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Abaqus on Windows 8


I'm a newbie in Abaqus, but I think I have a great passion to explore this software a bit deeper. One problem is coming when I try to install Abaqus 6.11-2 on Windows 8 64bit operating system. It stuck on the pre-installation system check, and when I click on Next, the installation has topped. Has anyone got the same problem like these? Need a little help to solve this problem. Thank you


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see Abaqus system requirements: Abaqus 6.11


Hope this help,

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This problem because of when you are installing Abaqus , the software check system requirements (checking windows version that should be windows 7 or lower)

for solving this problem you just need pass this step in installation "cmd.exe"

2.go to setup folder with these commends: "cd.." (for level up in folders) and "CD" (for go through folders)

3.then write this  : "setup -nosystemchecks"

4. enter

here setup will run and jump over checking your windows8

and just easily install like windows7 ;)

 (for step 3 attention to space and dash to wirte correctly)

Best,Ali Asgari Tabari 

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Dear Ali

Thanks for your help but actually i didn't get what exactly to do. surfing the net shows that it is a very common problem among users. I wonder if you could prepare a step by step manual. If so, let me know.


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