PUFE homework exercise

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As a follow-up to the discussion here, I am attaching a PUFE homework that I have assigned in 2006 and 2008 when I have offered a meshfree/pufe course. This might be of some help to those who have an interest in partition-of-unity enriched finite element methods.

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sir plz help me regarding polygoal mesh

dear sir,

i am facing with one problem and that is  polygonal ( voronoi diagram) mesh generation . i  came to know through ur paper titled X- FEM published in Elsevier where u have dealt with this (p428,fig6 a b). so my request is that could u help me to give some idea by which i will be able to generate the  polygonal mesh in Gambit or in Matlab. i am using matlab and gambit software  for our purpose.Or if there are other ways  to do it plz mention

thank you sir


(IISc bangalore)