8 min ago
Blog entryExplicit Dynamics with ANSYS LS-DYNA training course kristeen16 hours 59 min ago
Blog entryTwo post-doctoral positions in the field of modeling, simulation, assessment and optimization of multi-functional materials and structures at Czech Technical University in Prague jenda_z09 hours 57 min ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral position in Advanced fly ash cementitious composites jenda_z09 hours 58 min ago
Blog entryFaculty recruitment at Penn State Aman Haque112 hours 49 min ago
Blog entryPh.D. Position available at University of Oklahoma ouyingtao014 hours 46 min ago
Forum topicResearch Scientist at Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR Fangsen016 hours 25 min ago
Forum topicrubies as well as pearls davie017 hours 40 min ago
Blog entryPlace caching entails concentrating on one aticular particular system part davie017 hours 43 min ago
Blog entryDetermination of the elastic properties of rabbit vocal fold tissue using uniaxial tensile testing and a tailored finite element model Neda Latifi023 hours 27 min ago
Blog entryPost doc/RA position on Metallic Micolattices at UNSW, Canberra, Australia MGRashed023 hours 27 min ago
Forum topicThe iMechanica Journal Club (iMech jClub) Managers21 day 2 hours ago
Blog entryGeometry, topology, and solid mechanics Arash_Yavari181 day 2 hours ago
Blog entryMiner's rule in Fatigue Rem01 day 9 hours ago
Blog entryAdvances in Research on Thermo-Electro-Chemo-Mechanical Coupling Problem for Intelligent Soft Materials——the latest article published on Advances in Mechanics Wangxiaoyan01 day 9 hours ago
Blog entryHow to apply thermal an mechanical load at the same time? JonathanSi21 day 10 hours ago
Blog entryTheoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, Volume 4, Issue 4, 2014 is online now! Wangxiaoyan01 day 16 hours ago
Blog entryActa Mechanica Sinica, Vol.30, Issue 4, 2014 is online now! Wangxiaoyan01 day 16 hours ago
Blog entryPh.D. positions at Oklahoma State University Hamed Hatami01 day 16 hours ago
Blog entryRapid review and publication at JAM in 2014 Yonggang Huang01 day 21 hours ago


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