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Alfonso Diaz-Jimenez

Member American Academy of Mechanics

Visitor, M.I.T.-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Cambridge University, Caltech, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech

Cited in widely recommended (as main reference) textbooks on Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Vibration




Toda guerra comporta dolor, si estamos facultados para evitarla mejor embarcarnos en la nave del desarrollo de la ciencia básica*********************

please, in the link  to read the two documents involving Solar escape velocity from earth and recoil kinetic energy


Solar escape velocity from earth surface, 16.6 km/s.

Solar escape velocity from a parking orbit at 2.26 radii earth altitude,  13.8 km/s

Solar escape velocity from a space station at 2.26 radii earth altitude,  9.42 km/s

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