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2 Postdoc positions in LEM3 laboratory (UMR 7239) of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Metz

The LEM3 laboratory (UMR 7239) of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Metz announces 2 postdoc positions.

Position 1
Title: Modeling the fatigue behavior of thermomechanical shape memory alloys: Application to the optimization of biocompatible actuators for cardiac implants.

Subject: The aim of this project is the development of a thermomechanical modeling tool, robust and able to capture the different inelastic mechanisms that occur under cyclic loading in shape memory alloys (phase transformation, martensitic reorientation, plasticity, damage). This tool will be implemented in the finite element program ABAQUS in order to predict the fatigue of actuators for biomedical engineering applications. The developed model will be operated for the prediction and optimization of the fatigue strength of an innovative cardiac assist actuator equipped with SMA biocompatible material (NiTi and TiNb) under non-isothermal, cyclic and multiaxial, non-proportional loading conditions. The cardiac implant is a lamellar system consisting of a superelastic SMA and it has been designed in collaboration with the Nancy School of Surgery.

Starting date: ASAP.

Position 2
Title: Understanding the thermal resistance of glass fiber reinforced polyamides – Effect of microstructure on thermomechanical properties

Subject: Our industrial partner develops and commercializes complex polymer formulations for automotive applications where a high thermal resistance is required. For the under-the-hood applications targeted, the temperature is typically 180°C-220°C. Literature information is limited for these ageing conditions. This research study will be conducted in the frame of a post-doctoral work of 12 months with a period shared between PIMM and LEM3 labs.
In this work, we propose to investigate the degradation and damage mechanisms of PA66/PA6 and PA66-66t/PA6 blends exposed to heat ageing in relationship with their mechanical behavior. A multiscale approach will describe structural evolution from the molecular scale to the macroscopic scale in relationship with local mechanical properties, a key point being to address the heterogeneity of the material.
The issues that would be addressed are the following: 1. Investigation of the degradation and damage mechanisms that lead to the failure; 2. Understand the macroscopic heterogeneity and the material microstructure; 3. Understand the effect of matrix reticulation during ageing.

Starting date: ASAP.

Interested candidates should send their CV to one of the following:
the project coordinator, Prof. Fodil Meraghni, e-mail:
Dr. Yves Chemisky, e-mail:
Dr. George Chatzigeorgiou, e-mail:

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