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PhD Open House at UPenn

Dear Friends - UPenn has great research in mechanics. If you know people interested in pursuing a PhD, please share this announcement. Thank you! Rob


Virtual PhD Open House on Friday, November 6, 2020

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Funded PhD Position in Dynamic Systems and Intelligent Machines Lab- San Diego State University

We have an open PhD position in the areas of perception, planning, and control of autonomous systems in DSIM lab. Highly motivated applicants with prior experience in robotics, control and/or machine learning and strong programming skills and mathematical background are encouraged to apply. Applicants should have B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, or a closely related field.

Remote Mechanics Teaching. How to do it well?

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Many of us will be teaching remotely soon.  I wonder what is most effective when it comes to mechanics.

In our department we have been having meetings to help professors figure out what is the approach to the online teaching modality.  There have been lots of suggestions:

Introducing Ansys Innovation Courses

ANSYS, Inc. has been investing time and resources into their knowledge resources and academic program and their recent contribution to the community is the "Ansys Innovation Courses". These are on-demand physics-based courses that are free for everyone which empowers students and professionals to visualize, reinforce, and rapidly master key physics concepts, with the help of simulations.

Two new books for continuum mechanics of solids

I would like to announce two new books that Prof. Lallit Anand and I have just published on continuum mechanics of solids. 

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YouTube Videos on Atomistic Modeling

Dear All,

My student is making YouTube videos on Atomistic Modeling.

Your suggestions and feedback will make the videos better. 


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New Book on 2D Materials

We have edited a new book on 2D materials. Thanks to all the authors for their contribution. 

ScienceDirect LINK: Synthesis, Modeling, and Characterization of 2D Materials, and Their Heterostructures 

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An improved semi-analytical solution for stress at round-tip notches



A semi-analytical model is developed for the notch tip maximum stress.

Application of the formula to U and blunt V-notches is demonstrated.

The results can be used to assess the brittle failure of notched components.

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An ECCOMAS Advanced online Course on Computational Structural Dynamics 2020

We would like to announce An ECCOMAS Advanced online Course on Computational Structural Dynamics 2020,  . The short course on computational structural dynamics in the form of the webinar will be held from August 31 to September 4, 2020

The program of the online course is available on the link .

PhD Admissions at Mahindra University, India


Admissions in Fall 2020 to the PhD program at Mahindra University are open. Application deadline is 20 June.


Please visit the following webpage for more details:




National Webinar on Avian-inspired Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Professor Daniel Inman, University of Michigan

Greetings From Shiv Nadar University, India! "Mechanical Engineering Department at Shiv Nadar University is organizing a National Webinar on "Avian-inspired Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" by Professor Daniel Inman, Harm Buning Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan. Topic: Avian-inspired Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Date and Time: 3rd. June at 7pm IST, All are cordially welcome to attend!

1d finite element beam modelling for pipe

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HI , the query is related to FE modelling of 1d Euler bernouli beam for pipe

If a pipe is modeled as a beam ,how can we input or account for the internal pressure of pipe. 

What is the quantity and the direction of nodal loads

Should a load = Pressure x Pipe sec Area be applied to all nodes??

Thank You.


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Multiple PhD positions available @ IMT Lucca: listen the storytelling of 4 enrolled PhD students

PhD positions on Systems Science with specialization in computational mechanics are available at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Tuscany, Italy), see the following previous posts on imechanica:

- A call for 1 PhD position in the framework of the H2020 Marie Curie Project NewFrac (deadline: 30 June 2020):

Eight fully funded Master positions in Computational Mechanics and Materials Science at CEMEF (Mines ParisTech & PSL University)

Eight fully funded positions open for the "Digital Materials and Advanced Processes Modelling (MAPMOD)" Master.

MAPMOD is a one-year full-time postgraduated programme in line with industrial needs for high level competences in high added value components or equipment manufacturing in fields such as aeronautics, energy, automotive.

The funding covers tuition fees and partial support of living expenses.

Master of Science programs in mechanical engineering (MSME) and biomedical engineering (MSBE) - East Carolina University

The Masters of Science in mechanical engineering (MSME) is a research oriented degree program that is administered by the Department of Engineering in the College of Engineering and Technology.

Physical pendulum


I want to calculate the force of a physical pendulum with the 1.09Kg mass which is released from 91° angle and hits an object. I have set mgh=1/2mv^2 then W=1/2mv^2  (W=F*X) where x is the circel sector the pendulum travels from 91° to 0° , the pendulum hits the object at 0°, is the formula below correct to calculate the the force that hits the object?

F=(1/2mv^2)/x ??

Best regards


Abaqus CFD

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I have a 6mm straight tube which is pressureized to 8bar dry air, then the pressure is 

released to 2 bar and the time is measured. (pressure drop duration)

I wonder if this problem is possible to analyize in Abaqus CFD?

In abaqus CFD i can assign 8 bar pressure at one end of the tube and 2 bar at

the other end but then i wonder if Abaqus will adjust the velocity to achieve this 

solution during the specified step time, if this is the case then i will not

be able to get the correct time?

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New textbook on Lagrangian Mechanics

Dear Colleague,

I’m delighted to announce that the second edition of my textbook “Intermediate Dynamics for Engineers Newton-Euler and Lagrangian Mechanics has just been published:

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Ph.D positions on Mechanics of Materials, Biomimetics, and 3D Printing


Ph.D positions now open (for Fall 2020) in Mechanics, Biomimetics, and 3D Printing Lab at Northeastern University/Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. More information about the lab can be found at

If interested, please directly send CV to Prof. Yaning Li at:  


Two fully funded PhD positions at IIT Indore

Dear All:

 Two fully funded PhD positions are available in the Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (ATOM) Lab (, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore.

Fully-Funded PhD Position: Smart Materials, Bio-Functional/Inspired Materials, Meta-Materials, 3D and 4D Printing Technologies, and Biomedical Device Design

Fully-funded PhD positions are available to UK, EU and International students in the Department of Engineering at Nottingham Trent University with a starting date of 1 October 2020 or 5 January 2021 (application deadline: 14 February 2020 at 12 noon (GMT)). More information about the PhD studentship can be found in the links below:

PhD position in computational biomechanics at University of Glasgow

I am looking for motivated students to join my research group and work towards their PhD in the area of computational biomechanics.

About us: The research aim of our group is to generate new scientific knowledge and methods using innovative ideas in numerical methods and biomechanics that contribute towards improved cardiovascular healthcare.



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