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Journal Club for December 2021: Bio-Inspired 3D Printed Sutures Under Shear

Bio-Inspired 3D Printed Sutures under Shear

Richard Nash and Yaning Li*

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University, MA


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EML Webinar (Season 2) on 16 December 2021 by Nanshu Lu on soft electronics for digitizing human body and human-centered robotics

EML Webinar (Season 2) on 16 December 2021 will be given by Nanshu Luonsoft electronics for digitizing human body and human-centered robotics. Discussion leader: John A. Rogers, Northwestern University

Time: 9:30 am Boston, 2:30 pm London, 10:30 pm Beijing on 16 December 2021

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Multiple Postdoc and PhD Open Positions in Polymer Modeling and Machine-Learning at University of Connecticut

Postdoc Open Positions

Postdoc positions with financial support (up to 3 years) are immediately available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut (UConn).

Required Degree:

Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics, Chemical, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering, Material Science, Condense Matter Physics, or Computational Chemistry.

Required Skills:

Spectral formulation of the boundary integral equation method for antiplane problems

Spectral formulation of the boundary integral equation method for antiplane problems

Kunnath Ranjith


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Postdoc on hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion at Imperial College London: experimental

The Mechanics of Infrastructure Materials research group are looking to hire a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to work in the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship grant NEWPHASE. The project, led by Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda, aims at tackling pressing material degradation challenges at the interface between mechanics and chemistry. 

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New book: Local and Nonlocal Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Materials

A new book is published:  Buryachenko V. A. (2022) Local and Nonlocal Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Materials. Springer, NY (1,011 pages and 1,711 references, see  Table of contents is attached. Enjoy reading this book

ESB Webinar: How Simpleware processes patient-specific anatomies in orthopedics

Anyone looking for a quick introduction to patient-specific modelling for orthopedics should take a look at this new webinar coming out next Wednesday, December 1st, from the European Society of Biomechanics and Synopsys - details below:

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Shaping the future of robotics through materials innovation

Dear Colleagues,

We just published the comment Shaping the future of robotics through materials innovation in Nature Materials:

Rothemund P., Kim. Y., Heisser R. H., Zhao X., Shepherd R. F., Keplinger C. Shaping the future of robotics through materials innovation. Nature Materials 20, 1582-1587 (2021)

2022 Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award – Professor Arif Masud

The Executive Committee of the ASME Applied Mechanics Division is pleased to announce and congratulate Professor Arif Masud, John and Eileen Blumenschein Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, as the recipient of the 2022 Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Division Award.

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Review article: nonlinearity in phononic materials

FYI our review article on "exploiting nonlinearity in phononic materials to enable nonlinear wave responses" was recently published in Acta Mechanica:


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UCLA - Ph.D. positions in mechanics of materials, soft robotics, machine learning from Fall 2022

We are looking for multiple Ph.D. students with a background in solid and structural mechanics to work on the mechanics of slender and flexible structures. Some experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence will be helpful. At the very least, the candidate should be good with computer programming (ideally C/C++ and Linux environment). They should have the confidence and a track record to quickly master analytical and software tools in new fields. The Ph.D. students will work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. They will be supervised by Prof. M.

3.5 year postdoc in computational solid mechanics at Durham University, UK

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computational Solid Mechanics (42 months form February 2022)
Department of Engineering, Durham University, UK

2022 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award - Kedar Kirane, Shelly Zhang, Ankit Srivastava

The AMD-ASME Executive Committee is pleased to announce and congratulate

Dr. Kedar Kirane, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stony Brook University;

Dr. Shelly Zhang, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical and Science Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;  and

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One postdoc position in atomistic simulations at the University of Manitoba, Canada

We currently have one opening for postdoc position at the Unviersity of Manitoba, Canada in the area of atomistic simulations of the electronic structure and physical properties of metallic systems. The position will investigate the correlation between the electronic structures and the physical properties (e.g., thermodynamics, corrosion/wear, and plasticity, etc.) of metals by using molecular dynamics and density functional theory simulations. 

Supervisor: Dr. Chuang Deng (

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Accretion and Ablation in Deformable Solids with an Eulerian Description: Examples using the Method of Characteristics

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to see the preprint of our new paper "Accretion and Ablation in Deformable Solids with an Eulerian Description: Examples using the Method of Characteristics" which will appear in Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids. Recent work has proposed an Eulerian approach to the surface growth problem, enabling the side-stepping of the issue of constructing the reference configuration. However, this raises the complementary challenge of determining the stress response of the solid. To resolve this, the approach introduced the elastic deformation as an additional kinematic descriptor of the added material, and its evolution has been shown to be governed by a transport equation. Here, we applied the method of characteristics to solve concrete simplified problems motivated by surface growth in biomechanics and manufacturing (

Fully Funded Ph.D. Position in Computational Biomechanics at Villanova University for Spring or Fall 2022

A fully funded Ph.D. position is available in the Computational Biomechanics and Solid Mechanics Laboratory  at Villanova University. The position is available as early as Spring 2022 until filled. The candidate will work on multiscale computational modeling of bone fracture.

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Global Composites Expert Webinar by Dr. Philippe Boisse

cdmHUB invites you to attend the Global Composites Experts Webinar Series. 

Title: Fibrous Shell Approach and 3D Second Gradient Modeling for Textile Composite Draping 

Speaker: Dr.  Philippe Boisse

Time: 12/9, 11AM-12PM EST.

Please go to to register for this webinar.

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PhD Position at Texas A&M University

One PhD position is available in the Computational Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab (C2BL) at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University for Summer/Fall 2022 entry. The position will focus on cardiac imaging, inverse modeling, and machine learning.

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Call for Abstracts:USNC/TAM 2022: Computational Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Modeling

Dear colleagues,

We'd like to cordially invite you to participate in the Minisymposium on "MS 308, Computational Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Modeling" at the 19th US National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNC/TAM), to be held in Austin, Texas from June 19 to 24, 2022. The deadline for abstract submission is December 18th 2021.

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A generalised phase field model for fatigue crack growth in elastic–plastic solids with an efficient monolithic solver

Dear iMechanica Community, I hope that you find the below work of interest to you - We present a generalised phase field formulation for metallic fatigue, where cyclic deformation is modelled by means of a combined non-linear kinematic/isotropic hardening law.


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