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Postdoc at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

S-Lab ( is looking for a highly qualified postdoc to work in mechanical metamaterials, 4D printing, and soft robotics.

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Mechanical couplings of 2D lattices uncovered by decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor and symmetry operation

We introduce a generalized methodology to uncover all mechanical couplings in 2D lattice geometries by obtaining the decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor. We also correlate the mechanical couplings with the point groups of 2D lattices by applying the symmetry operation to the decoupled micropolar elasticity tensor. The decoupled micropolar constitutive equation reveals eight mechanical coupling effects in planar solids, four of which are discovered for the first time in the mechanics' community.

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Direct 4D printing for double-curvature and multimodal morphing

Most 4D printings utilize 1D structural deformation — bending and coiling to morph a flat shape by controlling only a single curvature, limiting the realization of complex 3D curved surfaces with two curvatures. We quantitatively analyze the morphing of a 2D plate into doubly curved surfaces on a direct 4D printing of a single isotropic material employing anisotropy of shape memory effect during the extrusion-based printing.

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Axial-shear mechanical coupling

Anisotropy and chirality create an interesting mechanical coupling – axial-shear coupling. This paper also reports a weak correlation of chirality with negative Poisson’s ratio and a directional negative and positive Poisson’s ratio of a tetra-achiral lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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Axial-bending mechanical coupling

We discovered a novel mechanical coupling effect – axial-bending coupling. Unlike Poisson, axial-shear, and axial-twisting coupling effects, this axial-bending coupling occurs at a non-centrosymmetric square lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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