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EML Webinar

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EML Webinar

  • Mark your calendar: every Wednesday at 10 am Boston, 3 pm London, 10 pm Beijing.
  • Join live webinars in two ways: Zoom (for attending the lecture and participating in the discussion) or YouTube Live Stream.
  • Watch videos of past EML Webinars on YouTube or Weibo.
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EML Webinar by Prof. Robert Wood on June 3, 2020: The Mechanical Side of Artificial Intelligence

EML Webinar on June 3, 2020 will be given by Prof. Rob Wood at Harvard University via Zoom meeting. Discussion leader: Rob Howe, Harvard.

Title: The mechanical side of artificial intelligence

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EML Webinar by Prof. Norman Fleck on May 27, 2020

EML Webinar on May 27, 2020 will be given by Prof. Norman Fleck at the University of Cambridge via Zoom meeting. Discussion leader: Vikram Deshpande, Cambridge.

Title: New Horizons in Microarchitectured Materials

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EML Webinar by Prof. Katia Bertoldi on May 13, 2020


EML Webinar on May 13, 2020 will be given by Prof. Katia Bertoldi at Harvard University via Zoom meeting. 

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EML Webinar by Prof. Xuanhe Zhao on May 6, 2020

EML Webinar on May 6, 2020 will be given by Prof. Xuanhe Zhao at MIT via Zoom meeting. 

Title: Extreme Mechanics of Soft Materials for Merging Human-Machine Intelligence

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Inaugural EML Webinar by Prof. John Hutchinson at Harvard on April 15, 2020

Extreme Mechanics Letters (EML)  announces EML Webinar, freely open to anyone interested in mechanics around the world.


The inaugural EML Webinar will be given by Prof. John W. Hutchinson at Harvard University via Zoom meeting.

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