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Positions available on soft matter tribology


we have two open postdoc positions on soft matter tribology at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the beautiful Lecce, Italy (Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies, CBN, The activities will be performed in strict collaboration with the University of Salento, located in the same city, as well as with an international industrial partner. The positions are for 1 year, renewable up to three.

Solving Reynolds equation (EHL problem)

I'm working on the numerical solution of the mixed problem in lubricated contacts. Does anyone know if the lubricant equation (Reynolds one) was never solved for film thickness instead of pressure (like actually is done with MGMI techniques) in some pubblication?

Elastic solution for a hole in an infinite space

Dear All,

the solution of an elastic half space subjected to any generalized load may be seen as the solution of another elastic problem, that is elastic space with an infinite length hole when the hole radius goes to infinite.

Is there a "general" solution for that elastic problem? For general I mean a solution that can be used e.g. like a kernel in a convolution operation.

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