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Call for Papers: Intrinsic and extrinsic size effects in materials

Dear Colleague:


We are delighted to announce that a Focus Issue entitled "Intrinsic and extrinsic size effects in materials" for the Journal of Materials Research (JMR) is now open for submission:

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WCCM2018- Symposium of Phase Transformations, Dislocations and Interface Mechanics

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to invite you to present your research work at the mini-symposium – “Phase Transformations, Dislocations and Interface Mechanics” (Session ID: 1605) at the 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (New York City, from July 22 to 27 of 2018).

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Ph.D. students opening in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University

A research group at Iowa State University ( is looking for research assistants in the field of solid mechanics, computational mechanics, computational materials science and engineering. Research topics will fall into a broad area of modeling and simulation of mechanical and transport behaviors, such as plasticity, fracture, phase transformation, thermal transport, or mass transport, in a variety of engineering materials.

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One Ph.D. student opening in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University

The group of Prof. Liming Xiong at the Iowa State University has an immediate opening for a self-motivated Ph.D. student in the general area of computational solid mechanics and computational materials science. Atomistic simulation, DD, PFM and FEM experience will be a plus. The enrollment into the Ph.D. program is as early as Fall 2016, financially supported by a Research Assistantship. Please contact the PI directly if you are interested:

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Ph.D. position(s) in the Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics Group at the Iowa State University

Graduate student applications are invited for PhD positions in the Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics Group in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University. Self-motivated students in the area of theoretical, computational and applied mechanics, computational materials science, or condensed matter physics are encouraged to apply. Research topics cover multiscale simulation of dislocation, fracture, phase transformation and heat transfer in materials.

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The potential for Vanadium in molecular dynamic simulation

One of the most significant factors in molecular dynamic simulatin is to choose the proper potential. Recently, I did some searching jobs on Vanadium (V) potential and finally decided which potential I am going to use. Here is a simple summary:
A brief introduction of EAM, F-S and MEAM potentials for BCC transition metals

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Software/codes for atomistic/continuum coupling multiscale materials modeling

There exist some software/codes for atomistic/continuum coupling multiscale materials modeling methods (in alphabetical order):

1. AtC, atomistic-to-continuum coupling, included in LAMMPS

2. BDM, bridging domain method, included in LibMultiScale

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Molecular dynamic simulation on Projectile

Hi, everyone~

Has anyone done MD simulation about projectile? Like a rigid body penetrating a thin target? I have recently heard that a group in Uni of southern california did such a simulation before. I will be appreciated if someone could afford me some information.

Thanks in advance.



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