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Journal Club: Stretchy Electronics for Soft Robotics

In essence, we are sensor-clad soft machines capable of myriad intricate tasks. Stripped from proprioceptive feedback, we can no longer walk despite intact locomotor system. Likewise, integration of sensors, complex control loops, or machine learning is crucial in “classical” robotics. This JClub entry discusses recent efforts and challenges of merging soft electronics with robotics.

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Postdoc Positions at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China

Postdoc positions are available in the group of Prof. JG Zhu at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of solid experimental mechanics are sought. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in deformation measurements and nondestructive techniques.

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Postdoc Positions at Jiangsu University, China

Postdoc positions are available in the group of Prof. JG Zhu at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of solid experimental mechanics are sought. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in deformation measurements and nondestructive techniques.

Quality of Peer Review

Just had a statement from a reviewer that Fractals in Tribology is a dead Topic !! There were comments also indicating that the review, in a major Tribology Journal, was cut and paste from Wikipedia (let alone that it is was apparently performed by a graduate student??

Have you encountered a similar experience?? is the quality of the peer-review process declining???

PhD Positions in Mechanical Engineering at NJIT for Fall 2020

There are PhD positions at RAD Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at New
Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The focus of the research will be on creating novel computational
and theoretical models for the dynamics of complex fluids with particular emphasis on particle-laden multiphase flows and biological flows of active matter in the living systems.

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Friction-induced energy losses in mechanical contacts subject to random vibrations

In this paper, we apply the previously developed Method of Memory Diagrams (MMD) to the description of an axisymmetric mechanical contact with friction subject to random vibrations. The MMD belongs to a family of semi-analytical methods of contact mechanics originating from the classical Cattaneo-Mindlin solution; it allows one to efficiently compute mechanical and energetic responses to complex excitation signals such as random or acoustic ones.

A coarse-graining approach for modeling nonlinear mechanical behavior of FCC nano-crystals

The ever-increasing growth of nano-technology has elevated the necessity for development of new computational methods that are capable of evaluating large systems at nano-scale. The existing techniques, such as the molecular dynamics, lack the ability to simulate large systems of practical size and time scales. In order to provide a realistic simulation of large models, the multi-scale methods such as coarse-graining, have therefore become very popular. The coarse-grained models have mostly been used to simulate large biomolecules, such as proteins, lipids, DNA and polymers.

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US National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - 2019 Newsletter

The U.S. National Committee for TAM is pleased to share its Fall 2019 Newsletter, an annual publication that will be issued each fall. 


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A nonlinear data-driven reduced order model for computational homogenization with physics/pattern-guided sampling

Developing an accurate nonlinear reduced order model from simulation data has been an outstanding research topic for many years. For many physical systems, data collection is very expensive and the optimal data distribution is not known in advance. Thus, maximizing the information gain remains a grand challenge. In a recent paper, Bhattacharjee and Matous (2016) proposed a manifold-based nonlinear reduced order model for multiscale problems in mechanics of materials. Expanding this work here, we develop a novel sampling strategy based on the physics/pattern-guided data distribution.

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Universal Displacements in Linear Elasticity

In nonlinear elasticity, universal deformations are the deformations that exist for arbitrary strain-energy density functions and suitable tractions at the boundaries. Here, we discuss the equivalent problem for linear elasticity. We characterize the universal displacements of  linear elasticity: those displacement fields that can be maintained by applying boundary tractions in the absence of body forces for any linear elastic solid in a given anisotropy class.

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PhD position @ TU Delft: Data-driven design of materials and structures

Advertising the first fully funded PhD position in my group: this position is for the more computationally/mathematically inclined. Goal: method development.

A "general audience" summary of a recent application of our work:

Details about the position:

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Materials Division events at IMECE and newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

During the ASME-IMECE next week, the Materials Division will host a number of events including plenary lectures, award lectures, and reception. You are cordially invited to these events. 

Track 10 Plenary Sessions:

Zhigang Suo – Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 9:45–10:30 am, Room 255F, Convention Center  

Irene Beyerlein – Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 9:45–10:30 am, Room 155F, Convention Center


Award Lectures/Reception (Tuesday, November 12):

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Dynamic Martensitic Phase Transformation in Single-crystal Silver Microcubes

The ability to transform the crystal structure of metals in the solid-state enables tailoring their physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical properties in unprecedented ways. We demonstrate a martensitic phase transformation from a face-centered-cubic (fcc) structure to a hexagonal-close-packed (hcp) structure that occurs in nanosecond timescale in initially near-defect-free single-crystal silver (Ag) microcubes impacted at supersonic velocities.

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Professor (all ranks) in Manufacturing and Biomanufacturing at the Arizona State University

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) at Arizona State University (ASU) and the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy are hiring faculty to support a broad initiative in manufacturing and biomanufacturing. In conjunction with that initiative, we seek applicants for tenure-track/tenured faculty positions in the areas of manufacturing of advanced materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductor, and composites) and biomanufacturing/biofabrication (biomolecules, biomaterials, cells and tissues).

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Littlewood's Curious Hoop: Sliding, Gliding, Jumping, and Rolling Motions

In "Littlewood's Miscelleny" the celebrated mathematician John E. Littlewood noted that a hoop with an attached mass rolling on a ground plane may exhibit self-induced jumping. Subsequent works showed that his analysis was flawed and revealed paradoxical behavior that can be resolved by incorporating the inertia of the hoop.

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On stickiness of multiscale randomly rough surfaces

A new stickiness criterion for solids having random fractal roughness is derived using Persson's theory with DMT-type adhesion. As expected, we find stickiness, i.e., the possibility to sustain macroscopic tensile pressures or else non-zero contact area without load, is not affected by the truncation of the PSD spectrum of roughness at short wavelengths and can persist up to roughness amplitudes orders of magnitude larger than the range of attractive forces.

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Research Assistant Professor and Postdoc Positions at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) /南方科技大学葛锜团队招聘研究助理教授/博士后

Our group at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen China is looking for Research Assistant Professors and Postdocs with backgrounds of material science, mechanics, mechanical engineering or related fields.

Our rearch mainly fouces on  4D printing, functional 3D printing, mechanics of soft materials, soft robotics, flexible electronics.

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CSME Congress 2020 - Symposium on Solid Mechanics


Symposium Co-Chairs: Dr. Hamid Akbarzadeh and Dr. Dan Romanyk

Call for Papers – Submission Deadline:  January 15, 2020



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Ph.D. Research Positions in Bio-Inspired Self-Healing of Cementitious Materials

Ph.D. research positions are available immediately in the Advanced Materials Research Lab at the University of Miami to perform NSF-funded research in the area of bio-inspired self-healing of cementitious materials. Highly motivated applicants are encouraged to send a CV to Dr. Ali Ghahremaninezhad via email at

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PhD position for EU/UK in Digital Manufacturing of Graphene-Enhanced Composites for Electric Vehicles (GraphEVe)

This project will focus on developing innovative and advanced simulation tools (non-isothermal multi-scale multi-phase flow solver) to manufacture graphene-enhanced polymer composites, which can be used in in EVs with applications in battery cooling systems, battery module housing, and structure of the car body, with improved curing and cooling cycles, reduced time and cost, and tailored thermal-mechanical properties of parts.


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Discussion of fracture paper #24 - The sound of crack growth

Carbon fibre reinforced polymers combines desired features from different worlds. The fibres are stiff and hard, while the polymers are the opposite, weak, soft and with irrelevant fracture toughness. Irrelevant considering the small in-plane deformation that the fibres can handle before they break. It is not totally surprising that one can make composites that display the best properties from each material. Perhaps less obvious or even surprising is that materials and composition can be designed to make the composite properties go beyond what the constituent materials are even near.

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Ph.D. position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC

A PhD position is available in the Modelling and simulation group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. The position is related to the computational design of lightweight alloys based on high-entropy alloys and metallic materials with nano-architected structure (see sample here).


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