Lecture Notes on Composites

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In addition to the notes on stability that I've already posted, I have a set on Composites, which also originated from a lecture course that I gave in Ecole Polytechnique, around 2002. In the hope that they may be of interest at least to someone, here they are! Please do remember that they are just notes and may not be error-free.

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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your notes.



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Dear John,   Thanks for

Dear John,

  Thanks for sharing with us these wonderful notes. Have you considered to expand them into a book, along with your later work on nonlinear composites and polycrystals? That will be really great to the field.

  Best regards,


Thanks a lot!

So nice!



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Dear Prof. Willis, thank

Dear Prof. Willis,

thank you for your notes.

I started my research on composites through these notes!!!!!


density model of AMC

 Sir ,

If density changes for porous material on compression, is there any numerial model for density that we can put in FEM analysis ,to obtain comapction model .

with sincerity


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Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot Prof. Willis