linear momentum

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Use Only the Angular Quantities in Analysis? Three Sample Problems to Consider...

A recent discussion at iMechanica following my last post here [^] leads to this post. The context of that discussion is assumed here.

I present here three sample problems, thought of almost at random, just to see how the suggestions made by Jaydeep in the above post work out.

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Are Linear and Angular Momenta Interconvertible?

To the best of my knowledge, the two momentum conservation principles, namely, the conservation of linear- and angular-momentum, operate completely independent of each other. For an isolated object, there is no possibility of conversion of one form of momentum to the other.

Today, when I Googled on this topic, I found that most pages agree with my position above. Yet, to my great surprise, I did run into a page written by an engineer here [^] claiming that the linear momentum is only a special case of the angular momentum... Here is the relevant excerpt (bold emphasis mine):

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