PhD Positions in Mechanical Engineering at UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

Two  PhD positions are available in the dynamics and applied mechanics lab at UBC, Vancouver. 

The first position is in the area of soft shape memory actuators for biomedical applications, integrating materials and MEMS technologies for surgical applications.  The candidates must have strong modelling skills, ability to conduct experiments/collaborate with experimentalists, with a solid back ground in solid and computational mechanics, including commercial packages such as ABAQUS. Familiarity with  Molecular Dynamics Simulation is an asset. The candidate will join a multidisciplinary team of mechanical and electrical engineers, chemists, and vascular surgeons.

The second position is in the area of dynamic response of lattice materials. The candidate must have a strong background in dynamics, vibrations, and wave propagation. Finite element modelling skills are essential, including commercial packages such as ABAQUS. Background in nonlinear dynamics, solid and continuum mechanics is desirable. The candidate will study dynamic  response of ultralight multifunctional lattice materials using a combination of modelling and experimental techniques.

Strong written and oral communication skills (high TOEFL/IELTS scores) are essential. 

Passing the  General Knowledge Exam (GKE) in mechanical engineering, conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC, is an essential requirement.

To know more about our research in the above areas see . Interested candidates can email their CV to srikanth at mech dot ubc dot ca  for further details.