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Applied Mechanics Division of ASME

The Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) strives to foster the intelligent use of mechanics by engineers and to develop this science to serve the needs of the engineering community. The AMD was founded in 1927 with Stephen Timoshenko as its first chair. AMD’s publications include the Newsletters of the Applied Mechanics Division, the Journal of Applied Mechanics, and Applied Mechanics Reviews.

It is headed by its Executive Committee and includes a number of Technical Committees. The division awards several Awards on an annual basis. For further information, see also AMD’s website at ASME.

Executive Committee:

The division is headed by its Executive Committee (EC) whose current members are:

Pradeep Sharma (Chair, University of Houston)    

Balakumar (Bala) Balachandran (Vice-Chair, University of Maryland)

Yonggang Huang (Program Chair, Northwestern University)

Yuri Bazilevs (Program Vice-Chair, University of California San Diego)

Pradeed Guru (Secretary, Brown University)

Pedro Reis (Recording Secretary, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Dennis Kochmann (Newsletter Editor, ETH Zurich)

Technical Comittees:

The division includes a number of Technical Committees (TCs) whose mission is to promote a specific field in Applied Mechanics. The Technical Committees are the main organizers of symposia at the AMD Summer and Winter Meetings. Technical Committees generally meet at the Winter Annual Meeting and the Summer Meeting; they may also schedule special meetings. Current TCs and their leadership are:

    AMD-MD Joint Committee on Constitutive Equations:
    Chair M.A. Zikry, North Carolina State University
    Vice-Chair George Z. Voyiadjis, Louisiana State University

    Composite Materials:
    Chair Hassan Mahfuz, Florida Atlantic University
    Vice-Chair Ioannis Chasiotis, University of Illinois-Urbana

    Computing In Applied Mechanics:
    Chair Glaucio Paulino, University of Illinois-Urbana
    Vice-Chair Jiun-Shyan Chen, University of California at Los Angeles

    Dynamics and Control of Structures and Systems:
    Chair Dumitru Caruntu, University of Texas - Pan Am

    Dynamic Response of Materials:
    Chair Philippe H. Guebelle, University of Illinois-Urbana

    Fracture and Failure Mechanics:
    Chair Ashraf Bastavros, Iowa State University
    Chair Amine Benzerga, Texas A & M Unviersity

    Chair Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston

    Experimental Mechanics:
    Chair Sanjeev Khanna, University of Missouri - Rolla
    Vice-Chair Junlan Wang, University of Washington

    Chair Anil Misra, University of Kansas

    Materials Processing and Manufacturing:
    Chair Xin Wu, Wayne State University
    Vice-Chair Harish Cherukuri, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Fluid Mechanics:
    Chair Arif Masud, University of Illinois-Urbana

    Instability in Solids and Structures:
    Chair Ryan Elliot, University of Minnesota

    Applied Mechanics Education:
    Chair Sanjeev K. Khanna, University of Missouri

    Uncertainty, Probabilistics and Reliability:
    Chair Mustapha Fofana, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Vice-Chair Christopher D. Cassino, Westinghouse Electric

    Committee on Integrated Structures:
    Chair Teng Li, University of Maryland
    Vice-Chair Jun He, Intel Corporation

    Mechanics in Biology and Medicine:
    Chair Sulin Zhang, Penn State

    Committee on Fluid-Structure Interaction:
    Chair Yuri Bazilevs, University of California at San Diego
    Vice-Chair Kenji Takizawa, Waseda University, Tokyo

    Mechanics of Soft Materials:
    Chair Hanqing Jiang, Arizona State University
    Vice-Chair Xuanhe Zhao, Duke University
    Secretary Oscar Lopez-Pamies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Editor Christopher Yakacki, University of Colorado at Denver


Honors and Awards:

The AMD awards the following distinctions and presents the awards every year at their AMD Banquet at ASME’s IMECE. There are three society-level awards:

•    Timoshenko Medal
•    Daniel C. Drucker Medal
•    Warner T. Koiter Medal

and the following division-level awards:

•    Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Division Award
•    Thomas J. R. Hughes Young Investigator Award
•    Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award

The Executive Committee also administers the following awards:

•    AMD Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Institution Grant
•    Student Travel Grants
•    Student Best Paper Awards

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