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Lorentz Workshop "Micro/Nano Models for Tribology," Leiden, the Netherlands, 30/1-3/2/2017

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We have organized a Lorentz Workshop with 60 selected partecipants leading scientists in tribology and contact mechanics mainly from Europe.

Attached a program.


Vladislav Yastrebov (co-organizer)

Lucia Nicola (co-organizer)

Annalisa Fasolino (co-organizer)

Michele Ciavarella (co-organizer)

Julien Scheibert (co-organizer)

Antonis I. Vakis (co-organizer)

regards, MC

 p.s. I removed an introductory provoquative draft "paper" on the relevance of multiscale issues because the two drafts have then converged and evolved into a serious calculation and into a new paper on rubber friction which I have just submitted. 



Lorentz@Oort_2017_Schedule_MC.xls102 KB


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I added an appendix to the draft paper with more details about multiscale paradoxes


"Is Persson rubber friction theory just a complicated and ill-posed fitting equation?"

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