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Ph.D. position for September 2024

S-Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is opening one Ph.D. position for “mechanical metamaterials.”  The applicants should have a master’s degree by August 2024.

Send an application package (Letter of Intent and CV) to before 12/6, 2023.


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Call for Abstracts - Mechanical Metamaterials (IMECE 2023)

Mechanical Metamaterials (ASME IMECE 2023)

Topic 04-03 (Materials) or Topic 12-07 (Applied Mechanics)

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Mechanical Couplings of 3D Lattice Materials Discovered by Micropolar Elasticity and Geometric Symmetry

Like Poisson’s effect, mechanical coupling is a directional indirect response by a directional input loading. With the advance in manufacturing techniques of 3D complex geometry, architected materials with unit cells of finite volume rather than a point yield more degrees of freedom and foster exotic mechanical couplings such as axial–shear, axial–rotation, axial–bending, and axial–twisting.

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Magneto-thermomechanically reprogrammable mechanical metamaterials

We developed a method enabling a single material system to transform with untethered, reversible, low-powered reprogrammable deformations and shape locking via the application of magneto-thermomechanically triggered prestress on the Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs) and structural instability with asymmetric magnetic torque.

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Inverse design of 3D reconfigurable architected materials

We developed an inverse design method for constructing 3D reconfigurable architected structures — we synthesized modular origami structures whose unit cells can be volumetrically mapped into a prescribed 3D curvilinear shape followed by volumetric shrinkage for constructing modules. After modification of tubular geometry, we searched modular origamis’ geometry and topology for target mobility using a topological reconstruction of modules.

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International Graduate Admissions - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) will hold an online information session on “Briefing on 2023 International Graduate Admissions - Masters and Ph.D. programs”  on Friday, Dec 9th.  In addition, the UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI) will organize a specific info session following the SJTU opening introduction.    Please see the attached flyers for more information.  


Briefing on 2023 SJTU International Graduate Admissions

Time: 16:00 - 17:30 on Dec 9th (Beijing Time)

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Coupling of a magnetic field with instability

A bistable curved beam with magnetic torque-driven actuation has the potential for fast and untethered reconfiguration of metamaterials. However, no modeling method of a bistable curved beam whose instability is coupled with an external magnetic field for the design of active metamaterials. A bistable curved beam's second mode (S-shape) generation is essential for a multimodal and multistep reconfiguration of metamaterials, which was not explored before.

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Faculty positions in soft robotics

UM-SJTU Joint Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University hosts a Young Investigators Symposium in Innovative Technology (FIT) 2022.  Through this symposium, we also search for outstanding faculty candidates.

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Postdoc at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

S-Lab ( is looking for a highly qualified postdoc to work in mechanical metamaterials, 4D printing, and soft robotics.

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Mechanical couplings of 2D lattices uncovered by decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor and symmetry operation

We introduce a generalized methodology to uncover all mechanical couplings in 2D lattice geometries by obtaining the decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor. We also correlate the mechanical couplings with the point groups of 2D lattices by applying the symmetry operation to the decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor. The decoupled micropolar constitutive equation reveals eight mechanical coupling effects in planar solids, four of which are discovered for the first time in the mechanics' community.

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Direct 4D printing for double-curvature and multimodal morphing

Most 4D printings utilize 1D structural deformation — bending and coiling to morph a flat shape by controlling only a single curvature, limiting the realization of complex 3D curved surfaces with two curvatures. We quantitatively analyze the morphing of a 2D plate into doubly curved surfaces on a direct 4D printing of a single isotropic material employing anisotropy of shape memory effect during the extrusion-based printing.

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Axial-shear mechanical coupling

Anisotropy and chirality create an interesting mechanical coupling – axial-shear coupling. This paper also reports a weak correlation of chirality with negative Poisson’s ratio and a directional negative and positive Poisson’s ratio of a tetra-achiral lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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Axial-bending mechanical coupling

We discovered a novel mechanical coupling effect – axial-bending coupling. Unlike Poisson, axial-shear, and axial-twisting coupling effects, this axial-bending coupling occurs at a non-centrosymmetric square lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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