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How to add images to your post?

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Upload an image to iMechanica. If you have an image of an intriguing mechanical phenomenon, or of a distinguished mechanician, you can upload the image to iMechanica by the following steps:

  1. Click image.
  2. Enter a title, add tags, and enter a body of text.
  3. Browse the image.
  4. Go to the bottom to click "Submit".

The uploaded image behaves like a post:

  • You can use the search box to locate the image.  Text and tags are optional, but they will help people search for the image.
  • You can also locate your post by clicking recent posts in the header of iMechanica, and then click the tab "my recent posts".

Insert an image to a blog post.

  1. Open two windows in your browser. One window displays the web page that contains the desired image, and the other window displays the posting window of iMechanica.
  2. Point the cursor to the image and drag it to the desired location in your blog post.

Make the text of the post wrap around the image

  1. Click the image in your post. A frame will appear around the image.
  2. In the toolbar in the section labeled "body". click the button that looks like a tree. A small window titled "insert/edit image"pops up.
  3. Within the "insert/edit image" window there is a drop-down list called “alignment”. Select one option for your image. Then click “update” in the bottom-left corner.

Copyright of an image found online. When no copyright statement appears on the original web page, the web page is likely under a Creative Commons License, just as iMechanica is. If you are unsure of copyright, please contact the creator of the web page.

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I tried to add an image to my comment, so I uploaded it first with 'Add image' link in separate window and then dragged it to the original window with my comment.

The preview image appears in the comment and I set it up to be a "link to image page". However, when I preview the comment, the image is a link but points to a page like "", which is the edit page of the image ;-(

The other feature which is not working - "Insert" button does not insert the image anywhere.

We should improve adding images more user-friendly, I'll be glad to help the web administrators.





I love the support you are giving on being able to add tags. I know that most image uploaders don't give you access to the title tags. This will really help other users find photos that I add when searching online, thanks!



 Angie's List Photographer Reviews Columnist

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is it possible to remove an image? I have accidentally uploaded a high-resolution picture...

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