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Symposium on "mechanics and electrochemistry of energy storage materials" at SES 51st Annual Technical Meeting,Purdue University

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider attending the symposium titled “mechanics and
electrochemistry of energy storage materials” at the SES 51st Annual
Technical Meeting, Oct 1-3, 2014, Purdue University, West lefayette, IN 47907.


PhD position in Experimental Solid Mechanics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

There is an opening for a
PhD student position in Dr. Nadimpalli’s group at the New Jersey Institute of
Technology starting from Fall2014. Candidate with good academic credentials and an interest to work in experimental research projects are encouraged to apply.
Ideal candidate should have a master’s degree in mechanical/materials
science/aerospace or related field with a good background in Solid Mechanics,
Materials Science, and Experimental Methods (including but not limited to SEM,
TEM, and nanofabrication methods).

Effect of constraint on interface fracture toughness

Hi All,

I have a question in my mind, we all know that the fracture toughness of isotropic, homogeneous materials is dependent on state of stress (plane strain and plane stress). It is higher in case of plane stress and decreases as the constraint increases and attains a constant value which we call "plane strain fracture toughness". But, what about the fracture toughness in interfaces? or fracture of thin layer bonded between two substrates (adhesive type)? I am sure that it will be a function of this as well.

Help regarding posting a reply


Somebody please help me, I am trying to post a reply to a comment. But the system is giving the following error

  • The comment you are replying to does not exist.
  • Comment field is required.
  • I was trying to post the reply to request made by Mr. Gagandeep Singh on K calcuation in Ansys.



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