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How can I change material properties through tickness via ABAQUS?


Dear All,

I want to change material properties (E, Nu, and alpha) through
thickness of a cylinder. How can I model this problem in Abaqus? there
is only conventional material which are homogenous in abaqus, but there
is must be a way to solve my problem. Is there anyone to help me on this


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How to calculate Stress intensity factor in ABAQUS XFEM with allowing for crack growth?

Dear All,

I want to model crack growth in a plate using ABAQUS XFEM method. Here is
my question about it: How to calculate Stress intensity factor in XFEM
when crack growth in ON?

At this time, when I using ABAQUS XFEM with allowing for crack growth and request for SIF through History output request,
It says that SIF could not be produced when crack growth in XFEM is ON.



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Problem with Field Variable in Abaqus



I have problem with using field variable in Abaqus. I was Abaqus/CAE to model my problem, but when I add field variable option in Input file, I got this error:

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change material properties using Field variables in Abaqus

Hi Everyone,


I was apply Field Variables to change material properties in simulation, but I got this error:

in keyword *FIELD, file "Job-2-Copy.inp", line 5575: Unknown assembly node set _Pickedset2

in keyword *FIELD, file "Job-2-Copy.inp", line 5612: Unknown assembly node set _Pickedset2

in keyword *FIELD, file "Job-2-Copy.inp", line 5643: Unknown assembly node set

in keyword *FIELD, file "Job-2-Copy.inp", line 5674: Unknown assembly node set

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Modeling crack propagation with ABAQUS X-FEM

Hi everyone,

I'm M.Sc. student of mechanical eng. I was modeled crack in a cylinder
with X-FEM method in Abaqus software, but I have some problems:

1- when I want to see crack propagation in results, although some of
elements are failed (according to STATUSXFEM contour), but I can not see
crack propagation in model. What items must be activated for this

2- In step module, when I set minimum time incrementation to 1e-20, I
got this error: machine precision require a time step greater than

I know that default value for minimum time incrementation is 1e-15, but I
want minimum value than that and I do not know how to set that?

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Fracture Mechanics related projects

Hi Everyone,

I must doing a project for fracture mechanics course. I'm so confused for this. Can anybody  help me?


M. Malekan

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Fatigue Crack Closure simulation with interface element

Hi Everyone,

 I'm a M.Sc. student of mechanical engineering. my thesis is fatigue crack closure simulation with interface element. I don't know how start with interface (cohesive) element. I need some fundamental text on interface element.

If anybody knows about these topics, I would appreciate for helping me.

Most thanks.

M. Malekan

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