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Blog entryYong Zhu is the recipient of the 2016 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty Pradeep Sharma11 hour 47 min ago
Blog entryFracture and singularities of the mass-density gradient field Amit Acharya78 hours 28 min ago
Blog entryHi Dears tigerofmahdi016 hours 11 min ago
Blog entryCoupled thermoelasticity tigerofmahdi016 hours 12 min ago
Blog entryTime steps tigerofmahdi016 hours 14 min ago
Blog entrymoving singularities (crack analogues) in fretting fatigue Mike Ciavarella117 hours 53 min ago
Blog entryWhat's That Stuff Zhigang Suo018 hours 28 min ago
Blog entryAerodynamic Design of Small Chiller Compressor for Domestic CHP Applications ADT018 hours 49 min ago
Blog entryPost-doc in Non-linear Dynamics PerlikowskiP21 day 10 hours ago
Blog entryCoupled Thermoelasticity tigerofmahdi01 day 12 hours ago
Blog entrytop italians scientists Mike Ciavarella31 day 12 hours ago
Blog entryPhD student position at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany in EU project in the area of microstructure modeling of additive manufacturing filled bklusemann01 day 17 hours ago
Blog entryMSc or PhD position in Mechanical Engineering at UBC, Vancouver (Canada): Discrete Contact Mechanics - from atomistic simulation to macro scale evaluation of the adhesive performance of bio-inspired dry adhesive materials mattia.bacca01 day 22 hours ago
Forum topicXFEM in Abaqus Explicit Hassan Nazari03 days 13 hours ago
Blog entryXFEM in Abaqus Explicit Hassan Nazari03 days 14 hours ago
Forum topicXFEM in Abaqus Explicit Hassan Nazari03 days 14 hours ago
Blog entryPhD Position at Northumbria University, UK Oleg Kirillov03 days 16 hours ago
Blog entryDynamic fracture of transparent ceramic D.Rittel03 days 21 hours ago
Blog entryPh.D. students opening in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University Shuozhi Xu04 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryRational design of reconfigurable prismatic architected materials Johannes T.B. O...14 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryEffects of SiC, SiO2and CNTs nanoadditives on the properties of porous alumina-zirconia ceramics produced by a hybrid freeze casting-space holder method mohsenzaeem04 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryCall for Abstracts, ASME 2017 IMECE (Tampa, Florida): Phase Transformations in Materials Processing and Their Effects on Mechanical Properties mohsenzaeem04 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryA breakthrough in Guided Wave – Excitation of shear-horizontal (SH) wave is not a problem any longer Faxin Li05 days 1 hour ago
Blog entryCalculating material jacobian matrix for ABAQUS UMAT subroutine fantasmaamin15 days 6 hours ago
Blog entryFastBEM Fracture 2-D available for download Yijun Liu05 days 8 hours ago


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