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Journal Club for August 2020: Mechanics of High-capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Mechanics of High-capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Cole Fincher, Yuwei Zhang, Matt Pharr

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University


1. Introduction

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Introducing iMechanica Video

If a picture is worth of 1,000 words, a 1-min video is worth of 1.8 million words.  1,000 word/frame x 30 frame/s x 60 s. 

LOL, seriously? Maybe not. But a well made video does provide information in an effective and efficient way that is often times impossible via other media. 

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Journal Club for June 2020: Mechanically instructive biomaterials: a synergy of mechanics, materials and biology


Mechanically instructive biomaterials: a synergy of mechanics, materials and biology

Zhenwei Ma, Jianyu Li

Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada


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EML Webinar

  • Mark your calendar: every Wednesday at 10 am Boston, 3 pm London, 10 pm Beijing.
  • Join live webinars in two ways: Zoom (for attending the lecture and participating in the discussion) or YouTube Live Stream.
  • Watch videos of past EML Webinars on YouTube or Weibo.

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EML Webinar by Prof. Ellen Kuhl on 12 August 2020: Data-driven modeling of COVID-19—Lessons learned

EML Webinar on 12 August 2020 will be given by Professor Ellen Kuhl, Standard University via Zoom meeting. Discussion leader: Professor Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston.

Title: Data-driven modeling of COVID-19—Lessons learned

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Ever wonder what the modes of vibration of a rod contacting a surface look like?

Dear Colleague,

Our latest work on the dynamics of rods contacting rigid surfaces has just appeared:

N. N. Goldberg and O. M. O'Reilly, On contact point motion in the vibration of elastic rods, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2020. 

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keep reading-9

Anomalous scaling law of strength and toughness of cellulose nanopaper, Zhu, et al., Li, PNAS, 2015


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Doctoral Programme in “Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications” at SISSA, Trieste, Italy

The second deadline to apply for a PhD position in Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications at SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati - is August 20, 2020 at noon (Rome time). There are 5 PhD grants available.

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Mechanics at the interfaces of 2D materials

Dear iMechanica researchers,

I'd like to share an opinion paper that was written by Rui Huang, Kenneth Liechti, Nanshu Lu, and I for Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science. The aim is to discuss the mechanics research on 2D material interfaces in terms of recent developments and appeared challenges and opportunitiesHere is the link; Below, I also attached a copy of the manuscript and pasted the Abstract.

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3-point bending test procedure for obtaining flexural and shear modulus

In the case of orthotropic materials like wood or composites, transverse shear has an effect on the modulus determination by bending tests. A procedure based on three-point bending is proposed. The experimental data required are the load and displacement given by the testing machine. The novelties of the proposal are:

Assistant Professor (tenure track) / Associate Professor at the Section of Mechanical Engineering at Aarhus University

The Department of Engineering at Aarhus University has a number of open positions as Assistant Professor (tenure track) or Associate Professor at the Section of Mechanical Engineering. The University seeks innovative and visionary engineers/researchers capable of developing the research and teaching in Mechanical Engineering.

The positions are available from February 1, 2021 or as soon as possible hereafter.

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Electroadhesive sphere-flat contact problem

The electroadhesive contact between a conductive sphere with a rigid substrate, both coated with an electrically insulating layer is studied, by adopting two solution strategies: (i) a DMT approximation and (ii) an iterative finite element model which accounts for the effect of the electroadhesive tractions on the deformation of the elastic solids. The contact problem is solved by varying the applied voltage and the elastic modulus of the coating layer.

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A finite strain model predicts oblique wrinkles in stretched anisotropic films

Transverse wrinkles commonly occur in a uniaxially tensile elastic membrane and can vanish upon excess stretching. The wrinkling direction is usually perpendicular to the stretching direction under isotropic elasticity. Here, we show that wrinkles are orientable by material anisotropy, such as in fiber-reinforced or fibrous films, and the wrinkling orientation can be tuned by varying the stiffness and direction of fibers.

PhD position – Czech Technical University in Prague


PhD position is available in Flash X-ray radiography for impact/penetration experiments


Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Czech Technical University in Prague


Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Computational Impact Dynamics for Automotive and Aerospace Applications



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Machine learning and SIR epidemiological models applied to the analysis of the Italian Lockdown

How many people were involved in the covid-19 epidemic during the Italian Lockdown in Lombardy, Valle d'Aosta, Veneto and Emilia Romagna? 

How open data on infected and recovered individuals were biased by the limited extent in the use of medical swabs? 

How lockdown measures have influenced the spread of covid-19 epidemic in the above regions? 


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A Postdoctoral Research Associate Position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Postdoctoral Research Associate Position is available (Fall 2020) in Professor R. Thevamaran’s laboratory at the Department of Engineering Physics of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study the dynamic behavior of hierarchical materials.

Four Fully Funded PhD Positions

#IPPTPAN in collaboration with Department of Engineering at #NTU is offering four fully supported #PhD positions in the following fields:


1) Non-linear thermo-mechanical behaviour of polycrystalline shape memory alloys undergoing complex loadings < >


PhD position at University of Cagliari, Italy

New PhD positions are opened at the University of Cagliari.

For the PhD School in Civil Engineering and Architecture please contact Prof. Michele Brun (,

The topic of the PhD can be decided in accordance with Prof. Brun, who is working in the field of metamaterials, microstructured media and composite mechanics.

Application deadline is 27th August 2020, 12 pm (Local Time)

Multiphysics Modeling Postdoc in Idaho National Laboratory



Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) Energy and Environment Science & Technology (EES&T) Directorate is seeking a postdoctoral candidate to assist in the research & development and numerical implementation of multiphysics models with applications in biomass & bioenergy technology and potentially in geological subsurface engineering & science.


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EML Webinar by Prof. Taher Saif on 5 August 2020: Living robotics

EML Webinar on 5 August 2020 will be given by Professor Taher Saif, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Zoom meeting. Discussion leader: Professor Yuhang Hu, Georgia Tech.

Title: Living Robotics


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