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Updated: 14 hours 57 min ago

Thank You very much Frank...

Fri, 2019-01-18 19:04

In reply to Need Help regarding UMAT subrouitne

Thank You very much Frank...

crack 3d

Fri, 2019-01-18 17:01

In reply to Crack Bridging. Lecture 2

heloo , i ask you  for the crack 3 D devlopment in abaqus , how you can do it !!!



Fri, 2019-01-18 15:15

In reply to Need Help regarding UMAT subrouitne



ABAQUS is unable to interpret your subroutine as an implementation of plasticity. You get PE and PEEQ only if you use the standard command *PLASTIC.


In the future:


Subscribe to and seek assistance from the

ABAQUS mailing list

The list does not accept attachments.



or from the ResearchGate discussion forum.


Simulia Learning Community


Good luck



This problem has been

Wed, 2019-01-16 15:22

In reply to Does anyone know how to use umat written in C code with ABAQUS installed in Linux?

This problem has been successfully solved by operating on Linux system.

updated job description

Mon, 2019-01-14 09:53

In reply to Internship Positions in Schlumberger-Doll Research in Cambridge MA

Please note that a new version of the internship job description focusing on computation mechanics, with preferred skills defined, is now attached. The earlier job description (still attached as before), with focus on robotics, is still relavant. We have both positions available to fill for 2019.

We thank all students who have submitted their applications. They are currently under review. Both positions are still open as of now. - Tianxiang, Jan 14, 2019

Thanks for your positive

Fri, 2019-01-11 08:06

In reply to Dear Zhaohe and Nanshu, 

Thanks for your positive comments!

Ph. D positions in Solid Mechanics

Thu, 2019-01-10 16:31

In reply to Ph. D positions open at UNH

Ph.D positions now open (for Fall 2019) in Mechanics, Biomimetics, and 3D Printing Lab at the University of New Hampshire/Mechanical Engineering Department.

More information about the lab can be found at

Please directly send CV to Prof. Yaning Li at:  

Online Applications:


University of New Hampshire (UNH) is located in Durham, NH, which is about 1.5 hours northeast to Boston.



Wed, 2019-01-09 11:04

In reply to great



Sat, 2019-01-05 06:03

Just published: New Book "Precursors on IsoGeometric Analysis"

Sat, 2019-01-05 02:34

In reply to NEW BOOK: "Precursors of IsoGeometric Analysis: Finite elements, Boundary elements, and Collocation methods", Author: C. Provatidis

Following to emails I receive,

I am very pleased to inform you that my book has been published and it is available on

Customer can order it via 


Dear Zhaohe and Nanshu, 

Fri, 2019-01-04 23:20

In reply to Interface-Governed Deformation of Nanobubbles and Nanotents Formed by Two-Dimensional Materials

Dear Zhaohe and Nanshu, 

Beautiful work! Congratualtions!


Nice work!!

Wed, 2019-01-02 22:58

In reply to A review on modeling of electro-chemo-mechanics in lithium-ion batteries

Peter,  Congratulations to you, Ying, and Baixiang on the very nice review! 

Hi Tongqing,

Tue, 2019-01-01 23:58

In reply to Hi Qihan,

Hi Tongqing,

Very good question. The bending you mentioned should come from the residual stress in the bulk material. The interfacial layer is probably too thin to cause anything noticable for the size of a common device. I guess the bending should be gone if you can control the drying of the gel during the bonding process?

Macroscopic stress-strain computation in ParaDis

Fri, 2018-12-28 23:19

In reply to ParaDis : Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulation

How the macro stress strain are evaluated in ParaDis?


Fri, 2018-12-28 19:07

Thank you, Yonggang !

Fri, 2018-12-28 13:22

In reply to 2018 Timoshenko Medal Acceptance Lecture: Academy Family, by Prof. Ares Rosakis

Ares is always nice and thoughtful to our graduate students.


Hi Qihan,

Thu, 2018-12-27 21:41

In reply to Journal Club for December 2018: Bonding hydrophilic and hydrophobic soft materials for functional soft devices

Hi Qihan,

I have learned a lot form your interesting and inspiring work. My question is would any residual stress exist after the adhension. Some students here found that after adhension of two layers, the bilayer bent a lot. Is the stress good or bad for the adhension?


Congratulations Guoying!

Thu, 2018-12-27 08:37

In reply to Soft wall-climbing robots

Congratulations Guoying!

Hi Ruobing, thanks for

Thu, 2018-12-27 08:35

In reply to Review: fatigue of hydrogels

Hi Ruobing, thanks for sharing this wonderful review, which will shed light on a new exciting field.


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