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Hallo, Guten Tag!
Good day!

Here I write to
you, applying for Research Project Grant and International Collaboration.

I have received my
Ph.D. and had done some research work in Germany and Saudi Arabia over the past
three years. If the chance for working as a Postdoctoral
position or Researcher in your lab comes to me, I will try my best to carry out
the research projects successfully.

Therefore I am
very eager to know whether I have this good opportunity to study and do my
postdoc research at your lab in the near future. I certainly believe that I
will be able to make a valuable contribution to your research program and also
make great progress in my research career under your direction.

I am more than
willing to answer any of your questions concerning my application and research.
If given one chance, I sincerely hope to continue my research in your group by
your effective guidance. Now I have written a cutting-edge and significant
Fellowship application and will send to you for advising and approving later.
Hope that you can guide me to apply for some projects supervised by you.

Please look at my
detailed resume and recommendation letters from the professors which are
attached to this e-mail.

Your help would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for your
support. Or your kind introduction to other relative professors is highly

Please feel free
to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

I am looking forward
to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes and God

With best regards,

Very Sincerely Yours

Dr. Lin Pan

Saturday, October 20,


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My research interests include Nonlinear Control Systems, Modeling and Optimal control,
Automotive Control, Chaos Control and Synchronization, Dynamics of Complex Networks,
Nonlinear Systems Modeling and Control of Neural Networks, Behavior Informatics, Collective
Behavior in Multi-agent Systems, Image Processing and Network Flows and Communications,
Modeling and simulation of biology systems, as well as Speech Signal Processing.

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