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Molecular dynamic simulation on Projectile

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Hi, everyone~

Has anyone done MD simulation about projectile? Like a rigid body penetrating a thin target? I have recently heard that a group in Uni of southern california did such a simulation before. I will be appreciated if someone could afford me some information.

Thanks in advance.





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Thank you~

But to my acknowledge, both Ansys Lsdyna and Lsdyna are used for FE simulation, not MD.

I am thinking about simulating the projectile processing using MD, which could used to compare with the FEM results.

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Hello Xu,

 I think this is the group that you were mentioning at USC:

 Here is the paper which explains the molecular dynamics analysis of nanoindentation process of silicon nitride.

  1. Nanoindentation of
    silicon nitride: a multi-million atom molecular dynamics study

    P. Walsh, A. Omeltchenko, R. K. Kalia, A. Nakano, P. Vashishta, and S. Saini
    Applied Physics Letters 82, 118-120 (2003)






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Thank you for your information. It is a paper concerning with nanoindentation, which is a good work.

However, I think I didn't express my meaning exactly. I was trying to find out whether someone has done some work to simulation the penetration or percolation with MD.

Guess that a bullet runs into a thin film and comes out from another face, during which the film was broken with a hole in the middle of it. I thought that maybe in such a process, one could take the bullet as a rigid body and use MD to simulation the film, or vice vers, or simulate both of them using MD.

It is like a nanoindentation process, except that the velocity of the indentor is much more higher, it is like the 8th picture of this site:

 Thank you again and sorry for my poor expressing.



Ls Dyna can also perform that see this website

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