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Journal Club for June 2024: Material strength under high dynamic pressures

Suraj Ravindran

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota


1. Introduction

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MIT Short Course: Machine Learning for Materials Informatics (Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2024)

Dera iMechanica Community,

Below is information about a short course I will be offering at MIT this summer, in Live Virtual format: Machine Learning for Materials Informatics (Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2024).  This is an exciting opportunity that will cover fundamentals and applications in the emerging space of AI/ML for engineering, featuring hands-on interactive code development in Jupyter notebooks. We'll do a deep dive into all critical tools from autoencoders to graph neural nets to multimodal LLMs and multi-agent modeling. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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Cancelling the effect of sharp notches or cracks with graded elastic modulus materials

Dear colleague

   I wonder if you could be interested in this idea of "Cancelling the effect of sharp notches or cracks with graded elastic modulus materials", particularly if you know who could help doing some experiments. Thanks for any comment, since this is a preprint it would be useful to discuss to make improvements.    RegardsMike    Cancelling the effect of sharp notches or cracks with graded elastic modulus materials

PhD position: Finite Element Modelling of the Extracellular Matrix

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, invites to apply for the following PhD position at the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis:

Ref. HFSP-ECM-PhD: Modelling the extracellular matrix for vibrational information transfer between living cells

Please read the attached load for a complete description of the PhD topic, and conditions.

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A phase-field model for study of ferroelastic deformation behavior in yttria stabilized zirconia

Dear colleagues, our new article (open access) is just published in Acta Materialia. In this research, we provide new insights into the mechanism of ferroelastic deformation by studying the evolution of domains in different microstructure patterns and under different loading directions and strain rates.

A. Bhattacharya and M. Asle Zaeem. A phase-field model for study of ferroelastic deformation behavior in yttria stabilized zirconia. Acta Materialia (2024) 120039.

PhD position: Machine Learning and Finite Element Modeling

We are looking for an enthusiastic student with a MSc degree to conduct research in the area of Machine Learning and finite element modelling of materials. Students with a degree in mechanical or materials engineering or mathematics are encouraged to apply.


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Computational morphology and morphogenesis for empowering soft-matter engineering

Morphing soft matter, which is capable of changing its shape and function in response to stimuli, has wide-ranging applications in robotics, medicine and biology. Recently, computational models have accelerated its development. Here, we highlight advances and challenges in developing computational techniques, and explore the potential applications enabled by such models.

Yifan Yang, Fan Xu*

Nature Computational Science, 2024,

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Universal Deformations and Inhomogeneities in Isotropic Cauchy Elasticity

For a given class of materials, universal deformations are those deformations that can be maintained in the absence of body forces and by applying solely boundary tractions. For inhomogeneous bodies, in addition to the universality constraints that determine the universal deformations, there are extra constraints on the form of the material inhomogeneities—universal inhomogeneity constraints. Those inhomogeneities compatible with the universal inhomogeneity constraints are called universal inhomogeneities.

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Post-Doc position in Solid Mechanics and Vibrations at Michigan State University

We are currently seeking a highly motivated candidate for a Post-Doc position in the School of Packaging at MSU. The focus of this position will be on studying the vibrations experienced by packages during transportation, their stabilty, and structural mechanics. This research will involve utilizing various tools and techniques such as a vibration shaker, acceleration sled, FEM simulations, DIC, nonlinear computational models, and more. To be considered for this position, the ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) or Associate Professor in Digitalization for Structural Engineering

Do you want to understand how digitalization can revolutionize civil engineering structures? Do you want to bridge the gap between academia and industry in your daily work? Are you eager to share your research with our students so that they can make the difference tomorrow? Then you could be the new colleague we are looking for. The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering of Aarhus University is looking for a visionary Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)/Associate Professor in the area of Digitalization for Structural Engineering.

4-year PDRA position at University of Glasgow

New 4-year PDRA position at University of Glasgow, deadline 11th July 2024

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A review of peridynamic theory and nonlocal operators along with their computer implementations

This study presents a comprehensive exploration of Peridynamic (PD) theory, with a specific focus on its theoretical foundations and practical implementations, including various PD formulations and PD operators. The objective is to highlight the unique attributes of each PD formulation and assess their suitability in the framework of material failure simulations by providing an extensive literature review.

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PhD Position in Multiscale Mechanics and Materials

A fully supported Ph.D. position is open immediately in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at the University of Alabama. This role focuses on the multiscale modeling of materials, specifically for the additive manufacturing of metals. The successful candidate will engage in detailed modeling of the additive manufacturing process and the development of novel metal alloys, utilizing techniques such as continuum mechanics, phase-field modeling, CALPHAD simulations, and molecular dynamics models.

PhD position(s) in modeling of the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity

PhD position(s) is available for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 in the Engineering Mechanics program in the Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University (USA) to perform the theoretical and computational part of work on NSF- and ARO-funded projects on the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity at high pressures. Phase-field, micromechanical, and macroscale simulations using FEM are of interest in close collaboration with high-pressure experiments performed in our lab and at governmental synchrotron radiation facilities. MS degree is required.

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A semi-analytical time-domain model with explicit fluid force expressions for fluidelastic vibration of a tube array in crossflow

It is widely acknowledged that fluidelastic instability (FEI), among other mechanisms, is of the greatest concern in the flow-induced vibration (FIV) of tube bundles in steam generators and heat exchangers. A range of theoretical models have been developed for FEI analysis, and, in addition to the earliest semi-empirical Connors’ model, the unsteady model, the quasi-steady model and the semi-analytical model are believed to be three advanced models predominant in the literature.

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Postdoc Positions at Jiangsu University, China

Postdoc positions are available at Jiangsu University, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of mechanical engineering and non-destructive evaluation are sought. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in experimental and computational mechanics, composite materials and structures etc. Also, candidates with experience in machine learning or material science etc. are also welcome for inter-discipline research.

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Friction for a sliding adhesive viscoelastic cylinder: Effect of Maugis parameter

Prediction of friction is one of the nigthmares of tribologists!   For elastomers, friction may be due to shear stresses or to dissipation and adhesion hysteresis.  Here we consider the two effects in rolling/ sliding a viscoelastic cylinder. We find that at low speeds the numerical bem results confirm Persson/Brener theory for crack propagation at large Tabor parameter.

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[Free Webinar] Simulation for the manufacturing process of all solid-state battery

Join this global webinar to learn about the latest multiscale simulation technology that can be used to predict the performance of powder molded products ⇒ Sign Me Up


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PhD fellowship at m4lab@UNIBS within a joint work between Academics and Industry.

 The Multiscale Mechanics and Multiphysics of Materials Lab ( at the School of Engineering at the University of Brescia, Italy announces a PhD fellowship on the subject of Modeling and simulations for next generation lithium-ion cells. The fellowship is fully funded and will last three years.

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PhD Positions in Polymer Simulation at the University of Vermont (USA) - Fall 2024

Multiple PhD positions are available for Fall 2024 in the Department of Physics or the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Vermont in Dr. Jihong Ma's group. Successful candidates will work under the supervision of Prof. Jihong Ma on projects related to atomistic simulations of polymers. The candidates should have a strong background in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and preferably have experience in MD and/or MM simulations. 


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Postdoctoral Research Opportunity at TAMUG

The Ocean Engineering Structures and Extreme Material Laboratory (OESEM) of the Department of Ocean Engineering at the Texas A&M University, Galveston has an opening for 1-year Postdoc position (which may be extended anually upon contract renewal) to conduct research in the areas of computational fracture modeling and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) of gaseous mixtures starting in July 2024.

A pseudoelastic response of hyperelastic composites reinforced with nonlinear elastic fibrous materials: Continuum modeling and analysis

Abstract: The present study aims to develop a continuum-based model to predict the pseudoelastic behavior of biological composites subjected to finite plane elastostatics. The proposed model incorporates a hyperelastic matrix material reinforced with nonlinear fibers, addressing challenges such as irreversible softening responses, large deformations, and nonlinear stress–strain responses.

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2 Ph.D. Positions in Computational Materials Science at the University of Manitoba, Canada

About Us: The University of Manitoba (U of M or UM) is a public research university in Manitoba, Canada. The university maintains a reputation as a top research-intensive post-secondary educational institution and conducts more research annually than any other university in the region. The teaching and research activities at the Department of Mechanical Engineering cover multiple mechanical engineering fields including solid mechanics, materials sciences, fluid mechanics, manufacturing and e.g.


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