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VEMLab: a MATLAB library for the virtual element method

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Free and open source MATLAB library for the virtual element method.

  • Two-dimensional linear elastostatics (plane strain and plane stress).
  • Solution methods: VEM (polygonal elements), FEM (3-node triangles, 4-node quadrilaterals).
  • Boundary conditions: Dirichlet, Neumann on boundary edges; can be a constant or a function.
  • Meshers: PolyMesher, distmesh2d, quad4mesh; customized for rectangular domains only (requires adjustments for other domain types).
  • Meshes need to be generated separately and stored inside folder ‘mesh_files’ located in the folder ‘test.’
  • Meshes must be generated with the functions ‘create_’ located in the folder ‘mesher.’
  • Solutions can be plotted to MATLAB figures, text files and GiD files.

Click here to get and browse the source code



This one used to be visible at the front page of iMechanica until just this afternoon (IST).

Why was it taken off it? I wonder.

Quite unlike what this forum used to be like. ...




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