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thin film

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IMECE 2015 Symposium: Modeling and experimental characterization for the behavior of the micro/nanostructured thin films

 We would like to invite you to participate in a symposium on “Modeling and experimental characterization for the behavior of the micro/nanostructured thin films” in ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition
November 13 – 19, 2015 
Houston, Texas. The deadline for abstract submission is March 2, 2015.


Danial Faghihi, Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences,UT Austin

Probing the intermediate states between rolling-up and wrinkling thin films

Self-positioned nanomembranes such as rolled-up tubes and wrinkled thin films have been potential systems for a variety of applications and basic studies on elastic properties of nanometer-thick systems. Although there is a clear driving force towards elastic energy minimization in each system, the exploration of intermediate states where specific characteristics could be chosen by a slight modification of a processing parameter had not been experimentally realized.

Piezoelectricity above the Curie temperature? Combining flexoelectricity and functional grading to enable high-temperature elect

Most technologically relevant ferroelectrics typically lose piezoelectricity above the Curie temperature. This limits their use to relatively low temperatures. In this Letter, exploiting a combination of flexoelectricity and simple functional grading, we propose a strategy for high-temperature electromechanical coupling in a standard thin film configuration.

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Symposium in IMECE 2014, Montreal, Canada

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to participate in a symposium on “Modeling and experimental characterization for the behavior of the micro/nanostructured thin films” in ASME 2014 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Montreal, Canada (

Experiments in anti-plane deformation of thin films

Dear all,

I was curious whether there are any
experimental information and / or results regarding the out of plane (anti-plane)
deformation of (very) thin films. 
For example an elastic thin film subjected to anti-plane loading on its surface. Any other suggestions regarding possible applications of anti-plane loading conditions in thin films would be appreciated. 


Thanks a lot,


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One Ph.D position in Mechanics of Materials starting from Spring, 2014

One Ph.D position starting from Spring, 2014 is available in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, US. 


The research program will focus on mechanics of multi-functional materials and structures, thin film, mechanical self-assembly, and their novel applications in healthcare, energy absorption, and energy harvesting, etc. The research will involve a combination of experiments, modeling, and simulation methods (FEM and MD etc). Candidates with experimental or modeling background and interests in solid mechanics, mechanical engineering, materials science, and bio-engineering are highly encouraged to apply. 


Wrinkle-to-fold transition

A thin film undergoes wrinkle-to-fold transition on a rigid substrate with increasing compression.

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New Applications of Small-Scale Mechanical Testing: Half Day Tutorial at TMS 2013 Annual Meeting in San Antonio

Half-day Tutorial at 2013 TMS in San Antonio
New Applications of Small-Scale Mechanical Testing 

The tutorial will start at 1pm Sunday, March 3rd and will discuss topics including:


Nanoindentation Techniques

Fatigue of thin films 

Testing at Elevated Temperatures 

Chemical and Environmental Effects  


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Symposium on Wrinkled and Crumpled Membranes

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I cordially invite your participation in Symposium on Wrinkled and Crumpled Membranes, as part of the 13th Pan-American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM XIII), to be held in Houston, Texas, May 22-24, 2013.

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PhD Positions(In-situ TEM and Multi-physics of nanoscale thin films) in Mechanical Engineering at UC, Riverside

At least 2 PhD positions are available at Nanomechanics and Multi-physics Lab at UC, Riverside. Selected students will develop an in-situ TEM experimental setup using nanofabrication techniques and carry out experiments to understand the material behavior of nanoscale thin films. Students with background in material science are highly encouraged to apply.

or contact me -


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Post Doctoral Appointment in Thin Film and Grain Growth Modeling

Professor Gregory B. Thompson at the University of Alabama seeks post doctoral applicants for thin film and grain growth modeling in metal alloys. The qualified candidate will use modeling to explain and help direct experimental studies.

Postdoctoral Positions in MicroPhysiological Systems

We have several postdoctoral positions opening now and in the coming months. We are especially interested in candidates with backgrounds in theoretical biomechanics who are interested in conducting bench experiments. These positions will focus on our efforts to recapitulate organ-level function on microchips for drug discovery and physiological studies.

SES 2012, symposium "Mechanics of Thin Film and Multilayer Structures"

Dear Colleagues:

We are writing to invite you to submit abstracts to the symposium "Mechanics of Thin Film and Multilayer Structures" (Symposium IV.11) at the upcoming SES 49th Annual Technical Meeting to be held in Georgia Tech during Oct. 10-12, 2012.


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A kinetics approach to surface wrinkling of elastic films

This chapter summarizes our works on surface wrinkling of elastic thin films, taking a kinetics approach as a physical pathway to both ordered and disordered wrinkle patterns.

looking for post doc position in Material science

I am graduated from Physics departmentOran
University, Algeria in june 2000. Then I complete my MSc in the field of
material science from the Oran University, Algeria in November 2004. Recently I
complete Ph.D. thesis at the university of Duisburg-EssenUniversity germany,
thermodynamic department in July 2011 . In my PhD, I deal with the synthesis and characterization of the
functional doped metal oxides.

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Profilometers using Low Coherence Interferometry used by NASA to measures thickness

Using a fiber-based optical profilometer NASA measures the thickness of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic chambers at its Propulsion Systems lab because these profilometers use fiber-based probes which can withstands the extreme environment, can be located hundreds of meters away from the interferometer and fit in the tight chamber which standard full-field profilometers with a human operator could not. The signal quality stays constant over the distance.


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