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Journal Club for September 2023: Recent trends and open challenges in soft tissue biomechanics constitutive modeling


Adrian Buganza Tepole, PhD

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering (by courtesy), Purdue University



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Fully-Funded PhD position - Computational Soft Matter Research Group

 One fully funded Ph.D. position will be available either in Spring or Fall of 2024 at the Computational Soft Matter Lab, situated at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (( The  primary goal of this research project is to employ multiscale modeling and innovative simulation methods to explore the interactions of soft materials with interfaces and surfaces. 

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Tenure-track faculty position

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester is hiring tenure-track faculty in the area of experimental materials science.


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Multiple postdoc and PhD positions at the University of Oxford (deadline Sept 25)

Dear iMechanicians,

Let me bring to your attention the following PhD and postdoc positions within my group (the Mechanics of Materials Lab) at the University of Oxford. Please note the September 25 deadline for the postdoc jobs. 

General advert:

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Faculty positions at University of Michigan (Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics)

There are multiple faculty positions (tenured/tenure-track, open rank) open in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. The focus of our search this year is in the areas of solid mechanics and fluid mechanics. Link to the announcement:



Vikram Gavini

Article: A new criterion for the instability threshold of a square tube bundle subject to an air-water cross-flow

We investigate the fluid-elastic instability of a square tube bundle subject to two-phase cross-flow. A dimensional analysis is carried out, leading to a new criterion of instability. This criterion establishes a direct link with the instability thresholds in single-phase flows. In parallel to the dimensional analysis, experimental work is carried out to i) determine the instability thresholds in single-phase flows (new relation between the Scruton, Stokes and Reynolds number), ii) to test the validity of the two-phase flow instability criterion, derived from the dimensional analysis.

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Assistant Professor in Fluid Dynamics at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the area of experimental fluid dynamics with applications to aerodynamics, turbulence, wind energy, flow control, bio-inspired flows, or related fields. Please see the job description here:

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Assistant Professor in Polymers and Composites at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison seeks candidates in polymer and composite processing and engineering to join their interdisciplinary advanced manufacturing group as a tenure-track Assistant Professor. Please see the job description here:

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Assistant Professor in Structural Dynamics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in structural dynamics. Please see the job description here:

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USACM Nanotechnology Virtual Seminar by Kaushik Bhattacharya. 09/27; 2-3pm CDT;

Our upcoming webinar is on September 27 at 2pm central.

Date/Time: September 27; 2-3pm CDT

Join via Zoom:

(Meeting ID: 845 4127 4013/Passcode: 799065)

Speaker: Kaushik Bhattacharya, California Institute of Technology

Discussant: Miguel Bessa, Brown University

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Faculty Positions

The Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo has two new open faculty positions, as described below. 

1- An open-rank tenure-track faculty position in Geotechnical Engineering. For more information and application instructions, visit:

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Call for Nominations

Call for nominations for John J. Montgomery Award for Distinguished Innovation in Aerospace. This New Award Commemorates John Montgomery, Inventor of the human-piloted glider, a father of aviation. Deadline to submit is October 1, 2023. Details can be found at
John J. Montgomery Award for Distinguished Innovation in Aerospace - ASME.

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Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis 2023 – FKM-Guideline Non-Linear

From October 30 to November 1, 2023, we hold 11th Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis in Prague, Czechia. This time, we chose the attractive topic of the latest extension of the FKM-Guideline for Analytical Strength Assessment. This guideline developed for years by FKM Association in Germany provides clear description how to deal with static and fatigue analysis of industrial components.

Postdoctoral position at CEMEF (Mines Paris) in collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines

One Postdoctoral position is available immediately at CEMEF Mines Paris, in the French Riviera.

The aim of the project, in collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines (SAE), is to use numerical simulation and experimental testing in the optimization of fan leading edge manufacturing process.

Interested applicants can send a resume to :



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pyLife workshop - updated dates


Dear iMechanicians,

A week ago, I published a blog post here on the pyLife workshop, which had to start tomorrow. The next day, I was informed by one of the lecturers that he cannot come. I checked with all on-site participants whether we can postpone the workshop, and I organized a Doodle poll to find the optimum dates that fit to the most of registered participants. We have a result today - the workshop is shifted by two months exactly. Below you can find the original invitation with the final dates:

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Several Funded PhD Positions in Mechanics and Fracture

I have several funded Ph.D. positions available in the areas of mechanics of architected and functionally graded composite and cementitious materials. Candidates interested in experimental, numerical, and analytical approaches in mechanics and fracture are encouraged to contact me to submit their application during 2023 at Princeton University CEE Department (application deadline is Jan 03) for a start date of summer or fall of 2024.   You can see more information about the Ph.D.

PhD position at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate with background in continuum/experimental mechanics eager to be part of an exciting new research project: High strain rate behavior of thermoplastic composite materials for cryogenic hydrogen storage (H-FROST).


APS 2024 session on inelastic deformations

I wanted to call your attention to a session "Beyond Elasticity: Inelastic Deformations in Soft Matter" at the American Physical Society 2024 March meeting in Minneapolis, USA. Full description below. Please also forward to colleagues conducting research in similar areas.


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in Design & Manufacturing Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering (MPE) at Aarhus University is expanding its research and teaching activities and invites applications for an open Tenure-Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor position within the Section of Design &amp; Manufacturing Engineering.<br />

<br />

PhD position within Computatioal Biomechanics at KTH, Stockholm Sweden

A Ph.D. position within computational biomechanics is opening at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden. 

at the Division of Neuronic Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

Deadline 05.Oct.2023


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PhD position at the Institute of Mechanics, OVGU Magdeburg, Germany

We have an opening PhD Position at our Institute of Mechanics, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany).
The candidate should work on a research project including simulations of wave propagation phenomena by means of high-order finite element methods.

Please follow the link for the application: Apply here

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Implementation of ABAQUS User Subroutines for Viscoplasticity of 316 Stainless Steel and Zircaloy-4

This paper describes the formulations for the viscoplasticity of metals based on the Chaboche and Delobelle model. The implementations of the viscoplastic models were detailed herein and then implemented via user subroutines for material models (UMAT) in ABAQUS. Two typical metals, i.e., 316 Stainless Steel and Zircaloy-4, were chosen as examples and their viscoplastic behaviors were captured. Numerical simulations are compared to reported experiments in order to validate the models and the UMAT codes.


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