Fluid Dynamics


Dear friends,

I have a question as below ;

Generating MIST
from still water

How much velocity / acceleration (linear) is needed
to be imparted to water lying at rest (at atmospheric pressure) to convert it
into MIST ?

I know that Water is not
converted to mist by velocity or acceleration. It's
converted to mist by turbulent air flow on its
Re-phrasing a bit as ;
" I put water in open conduit (half pipe
section for example) and put it

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Simpleware and COMSOL Announce Partnership

Simpleware Ltd. and COMSOL Inc. announced at the COMSOL Users Conference 2007 in Grenoble a partnership agreement to provide an export interface from Simpleware's world-leading 3D image-based meshing software +ScanFE™ to COMSOL Multiphysics® 3.4, the industry's foremost multiphysics simulation environment. The +ScanFE interface enables COMSOL users to directly import high-quality meshes generated from MRI, CT, and MicroCT scan data into COMSOL Multiphysics 3.4 for modelling and simulation without requiring re-meshing or pre-processing.

Can you help me with this project? Fluid injection

Ok I have received a project from my engineering class at

school and need some help.

Here it is: Please excuse the elementary task!!

Problem: I have to combine 2 liquids by using an injection type method.

The main component is H20 the other to be injected into the line of H20 is Syrup "Viscosity similar to H20".

I have to achieve a constant "set" flow rate of the syrup into the main line of water 

when the water is flowing. 


Solution:  "My Idea" I will be putting together a PVC pipe with water flowing through it

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